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  1. More than thirty years ago I bought a second hand Peatol for my Dad when he retired to a teeny cottage with no room for a workshop, and had to give up his South Bend. It did him quite well for small stuff, and worked quite accurately handled with care. A Unimat 3 is a better lathe, I think - but the Peatol was a good substitute, and well capable of 0 gauge stuff.
  2. I did find the steps a difficult balance between clearing the return crank, including the swing of the engine, against keeping them as tight in as is practical........ Good luck!
  3. I should go for a number of 4800K LED Battens. Competively priced, and a decent colour.
  4. Painted now, and with cross-heads and Conn rods fitted. It rolls as smoothly as anything - and with no fettling! I still have the lower fire-box to make and fit. 2020-10-17_06-25-08 by giles favell 2020-10-17_06-21-26 by giles favell, on Flickr
  5. 2020-10-16_06-20-36 by giles favell, on Flickr 2020-10-16_06-21-28 by giles favell, on Flickr Sorry - problems editing......
  6. Slide bars were the next thing to sort. I thought I had some 1mm square NS in stock, but I didn't.... making an opportunity of a problem I decided to mill them from 1mm sheet - and to mill a 'U' shape at the correct spacing to make the job much easier. These were made, cleaned up and checked.... 2020-10-16_06-19-03 by giles favell, on Flickr The bars were assembled with the cylinder end covers and fitted, ready to be silver soldered to the motion brackets for strength 2020-10-16_06-19-41 by giles favell, on Flickr Of course, with white-metal ca
  7. That all sound extremely sensible...... I find that the D cutters are usually a 'nominal' size (The box of 0.8mm are actually more like 0.9mm) so with a new box I tend to cut a test square and measure it to check, and adjust the drawing or tool paths to compensate. (Not trying to teach my Grandmother etc........!)
  8. Many years ago I replaced my Unimat 3 belt which was cracking (it was the third belt if I recall) with a Hoover belt, which has lasted 25 years so far......
  9. They're going to have to do some canny work on the lenses to get the cone narrow enough to enable the deep cuts that a 50W should be capable of.....
  10. Those engine frames really are looking good! I wish that I had (been able to) gone down that route when I did mine. I got away with it - but yours is fundamentally a much better job!
  11. A little Wren. (0-14) 2 by giles favell, on Flickr
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