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  1. I always preferred the V2 over the A3, I think the look is more purposeful. I couldn't resist building the Finney one in 7mm scale, even though it is not really suitable for my line - although they did turn on the Bulwell/Basford triangle when the Annesley turntable was out of action, so I do have an excuse.. I don't think I'll run to an impressive fleet of them like Tony though.. Here is 60886 - a GC line regular from York shed, on my weathering turntable... Have you any Pro Scale V2s Tony? I remember Allan Hammett moaned like hell about building the two that I had.. The boiler always looked a bit too long for me.. Regards Tony
  2. I've been away from the railway for a bit as we opened up the garden under the NGS scheme for charity. I was just doing odd jobs here and there. There was a warm day where I could open up all the windows and dig out the Sparmax spray gun and spray the track. That went pretty well, once I started using the right thinners... I tried using a piece of hardboard to get the wet paint off the rail tops, but it made an awful mess. So I made up a scraper from some scrap N/S rail to do it after it had dried. That took a few days... well nearly a week... A steel scraper did too much damage to the rail head.
  3. Apologies if I have posted this before, I honestly can't remember. I'm a lot more suspicious these days when building locos and never assume that anything is right, so refer to photos in preference to drawings. Had I still got my 4mm B1s, I would have had to do something about that motion bracket... Anyway I think I got this DJH/Piercy B1 right. Don't say anything now as it is away being painted by Paul Moore! Regards Tony
  4. I've been away from the computer for a bit - but I still have my old list and indeed, I had a trio - 61063, 61078 and 61206... I recall even installing a lead crew in one and that lead lined cab roof would be good protection from any nuclear incidents... Its heart warming to see them still in action and being enjoyed. Regards Tony
  5. I'm trying to imagine Tony shopping..................................... no........................... cant do it..
  6. I've not had much time for modelling recently, but I have made further progress on the Park Lane bridge abutments. The next step is to make up the girder section and wing walls.
  7. I've been laying out the Brooklyn Road and Park Lane intersection and have curved Park Lane to avoid the straight road to infinity...
  8. I'm now starting to make up the Park Lane approach to the railway bridge. The Dapol boxes on the other side represent the continuing road embankment with the Brooklyn Road bridge mock up on the left. The whole approach section is removable to allow maintenance access to the middle of the boards here, as this is the layout's widest point. I've just got to work out the best way of getting Park Lane offscene, a possible bend to the right and some trees maybe..
  9. Yes - that was the complication - all the blocks are different, but as always in model railways there has to be a compromise. I've not come up with a way of representing all the different styles on the back scene - unless someone has a cunning plan. I was hoping to fit both of the buildings in this view, but the four dwelling building ( on Vernon Road ) on the left just won't fit. So I have had to simplify it with the semidetached one ( Saxondale Drive ) in part view on the right. Google street view has been very useful in working out dimensions. Map plan:- I've been on outside duties in the good weather, but I have had time to run test trains and check the trackwork. There have been one or two areas that have needed minor attention. On the indoor days I have been tinkering away with the abutments for the Park Lane bridge. Kindly designed and laser cut for me by Geoff Taylor. This is my first foray ( for a long time ) in to structural modelling.
  10. Bristol models B1... I never did manage to complete mine and it too ended up being chopped up for ballast weight. None of the sub assemblies, boiler, cab, frames etc seemed to be able to fit to each other.... I'm lucky enough to be able to build better B1s these days, this will be 61264 from the 7mm scale DJH/Piercy kit. An interesting discussion regarding gearboxes, the vast majority of mine are ready made - ABC or MSC. I've only made up a handful of kits where those motor/gearbox assemblies won't fit. I don't like doing them, which is curious, as I should be quite capable! Tony
  11. I remember a couple of times on Stoke Summit, or it might have been Charwelton. By the Sunday afternoon at a show the layout had settled down and was running perfectly. Sir would have disappeared off somewhere, so perfect running would be guaranteed. Three of us would be running the layout - two operators and a fat controller. No words were exchanged, just a nod on the next move in the sequence and off we went. Happy days. At last my J6 staggers towards completion - nearly there. I know we were discussing J6's who knows how many pages ago! I can't remember how many pages ago we were talking about these. It will look better once it is weathered... Regards Tony
  12. Thanks Ade - I've spent a couple of rainy mornings working on a mock up for one of the council houses. Usual thing - counting bricks to try and work out the size. I'll try it in situ and see how it looks. This is No 1&2 Saxondale Drive, this is the back. I also finished installing the extra storage sidings, just need to install the point motors:-
  13. I'm populating my layout with trains, and I was wondering - I'm sure I've seen mention of this thread of Working Timetables and would anyone have a copy of the Nottingham to Derby section (ER ) late 50' or early '60s? A long shot - as I've never seen one for sale.. I'd like to base my sequence on the timetable If I can. Maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement. It would be nice to have a proper convincing sequence. Yes - I know some of the lamps are wrong - I've already run out! More are being prepared.... Thanks Tony
  14. Thanks Peter - I finally found your buildings thread for the layout!
  15. For whatever reason - I couldn't find your thread Peter - but I have now! The buildings look excellent - I'm looking forward to seeing further progress. The layout is moving on as you've seen! Best Regards Tony
  16. The Basford panel is now commissioned, lights up and even works. There were just a handful of wiring errors. Trains can now traverse both arms of the junction with me having to crawl underneath and manually change the points. Station pilot for the day is '350 13032 and was used for testing the goods yard. It burbled up and down testing the sidings and turnouts.
  17. The first kit I built was a K's ROD, I recall sending a postal order off to Holts in Swansea when I was 13. It was stripped and rebuilt several times, the first time was easy as the Evo Stik dissolved easy in some noxious solvent.. Unfortunately no pictures.... I remember the keyhole frames and ineffectual motor. The Little Engines O4 was on of the last 4mm locos that I built. Still, my 7mm O4s are just as dirty - apologies, I've probably shown this before, an O4/7 built by Allen Hammet. I didn't have the heart to dirty up the cab...
  18. Wiring continues, board 10 is one of the busiest, with the control panel attached to it. I've also organised the control cubical with a shelf for the DCC equipment. I'm on the home straight now, just two 25 way D connectors to wire up. I have more stock than sidings, and I've identified some dead space behind the Bulwell Common line that could be used for some long storage sidings. So I've Templotted up some turnouts to see if it is possible. I can cantilever some extra board off the edge of the existing boards... Trouble is my initial planning was very accurate, there is very little ply left. Come a dry day I will fire up the jigsaw!
  19. Ah - I can't take credit for 90040 and 90033 Tony, they were both built by Allen Hammet. 90033 was actually built for Roy Palmer. Originally they had Sharman wheels, which I think were later replaced with Markits ones when they came out. Strangely all three of my O gauge WD's have Doncaster fireboxes....
  20. Thanks Tony - they are fascinating photos. Modellling the area in the early '50s would be really interesting. Wiring continues, and with the control panel in place, power control has been commissioned. Work is in progress to connect the point motors. At the moment the panel is just a temporary lash up. With the storage yard now functional, we can now run some trains. A type 1 D8058 ( Heljan ) heads West with empties for Stanley colliery. Although actually they probably didn't appear until after my time period. A Derby Friargate train arrives at Basford North with K2 61738 in charge. The Thompsons are Sidelines, and the Gresleys are Kirk with Newbold underframes and JLTRT bogies. The K2 was a second hand purchase, builder unknown.
  21. Wiring continues on the Basford panel..... there is still more to do before tidying up...
  22. Good to see you back Clem, I'd noticed that you were not around. I think life goes in cycles, and it's good to take a break sometimes. Then, you come back re-vitalised. The layout looks excellent, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Best Regards Tony
  23. The storage yard control panel is now usable, and so it's time to run some test trains to see if it all works. I couldn't understand why 90437 wouldn't run, on investigation it turns out I'd forgotten it hasn't got a decoder in it yet.
  24. Don't Mike! We've had a re-design of the station control panel - I've made up a temporary one for the moment. I've re-arranged some of the sidings , the middle siding looked too cramped. So I've created an engineers siding to use up some of that space between the station and Park Lane. More compromise I'm afraid...
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