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  1. Now you come to say it, I had the one you did based on the crane at Burton WRD, but this is taller though?
  2. I'm loving the gantry crane, is that a 3d print?
  3. I adore this, thanks for showing it. Kevblokey
  4. Only just found this thread, can I add to the comments by saying 'great work!' I love the simplicity and effectiveness of it. Kevblokey
  5. Ordered mine this morning, no issues other than not being able to remember my password (this and countless other websites...)
  6. Unfortunately modern bus seats do not allow you to remove the bases unless you have a screw driver. Modern buses also now have hazard warning lights. The seat cushion was to indicate to the driver behind not to pull up too close as the buggered one in front weren't going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. Great stuff, just what my light railway layout needs! Hope these prove a hit.
  8. In limbo no longer, I'm delighted to say that 'Winkford Green' now has a delighted new owner in myself. I met Martin in Peterborough on Sunday where the handover took place before heading back to East Kent. I've always had a hankering to do a light railway layout, but working silly hours, lack of time, skills and any other excuse I can think of, meant that when there was a possibility that 'Winkford Green' may be looking for a new home, I jumped at the chance, Many thanks to Martin for giving me the time to find a free date for the handover. At present, there are no imm
  9. That EWS crew still shunting those wagons about? They take their time, don't they? :-)
  10. Some film I took on the Saturday. Great show, quality layouts, massive thanks to Stu for allowing me to play on Portwey, whilst he popped off for 'ten minutes'! Enjoy the footage,,,
  11. What time is this announcement then? It's probably on one of these posts, but I got bogged down in the speculation swamp...
  12. That fiddle yard would make a damn fine depot layout...
  13. Thank you Chris, glad you like SJ, hopefully you'll like SJ Mk2 just as much... Kev
  14. North of the running line, I've just fallen in, crumbs I'm an idiot sometimes! I thought you meant north of the country!
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