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  1. A slight deviation....... my layout live in my house - I'm not sure how I would feel about returning a layout breathed and sneezed on (I exaggerate!) by several thousand people after an exhibition into my front room if Covid was still prevalent . It doesn't seem awfully sensible. (And no, I don't have options of quarantining it anywhere.) But likewise, working an exhibition of masked-up exhibitors and punters with social distancing doesn't sound fun in the first place.
  2. You might find a company ready to CNC it out for you, rather than lasering it........
  3. There is a further element to consider. I have been looking at air-bourne transmission, in regard to ventilation systems within my own discipline. I am a Theatre Consultant and NOT an M&E Consultant, butby the nature of my job, i have to learn something of the other disciplines. There in contradictory advice. From our own Government, the basic advice is "open windows, and keep working - service the HVAC as normal", however, a study in Europe confirms that the virus has already been transmitted to others with no direct contact, via the air-stream of a restaurant's ventilation system. A problem occurs when air is fed at one side of the room, and is extracted at the other side, so the air is drawn through the space. Ideal normally - but not if an infected person or persons is at the up-stream end of the flow. This is also a problem for many theatre's, where we supply around 7 litres of air per person per second - vast quantities- and this is frequently fed from over-head diffusers, and also extracted at high level - thus creating all sorts of streams in various directions. I suspect that many large exhibition spaces may have similar systems. The few Professional Risk Assessments I've seen intended to cope with the virus and working with it do not understand or address air-handling or it's interelation with the design of the building, and have limited themselves to "opening windows" which in a modern building is not necessarily adequate. Air-handling should be run at 100% Primary air, with no recycling, and professional opinion should be sought as to whether the filters can be upgraded. Do make sure Risk Assessments are comprehensive, and don't be afraid to question them!
  4. Just for the fun of it. 7mm, and radio controlled.
  5. There were four of these, with one preserved at Bressingham (The Baddesley Colliery example). The only standard gauge industrial Garratts to serve in the UK.
  6. Not to mention the Sava/BMC in LHD, also easily converted to RHD (Shown here converted, and with a new drop-side body)
  7. This is the same body, with the back end cut down and scribed with planking to anglicise it.
  8. I cannot answer the core question, but I run a layout with at least half a dozen live rc vehicles and locos at any one time - all on the Deltang system, and I've never had any problem with interference myself.
  9. I did a search for 1:43 series 2s, and the results included this one......
  10. The underside..... Servo, steering linkages, gearmotor, bevel gears and charging socket..... 2020-07-21_12-43-15 by giles favell, on Flickr
  11. I cancelled my membership (of quite a few years) due to the way one particular member was being treated by the powers that be.... I saw it as symptomatic of attitudes I did not want to be associated with, although I appreciate what the Guild are trying to do, and how much work such an enterprise takes. I should love to hear that it's found its way on to the straight and narrow, at which time I will happily rejoin - but we'll see.... i did email to explain why i wasnt renewing, and why i found things unacceptable.
  12. Lovely variation of models - and using actuators for uncoupling- excellent!!! (I do like those logging tractors though!)
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