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  1. Now that the good weather has finished, I can duck out of jobs outside that 'er indoors has found for me. Now I have the rail joiners, I've had a push today to get the storage sidings laid. On the right is a headshunt for trains backing out of the dead end Down Victoria sidings with a loco spur alongside. We'll see how that works in practice. Minimum radius throughout is 6 feet. Down Victoria sidings on the left, with the down line from Bagthorpe Junction curving round. Bulwell common line in the background. Main lines will be in the centre. Now to wire it up and fit point motors...
  2. Figures have vastly improved with 3D scanning here's a Modelu me smoking a fag, whilst waiting for the next job on 68074. I think we set the cab side height by me leaning on an ironing board ( something our wives use Tony! ) in my kitchen. Some of the sculpted figures don't fare particularly well when pictures of them are enlarged. I unashamedly have a connection with Modelu, Alan used to live in my village.. They still have to be carved around a little when seated sometimes, and I'm always uncomfortable performing surgery on them. Maybe I'm just sqeamish anyway.. Regards Tony
  3. The down Bagthorpe line is the through one, one of the up lines will be kept clear for through running.... possibly... I've been preparing drawings for some of the buildings that I mocked up, starting with the signal box and the buildings on the up platform. All estimated from photos, as I have no actual drawings for them. The rail joiner situation for the storage yard is resolved a speculative purchase proved fruitful, they fit the C&L bullhead rail perfectly. Work on the backscene continues as well as the design for the control panel for the storage yard. More to follow soon...
  4. I always find this curious:- '6. There is more of a reluctance now for folk to 'alter' what they've bought (in case it decreases the value?). 'Oh, I've just spent £XXX on that model and by improving/altering/renumbering/renaming/weathering it it'll be devalued. Anyway, if I keep it mint/boxed it'll appeal to collectors'.' I own my models for my enjoyment, not the next owner, so they are all weathered, good or bad. I don't care what they are worth for who ever owns it next, why should I look after my models for them? I spend money on models, I don't expect to get it back. If you compare it to other hobbies, golf maybe? Thousands can go on membership, and thats it, that money is gone, and hopefully the golfer got full enjoyment from that expenditure - although most golfers I know seem to spend a lot of time not enjoying it! I have put my collection on a spreadsheet, and my good lady complied it and knows what it is worth, should anything happen to me. I also insured separately through Magnet as well. We've all heard the story of the widow that sold a valuable collection off for peanuts - ' Oh he didn't spend much money on his models..'! With regards to Toms comments, my modelling and the great lifelong friends I have made through it, have been my rock through bad times, and we all have had them, some more than others. My real world is in my modelling world, the so called real world gets more frustrating, bizarre and exasperating. So hang in there Tom, a creative hobby is so fulfilling, and don't give a fig what people outside our world think of it. Talking and being open is the best thing. Right... what shall I work on and devalue next? !! Regards Tony
  5. I finally got around to drawing out the storage yard in preparation for the control panel. Its rather over complicated, but I've built in flexibility for more changes of mind! I exploited the good weather yesterday to lash up a control panel. One day I might put in a lever frame. It will do for the moment. I've skewed the Brooklyn Road bridge a bit more and tested moving the Park Lane bridge further East, I think that will work better, although really wanted to avoid a skew bridge there.
  6. dibateg

    Little Muddle

    When I first glanced at the picture above - I thought it was real Kevin. Lovely scenic work. Best Regards Tony
  7. Wouldn't it be great to go back in time to that piece of land Clem, it would be fascinating. Also, you don't see many J5s around, one would be nice, but they went by '55. Too early for my layout. Talking of repairs - here's one I did some time ago. This O gauge loco took a dive off a layout! I managed to get an MOK etch for the cab and smokebox. It was satisfying to restore her to presentable condition.
  8. Thanks Richard - my intention is to create the houses separately and attach them to the back scene. I shall have a play around with Photoshop and see what I can do with the Critall windows. The backscene progresses, and upstands support it with ( for the moment ) clips at the top and stops at the bottom - most of which will be below ground level in any case. The main compromise is where it has to bend around the internal corner of the building. If only I'd extended the building 6 feet.... and another 6 feet............. The Bulwell common line passes under the mock up GC built bridge and goes offstage through the backscene. That exit will be hidden by the road embankment. The pieces of cork are where I'm trying to work out the position of the Park Lane road bridge to create a convincing layout of the roads. Some lighting additions will hopefully improve the scene.
  9. Nice work Clem - I did these ones in 7mm a few years ago, I shall have to find them, they haven't been out of the box a for a few years, so I should do some new photos. Kirk bodies, Newbold underframes and JLTRT bogies. Can't remember the diagrams off the top of my head... Here they are on Heyside, I wonder if I tidied up where I took that number off on the brake section? Interesting discussion on gearboxes, I prefer to avoid making them if possible, but would do if there was a difficult fit. They can be tricky to get working properly. I used to make up the DJH ones in 4mm scale and have done a couple of High Levels I've only made up one in 7mm scale and there are some nice ones available from MSC with a milled brass gearbox. Those are my unit of choice. Of course you can buy a whole loco for the cost of one in 4mm.
  10. So it was out with the paint rollers to create a graduated sky, from darker at the top to a whiter at the bottom. It was recommended to put the whole lot in a line to get consistency ( Mr Bambrick's book ). I used two rollers , one for each mix. What I'm trying to get is a hazy summer sky. It is a bit washed out in these photos, but there are actually vague areas of white in the sky. I'm no artist though! I think I will make up a composite background, but I've not been able to find views of many backs of 1930s council houses and the ones in Brayton Crescent are quite individual. However, for proof of concept I've trawled the internet and come up with this Photoshopped test piece between the two railway buildings. In the 60s of course they would all have had those metal window frames - I remember them well! There is a fence all the way along the back of the station ( represented by a redundant venetian blind slat ) , so that make makes a convenient break between the layout and the back scene. The image is also reduced to force the perspective. The waiting room is approximately at platform level. I want quite a low viewing angle - more a natural viewpoint, than having the background towering over the layout. There will be a couple of council houses down on the left and the ground level will gradually rise up to that notch in the backscene. The next task is to create some mock up's of the bridges over the line, whilst I consider the backscene...
  11. 'Mild mannered photographer Tony Wright' aka The Brown Bottle! Desert island reading - The entire set of Viz annuals? Regards Tony
  12. I'm doing some preliminary work with the backscene. It will be mounted on the wall rather than the layout. It will be painted a basic sky colour. I have ideas on how to create the background. I have read and re-read Paul Bambrick's book several times..... Meanwhile, its fun to try different loco's on the layout, the shape of things to come, 92069 and 63770:- A rainy afternoon and I thought it would be a good idea to mock up the up line platform buildings, to see how they fit in with the back scene. First one is the clerks office, which wasn't actually on the platform, although the floor level seems to be set at platform height. With these in place I can examine the viewing angles. I've no drawings, so I've worked out the dimensions from some photographs.
  13. I recall a discussion on restaurant and kitchen cars a while back. Whilst browsing through some old Backtrack magazines and looking for something else I found this splendid vehicle. Wouldn't it make a lovely model. Thanks for the 'behind the scenes' photos Tony, it's impressive the amount you have squeezed in! Anymore and you'd be operating from the outside through the shed window! Best Regards Tony
  14. I do get your point Andrew, but that would mean no flying pigs! You are going to tell me you don't like those now aren't you! The carriage variety then is most interesting, but I'd have to build them all myself.. and time is ticking.. Yes Clem, it's set '59-61 ish, so maybe I could squeeze one coach, but I don't think there is a kit in my scale. The room is 36' x 14', with a wider bit at one end of 18' for 12'. I could have fitted Bulwell Common and Basford North in that space in 4mm! I'm just about to embark on a J6 - again a bit of a stretch, but they have so much character. Regards Tony
  15. Back to the K2's, mine seems to have the wrong tender ( with the hand holds ) , unless it changed later on when the insignia was changed, the General repair in '55. I 'll have to live with that... and were K2's running at the same time as the flying pigs? Rule 1 then... Clem - I like that K2 with the curved smokebox handrail, I wonder if anyone's been brave enough to do that! The NER coaches would make an interesting addition to the fleet, they must have gone by the '60s. There is that excellent photo of a J6 pulling in to Basford North with one in the formation. Tony - I like the shopped photos, a sort of physical way of suspending disbelief in that the manipulation is doing what the mind would like to and that the focus is on the model and not the junk in the background ( which every photo of mine has included so far! ) . I know there is no scenery yet, so the backscene should obscure that window - up to a certain level.. I need to shop out all that junk! Keep up the irreverence! Regards Tony
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