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  1. No actually - I came at it from a completely different direction, working it from first principles, as I made an uncoupling device for the magnetic couplings I made for myself, using a single this cam and follower, and repurposed it into this motor. This in turn was inspired by the Walking Man automaton I made last year, which employed a double sided cam with 180 degree offset.
  2. I have a hood over my Emblaser 1, with an in-line fan and flexible hose extracting through what was an air-brick. With that running I do get a smell but not much more - certainly nothing to create dust etc.... running it without any extraction would certainly leave a film of dust over everything - but not the lens.... I never have to clean the lens. In the very early days I did try making an enclosure from a plastic box, and everything inside got filthy - including the lens! (The laser is in the house..... I get away with it....) With an enclosure you need a lot of
  3. May I ask where you got the matetial from? I regularly use 2mm laser grade MDF from hobarts with no problem, but I bought somewhere of 1mm laser MDF from 4D model shop, and have never been able to cut it!
  4. Trotec have very kindly offered to send me a repeat order - but I've asked them just to send me one sheet so I can try it (from a different batch) which they're putting in the post - so we will see whether that cuts properly or not, as I really don't want them or me to waste materials unnecessarily . My guess is that it won't..... but Trotec are being really good about it. They've forwarded all the information to the factory is Austria for their comment, including what type of laser I'm using, what settings etc....
  5. Just to keep people informed - it seems my email with the batch numbers went astray, so when I phoned them today they said they still needed them! So I've given them over the phone.... The sales team seem to think it's a manufacturing problem, which I find encouraging, but apparently the stuff is manufactured in Austria, so now they have the batch number they are going to contact the factory. During the next contact I shall ask them to send me some samples of any more recent stuff they have.... For info, the dodgy stuff I have is.... The LS401-1
  6. I like an output speed of around 100rpm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6mm-DC-3V-3-7V-100RPM-Mini-Coreless-Gear-Motor-Micro-Planetary-Gearbox-DIY-Robot/264556809887?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It's the receiver that I reprogram (the PWM) to make the motor perform better. Best, Giles
  7. It's on going...... I will phone them again on Monday. Certainly it's an issue that affects more than just me! Yes, ADA signage. I'll post what results I get!
  8. Finally a Jpg file. The narrow gauge is 14mm, with a single spur of 32, which will potentially allow the use of a standard gauge crane - or simply posing! Roads and 32mm come down one side of the river, whilst 14mm comes down the other bank and across. The road will fiddle at a higher level, and descend to the quay side Unusually for me, this layout will involve running round, and for the fun of it, I shall use my own magnetic couplings and my Scotch uncoupling mechanisms.
  9. Sort of - I' ve built up four narrow gauge locos for it (radio control) : a Bagnall, two Pecketts and quarry Hunslet. Ive got round to buying the rail, and I've finally decided on the track plan after so very many hours of working through different ideas and permutations...! The SPARROW(1)(1)(1).pdf
  10. Small lettering is never as easy as one would think, as anywhere the letter thins out - like the middle arm of the 'E' for instance - over heats far too quickly, scorching or melting, where the rest of the letter may be fine. Small holes can create similar difficulties, and it can take a lot of experimentation in cutting path as well as speed and power to achieve a clear hole - certainly never as simple as cutting a circle or square when below a certain size.
  11. Hmmmm. I very much doubt it was your fault - I've never had a problem except sometimes with 1mm, but even that was better than what I'm getting with 0.5mm now. I'll speak to them on Monday. I had bought £150 worth in December, so it's not very pleasing....!
  12. It's supposedly exactly the same stuff..... it's as if the composition has changed slightly.
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