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  1. Good evening everyone. I have been working on the layout and have an update video for you all. Progress is steady with a lot of other commitments going on but I am working hard on one corner of the layout as well as consolidating the track plan. The beauty of Kato track is that you can make changes very quickly. I have another video that goes before this one in the series so I will dig that out and post a link here. If you like my video then I would be very grateful for a like or subscribe. I post a lot of videos about French models, French prototypes and my own models that I make. enjoy. https://youtu.be/DwCf_Bd-y_o
  2. I have been continuing to make progress on Limoges but I have a busy workbench as well which means I have to alternate my work time between the items of rolling stock I have in progress. I will post a layout update once I have some tangible updates (probably in a few weeks time). In the meantime I posted this video to youtube a few weeks ago which shows what I have on my workbench and the proposals for the layout.
  3. I had the pleasure of visiting Longueau depot near Amiens yesterday with a couple of other fellow enthusiasts. The day was good with plenty of classic 67400s and 66000s on display along with some newer 75000s and newer autorails. I have out put together this video of the time we spent there. There will be a few other videos going up on my channel of the footage of locos in this area so please subscribe to keep informed about when these are uploaded.
  4. Hi Jamie i probably saw you if you were on the steam trip to Eymoutiers on the 21st of August? Good post
  5. Hello everyone. Its been a while while but I have been busy. My layout has been developed along the lines laid out in 2017 when I started this thread. I have now laid most of the track and added in the power supplies and hidden most of the wires on the urban side. I have also made Eymoutiers station a double track station on a secondary main line. I have made a youtube video of the layout. I would be hugely grateful for likes and subscriptions.
  6. Some great photos there. Thanks for posting.
  7. It’s a sad fact that the SNCF appear to be running these lines down. You look at how the TER is funded and the fact that they are rewarded for providing the lowest cost service and you can see why bus services are proving more popular in the country. I have also read in a number of places that the new government organisation is not pro rail. To me that reads as if they will not fund improvements to these rural lines. Unless central government steps in and recognises the value ahead of the cost I don’t see many of these lightly used lines being kept if the cost of them remaining open outweighs their current use. I hope the situation changes but we will have to wait and see.
  8. I do intend to be at Lenham this year. Here is some progress on the Z2. I have painted it up. It still requires finishing but I wanted to show some progress. I have also had bogie frames made for the model. Finally. Have a look at this video showing off the sound decoder I have installed!
  9. I have primered the Z2 now and done the first stage of the chassis extension. I am quite pleased with how it is looking. It will be painted in the next few weeks.
  10. Hi Joseph Not yet. I was considering taking out an advert or something but I have not had the time to focus on marketing plus I wouldn’t know where to start.
  11. Hello again. I have now received the test prints of the Z2. This will use a Tomytec chassis that can be extended using parts I have 3D printed. The trailer chassis used Bandai bogies and is unpowered. It is a low resolution print and the front lights don’t show very well on the photos. Would love some feedback. Thanks
  12. Evening all I have put together a video of the two latest releases (well 3 technically). It can be found here: I have a load of other French N gauge videos and videos of French trains on there so please have a look at the Handel (likes and subscriptions would be hugely appreciated). I also managed to get a photo of the range so far (minus the catenary). Most of my products are available on my Shapeways shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/draisine160 Coming along soon is the Z2 and the FNC! Very exciting times.
  13. Hello I am trying to find if a lighting system exists that I can buy off the shelf or can construct very simply to add directional lighting to a DCC equipped loco. At the moment I have a number of autorails that have tomytec chassis that I would like to add lighting to but designing my own system is a bit beyond me. If any systems are out there that just require soldering to the DCC decoders two spare wires the. That would be ideal. Many thanks
  14. Thanks Andy. I have (hopefully) fixed it now.
  15. That is superb work with the XR6000 painting. I wanted to post an update on some forthcoming models. My latest project is the XR7000 and XR8000 trailers. These are well progressed and I am awaiting what I hope will be the final test prints from Endhoverh in the coming days. The XR7000 will be released first as the XR8000 requires a little more work. The trailers sit on Bandai bogies which are readily available and do not have a frame so it means that they will be able to accommodate tighter bends on layouts.
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