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  1. Great to read that there's some movement towards the layout! If Peco is in short supply, could something like Rocoline be used for offscene track? Shame my DMUs are all out of era. Still, I could always blu-tac a headcode panel onto my 119
  2. Will we see modellers converting them to 110s in a reverse of the fate many Hornby units had? A really solid choice, and very welcome. The Bachmann 117 got me back into DMU modelling, this announcement makes it even more fun.
  3. I'm pretty sure 108s are mk1 body profile (continuous curve) while 114s are more akin to a Stanier coach or suburban DMU type, ie starting roughly straight and curving in towards the bottom.
  4. What's this? British outline 1:120 TT products from Hornby? Well, not entirely, but the prototypes ran to Britain, which makes this surprise wagon announcement from Arnold quite interesting. https://www.elriwa.de/blog/detail/sCategory/4539/blogArticle/1085 I'm afraid I don't know the prototype, so I'll let Google Translate butcher the brief history from the leaflet. "For traffic to Great Britain, freight wagons were procured in the early thirties that corresponded to the smaller British clearance profile. They also had vacuum brakes, which was common in Great
  5. If you feel like something a bit different, there are still fireless steam locos in service. Here's two examples.
  6. This location is somewhat lovely... Bharat Forge, Ennepetal (https://goo.gl/maps/eSLEeubnNHvdthiC7). There's even a periodic Schienenbus run down the "Talbahn". There are a few industries down the line, generally steel and scrap. This is on the same line, at Gevelsberg (https://goo.gl/maps/DuaytZcULb9YmTp49): Moving to the other side of Germany, Köttewitz has a curious set up. A steep spur off the Müglitztalbahn leads to a set of exchange sidings (https://goo.gl/maps/qkmtAjkE1ShN3hVC9) where DB traction hands over to a road-rail Unimog. Have a watch
  7. My first loco purchases in the late 80s/early 90s were around the £15 mark- that's over £30 in current money. One was a new Hornby 0-4-0, the other a secondhand Lima 73. Now, the 0-4-0 was 101 in Industrial guise (Tolgus tin mines?), the 73 had visible damage. This year, the RRP of an Industrial liveried 101 is £34.99, while Lima 73s without visible damage attract anything from £20 to £80 on ebay. My feeling is that we're in the same ball park price wise. An LMS BTK (IIRC) cost me over a tenner and even then I thought it was cr*p- currently a Railroad mk1 runs to £22, adjusted for inflati
  8. I've got one of those MAN cabs on a rigid chassis sewage lorry. They're not bad, if a touch translucent- of course painting such as you have done addresses that.
  9. I have a Dapol 0 gauge 57xx and it's an incredibly smooth and quiet runner, matched only by my Bachmann 117s in 00.
  10. My will is weak and I am easily tempted. Aside from renumbering there's rewiring/DCC to do, and to find a good method of securing the body to the chassis- the clip positions are totally different between DMS and TCL chassis. I also have to bring the cab end bufferbeam in by a slither. Truth be told, I saw a TCL sold for silly money on ebay and decided that maybe this project wasn't going to break the bank if my TCL body sells for a reasonable amount. The DMBS will become a 116 and be paired with a 101 driving car, and the spare chassis will also go for auction.
  11. Whatever the railway term for it, this is the approach to the bridge...
  12. If they contained two steam generators, could it be which pipe is used depends on which generator is operating?
  13. I think that's the club layout at Liberec depot, right by the station and a good excuse for a mini bunk!
  14. https://www.lincsproducts.co.uk/isopropanol-alcohol-5-litre-jerry-can-size-999-pure-154-p.asp
  15. I'll try a couple of different water/alcohol mixes, this was straight IPA. On a slightly different tack, I think the ink in its bottle has separated quite a bit. Although I'd given it a good shake before using, I dipped a brush in to give it a stir too and there's a gunky layer at the bottom of the jar. Furthermore, where the jar has sat since having the solution made up for weathering the remaining marking on the bottle is flecks of dye rather than looking like a wash. Old stock from the shop? Unfortunately my nearest decent art shop is 15 miles away, my ink came from Hobbycra
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