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  1. That EWS crew still shunting those wagons about? They take their time, don't they? :-)
  2. Some film I took on the Saturday. Great show, quality layouts, massive thanks to Stu for allowing me to play on Portwey, whilst he popped off for 'ten minutes'! Enjoy the footage,,,
  3. What time is this announcement then? It's probably on one of these posts, but I got bogged down in the speculation swamp...
  4. That fiddle yard would make a damn fine depot layout...
  5. kevblokey

    St Jude

    Thank you Chris, glad you like SJ, hopefully you'll like SJ Mk2 just as much... Kev
  6. kevblokey

    St Jude

    North of the running line, I've just fallen in, crumbs I'm an idiot sometimes! I thought you meant north of the country!
  7. I done much the same, kept the pages I needed/wanted and tipped the rest
  8. kevblokey

    St Jude

    Thank you for your tuppence worth Chris, alas, having just spent out on numerous west country based 121s, 122s, 150/2s etc, you can see where I'm going with this...
  9. kevblokey

    St Jude

    I know i'm doing this the wrong way round, but I have just had this delight turn up, measuring about 2' 6" long, At least the sign for the layout is done!
  10. Put a few of the Middleton Press books on EBay, no interest as of yet. No great surprise.
  11. Having had a massive sort out, I have about a hundred Railway/bus/underground/misc transport books for sale. Does anybody have any recommendations on the best way to dispose of these, in particular if I wished to dispose of as a collection, who are the recommended buyers in the trade? Thanks, Kev
  12. All said purely in jest! Seriously though, a great project, propelling moves with brake vans at the leading end, whats not to like?
  13. kevblokey

    St Jude

    I always knew this spare 6' x 1' board would come in useful for something... Kevblokey
  14. kevblokey

    St Jude

    Thanks mate, as you say, foot/vehiclular access is certainly easier from the platform area, so I reckon North it'll be
  15. I just always thought with the combination of explosive and nuclear traffic sharing the same single line “what could possibly go wrong?”
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