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  1. Me too. It was on 1200+ before the update dropped to 139, now at 435 I think it is today. Not serious, but I'm starting to feel victimised as the same thing happened at the last software update, except that time I lost everything.
  2. What's happened to the reputation scores? sSome seem to have ome across whilst others seem to have shrunk drastically.
  3. Matching the power output to that of the CabControl is probably irrelevant. I put it down to standardising on a single PSU, which is also used for the ECoS 2.1, and rationalising the product range. Having two different ECoSBoost units was a bit overkill IMHO and the 8amp one was hideously expensive. I'm certain that there is an agreement with Piko, much the same way there must have been one with Bachmann over the Dynamis/Navigator, and with Maerklin over ESU using the work they did for Maerklin to develop the Maerklin Central Station 1/CS1 which resulted in tbe ECoS. Judging by some of the posts on tbe ESU Forum, some folks im the US and Australia seem to be buying CabControl in the expectation that it is an ECoS but without the screen or twin throttle knobs. They are then surprised when they find out that there are features of the ECoS that they expected to be able to use with CabControl don't exist in CabControl.
  4. The release noted for LP 5 contimue on from those for LP 4.7.2 implyimg it is a continuation of 4.7.2 as opposed to a completely new piece of software. ESU have said in their 2019 highlights e-booklet that LS4 decoders will not be available after February. But inevitably there will be some dealers with stock beyond Feb.
  5. I think you might be losing sight of reality. ManyDCC controllers do not identify what a particular function button does either with words or an icon. Users have enough trouble remembering what each function button does as it is. Increasing the number, whilst desirable in terms of flexibility, will just make for more complexity and confusion over exactly what button does what. OK, so you can list them all out, but by the time that you've found the one you want on your list, the loco may well have gone so far round the layout that the sound is no longer applicable to its location when you push the button.. Personally, I think that sound project developers are using some of the function buttons needlessly, and some of the sounds could be eliminated without significantly reducing the user's enjoyment. And as to running out of function buttons, lighting effects on your locos could be handled by a function decoder using an adjacent address, freeing up function buttons on the main decoder for the extra sound effects.
  6. In today's blame culture there wouldn't be any money saved by lower safety standards as much if not all of the saving would go in paying compensation to those injured and to the relatives of anyone killed, not forgetting the legal profession's charges taking a slice of the cash, and the diversion of management time and effort in preparing for the case.
  7. Going back to the topic, adding more pickups will improve current collection which will make for smoother running as there is less chance of an interruption of the current to the motor/decoder due to dirty track or wheels or dead frogs. But there is a trade-off in that extra pickups add extra friction. So there comes a point where all that extra pickups do is slow down the loco. The extra friction can be mimimised by keeping the spring pressure as low as possible and making the point of contact with the wheel as close to the axle as possible. That's what made the old split chassis such a clever design in theory as it eliminated wiper pickups and reduced the friction. Instead the point of contact between the half axle, which was electrically part of the wheel, and the half chassis was the pickup. Those points of contact are there anyway whether there were pickups or not.
  8. If you want to be pedantic you need to get your terms right. Whilst engine can be synonymous with locomotive, strictly speaking it refers to the power plant, not the vehicle, rail or otherwise, in which it is installed. Locomotive is the correct term. But that wouldn't be right if someone was referring to programming the decoder in a multiple unit, and most people wouldn't refer to "the engine" in one. Power car or motor car or carriage migbt work better in those cases. As for the title of this topic, the OP probsbly meant loco as I'm sure it now runs better no matter what it's hauling or even running light.
  9. Which was readily available in the UK. I have one.It used the same mechanism as the BR one.
  10. After that interesting but largely irrelevant diversion into the merits of translation addins for browsers, I have more information about ESU's 2019 lineup. The 4 Amp ECosboost (50010) has been dropped from the range. The 8 amp ECoSBoost (50011) has sold out at ESU but presumably will still be available through dealers until their stocks run out. Their place is being taken by a new 7 amp ECoSBoost (50012), available from Q3/2019, which at EUR 249.00 is significantly cheaper than the 8 amp one at EUR 439.00. The LokSound 5 multiprotocol decoder will now have two different versions for the 21MTC interface, one for DCC, the other "MKL" one is for Maerklin locos. The other interfaces available for the 5 are 6 pin, 8 pin, and PluX 22. The 5 Micro will be available with the 6 pin, 8 pin, PLuX 16 and Next 18 interfaces. There will also be L and XL versions of the LS5. In the US, the new LokSound 5 will also be available as DCC only in the "Direct" format as used to date for the Loksound Select. This seems to be a replacement for the Loksound Select Direct which is not shown in the US catalogue, but the LokSound Select Direct micro is. There is a new twin smoke unit (54677) for use with the LokSound XL so that in addition to smoke from the boiler, it can simulate steam from the cylinders. It is shown as available from Q2/2019. There's a blanking plug (51956) to convert any loco with a Loksound L decoder frpom digital back to analogue, available Q1/2019. If you're waiting for the release of the SignalPilot decoder, bad news, it's release is now shown as Q4/2019 in the price list.. If it carries on at this rate, it'll take the record for the longest delay for an ESU product between announcement and going on sale, which I think is held by the now discontinued ECoSControl Radio. There's still no mention of the CabControl in the Europe catalogue or price list, but it does feature in the US/Canada/Australia one. The Europe catalogues and price list can be downloaded from here http://www.esu.eu/download/kataloge/ The US catalogue/product highlights and the Europe price list in english can be downloaded from here http://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/catalogues/
  11. In the other case that I know of which concerned 2 King Class locos and a DoG, all with TTS decoders running on a layout with an ECoS 2.1. The guy'd recently changed from a Hornby Elite to the ECoS. The problems started after the change to the ECoS, and he was asking for help on the ESU forum. He tried all the usual remedies when decoders misbehave with an ECoS but they didn't fix the problem. He then contacted Hornby who advised doing a decoder reset on both the King Class locos, but to no effect. From the way that he wrote his latest post reporting the fix, it sounded like the King Class locos were the ones moving on their own. The owner then realised that the startups only happened when he was running the DoG. He reset the DoG TTS decoder, readdressed it and apparently since doing that the problem startups have stopped happening for this chap. I pass this info on in case it is relevant to anyone else with this problem.
  12. A case of too many SODs, that's Sub-Optimal Decisions, being made to keep the cost down. Or in other words, "Do it cheap, not right", a bit like the ECML electrification.
  13. I agree with you that it doesn't look good for the project, but I disagree that it's MPs looking beyond the hype. Rather it's the dawning realisation that there isn't going to be the money for it, or for much else come to that, especially if BoJo has his way with a low tax low regulation economic model post 29 March.
  14. On the subject of auto-translation software, the MS Edge translator add in does a good job of web pages. I might even swap from IE to Edge just for the translations. I've used Google Translate many times to translate documents in the past, but have found that it iignores some words completely and leaves them out of the translated version. That might not matter in some cases, but as it tends to leave out the word "not" that does rather change the meaning of what is being translated.
  15. There is a new version of the LokProgrammer software, 5.0.x on the way, presumably to coincide with the release of the LS5.
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