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  1. Whatever the railway term for it, this is the approach to the bridge...
  2. Locomotive wise... Before Hornby's ownership of Arnold, the Köf II was made. This has had re-runs under Hornby. A useful small shunter which has even seen service in the UK with Balfour Beatty! Since Hornby bought Arnold, we have seen the DR 251/DBAG 171 (same prototype renumbered) which only saw service on the Rübelandbahn in a few liveries, along with the diminutive ASF (Akkuschleppfahrzeug, battery shunter) which was widespread in depots and works, and less commonly in industrial use. Some are still used at depots and works, and some are in preservation. The impressive BR95 2-10-2 tank completes the range of locomotives so far produced by Arnold. Rolling stock wise, DR (DDR) articulated double deck sets in 2 and 4 vehicles variations have appeared. Again, extremely nice. Bogie ballast hoppers have been sold, but I haven't owned any to pass comment on them. 4 and 6 wheel rekos have been announced to be produced this year. I keenly await these to see how they compare to the Kuehn offering. Tillig's DDR vintage tooling leaves a little to be desired by current standards, though was good in its day.
  3. If they contained two steam generators, could it be which pipe is used depends on which generator is operating?
  4. I think that's the club layout at Liberec depot, right by the station and a good excuse for a mini bunk!
  5. https://www.tt-board.de/forum/wiki/?title=Drehgestellbaukasten Via this group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1057626304261354/
  6. https://www.lincsproducts.co.uk/isopropanol-alcohol-5-litre-jerry-can-size-999-pure-154-p.asp
  7. I'll try a couple of different water/alcohol mixes, this was straight IPA. On a slightly different tack, I think the ink in its bottle has separated quite a bit. Although I'd given it a good shake before using, I dipped a brush in to give it a stir too and there's a gunky layer at the bottom of the jar. Furthermore, where the jar has sat since having the solution made up for weathering the remaining marking on the bottle is flecks of dye rather than looking like a wash. Old stock from the shop? Unfortunately my nearest decent art shop is 15 miles away, my ink came from Hobbycraft, not exactly a place for expert advice. I think I'll take a drive down at the earliest opportunity to try and get a fix on what's normal behaviour for the inks.
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to weather some timbers for harbour fendering/baulks, and to start with I followed advice from various sources, using india ink (Daler Rowney Khandahar) diluted in isopropyl alcohol. Unfortunately, the ink seems to have broken down into dye particles rather than creating an even wash - this was a new jar of ink, bought a couple of weeks ago and diluted three days ago. I've given it a thorough shaking and stirring, but I can't get a medium for an even wash from it. If anyone has any advice or suggestions on what the problem might be, I'd appreciate it. This is a new technique for me.
  9. I'd agree with Cuckoo's highlights, and the standard of the layouts was good all round. From an exhibiting perspective, I'd be very happy to display at a Bentley MRG show again, they're a really friendly and helpful group. I enjoyed plenty of pleasant, informed conversation about many aspects of our hobby over the weekend, and had no problem with having help when needed. It also seemed to be an exhibition which attracts a family audience, exactly what's needed to keep bringing newcomers to our hobby. I was genuinely touched by how interested many found Grünow engaging, which even from a charitable perspective is just an animated diorama. It was especially pleasing to have a girl of around 11 or 12 (pure guess age wise!) showing real interest and understanding about the automation of my trains and the moving road vehicles - we don't have to be an old boys' club.
  10. I owned both when modelling H0. If one or the other was the only choice, I'd be happy enough. Roco's is a weighty, capable runner (mine would pull a ten coach rake up a radius 2 helix!), Brawa's is lighter and thus lacks such jhigh tractive effort but is equally smooth. Roco's lighting is better and it's easier to fit DCC into. Roco's has printed grilles on the cabside, Brawa have the edge here with moulded ones. Roco have also moulded their bogies with a slight compromise, sloping tops where they should be flat. I'm not really sure why.
  11. Great to see progress Bryn. The colouring of everything is really on the money to my eyes.
  12. Looking forward to it. I think I might demo with a layout board work in progress rather than poking at stock for a change!
  13. I'd like to mention Kuehn track for your consideration, although not sold in the UK I've been quite impressed by it. I can't comment on Triang flanges but it copes with Berliner ones. Of course, like Tillig it's 1:120 rather than 3mm:1ft sleepers. Links to the range in shops: https://www.elriwa.de/produkte/gleise/spur-tt/?p=1&o=1&n=15&s=404 https://www.zeuke-tt.com/c-3969924/code-72-tracks/ http://www.mbs-sebnitz.de/gleisbau/l/manufacturer=kuehn/spurweite=tt-1-120=ttm-1-120=tte-1-120=ttf-1-120=tti-1-120=spurneutral.html
  14. Yep, they're faster than tortoises but still kinder to track than solenoids. I've had good service out of them. When I first bought mine over ten years ago they were Conrad branded.
  15. I think the resemblance is very strong, so much so that I wouldn't be even looking for other candidates!
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