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  1. Great layout Stu. Thanks for sharing. The back scenes and perspective photos make a huge difference and are well worth the effort. Stuart.
  2. very nice layout. full of atmosphere. at the time we had no idea just how grotty the 70's and 80's were. thanks for sharing. Stuart
  3. I leave you alone on RMweb for 2 years Andy - and you go over to the dark side. A move to the Irish forum AND ........ Buses. In my day there was only one thing worse than a DMU ....... Buses. Seriously good modelling though. You have been cracking on at a good pace. Roof and all your wee cameo scenes look fantastic. I will help you lobby Linda for a move out the loft to a bigger railway room. You are too lanky to be bending over in the loft for hours. I am planning to get some spiders evicted over the coming weeks and may run my first train in over 2 years - soon. Stuart
  4. Your layout is looking great Andy. It has come on in Leaps and bounds these past 2 years - I enjoyed a long slow catch up today. Not been near RMweb for 2 years - but you have certainly been very busy. Love the videos and the scenic stuff you have started to add. Stuart
  5. Firstly a big THANK YOU to those who took the time to post on here and an aopolgy for not responding sooner. Very rude of me - sorry. Thanks to Andy (Hunslet102) on here for nudging me to get back in the room. I will try and re kindle my Mojo over these dark winter night sin Sunny Glasgow. A quick update - and 4 photos. The 37 I wrecked a few months back is now shown in the scrap yard where it can Rust In Piece. Then a slightly fuzzy photo of my pal John's visiting St Paddy. Decided to include this as most of my Deltic photos from 1979 - 1982 are blurry - they did go a bit fast for my old Practika camera. So I consider this to be bank on prototypical Lastly a Google earth view of Douglas Depot - I always like seeing track plans and overhead views - hope others enjoy this. Maybe next time I will have photos of NEW modelling and not have to go back to page 27 to find this thread. Although I see that new topics can drop down to page 3 and 4 after 2 days now. When I started this Topic - you could stay on page 1 for a week. Well done all at RMWeb - you are doing something right. Till next time then.and thanks for viewing Stuart
  6. wow that was fast thanks I came back to add that my pal has no programming ability on his layout - so he can't have mucked this up..... and that I have already tried to reset the loco address to a number 2. The chip took the number 2 for motor control - but the sound functions refused to listen and is stuck on 6 I will try cv 8 as suggested and factory reset thanks for the suggestions Stuart
  7. searched but can't find an answer sorry (mods) if this is a repeat question my friend has given me a Bachmann sound fitted 37 that decided to change it's address motor AND sound were on address 3 as supplied by Bachmann after 3 months use.......... motor is still 3 but sound functions only respond if address 6 is dialled. as you can imagine - not much fun having to change between movement commands and sound commands. I have offers to try and fix it - before I poke it with my big fat fingers can I ask if this is a known problem or if any DCC experts on here know where I should start thanks in antici.......................... pation. Stuart
  8. I too still have the original article from Model Rail and have to say "thank you" for being one of the first layouts that proved to me that fun can be had in a small space. I waited 12 years visiting shows and collecting boxes for a "some day I may have enough space for a train set" layout. Your layout in Model Rail was a bit of a Road to Damascus moment for me and I realised - I should have ( could have ) found a space and just got started years earlier. top quality and oooozing atmosphere and period detail. this is nothing more than a shunned " me too" post - but your layout is a piece of modelling history and I for one wish to say I appreciate seeing it again in digital splendour.
  9. looking good Mr Angry Meerkat plenty of progress and nice to see the steps taken along the way. I will follow and look forward to seeing the locos all turn blue some day. loved the St Rollox Glsgow works shot - exactly as I remember it all the best
  10. evening Retroman hope you feel better about your posts being followed now. I have been watching ( and I commented) do I win a prize......? Just read your other thread tonight - how late am I.......? I tend to dip into RMweb and go to the "content I follow" tag on the pull down menu beside my name. Then I can see ( over just a few pages) if any topics I follow have been updated. every now and then I look through layout topics to see if there are new layouts or look in the BR Blue section - but it is a big site and as others have said - it is easy to miss whole layouts. Keep an eye on the views total though. When I update my thread ( every blue moon) I can get 1000 extra views - yet often no new comment. I take the view that it has been read - but comments did not need to be made. some posters are better at making "leading posts" that invite responses. Yours come over as statements of progress and maybe not questions? your layout, weathering and composition are right up there with the best (IMHO) so please do keep the updates coming
  11. Time for a wee update. Started Playing trains again - and quite enjoyed myself. But since that is not very photogenic - I decided to "murder" a Class 37 I picked up 2 years ago and to share the foaties with you guys. 3 crime scene photos showing.............. EXHIBIT : A Cut cab + hole cut for doors on top of nose + Smashed windaes EXHIBIT : B Then I made new doors. I had no idea the plastic on these old things was so thick. Used up 4 scalpel blades and nearly two fingers - but made it in the end. New doors in situ made from old card scraps. EXHIBIT : C Then another "attack of the 5 foot paint brush" to complete the grizzly scene. Faded BR Yellow and Blue watered down with white. Then Rust streaks and then some general frame dirt grime. I think it looks OK when viewed from a distance. (I hope so anyway). Lastly another view of the scrap yard which is slowly filling up. I will make a space for this cab soon. I think the rest of the body will either go at the back with a tarpaulin over the missing cab - or may be cut up into large pieces to scatter around as general junk. Hope nobody is offended by me "killing locos" - for some reason I find it quite calming. Now....... if only I could make a model of a Hedge Fund Manager or Investment banker...........! Stuart
  12. Well done Andy - good to see you back on the model again. Photos are looking great. I went down to the Ayr show with John today - Falkirk show next. Do you fancy another night at my Blue with Yellow Faces some time soon? Stuart
  13. Having not been very active on RMweb or my own layout for nearly 2 years - it was a pleasure to catch up on progress with your layout. thanks for keeping up the posts you have achieved a very pleasing mix of open space and yet - busy scenes suggesting a nice Urban setting near "somewhere big" your 40's look tasty Stuart
  14. hi Marc glad I found your new Topic Thread here - this sounds as if it will be great. I had fun murdering a few diesels in a wee scrap yard scene a few months back - and have often wondered why scrap yards are seldom modelled. If you are interested my topic link below will get you there - last 2 pages. Most major depots had the odd scrapper lying around - often for years and then thee were special cases like Eastfields 24 006 used for re railing exercises. I was always fascinated by works visits and images of logos in distress or just in bits. Good luck with your ideas - I have seen good images of Falcon waiting to be cut taken from quite a high vantage point sHowing an extensive yard area - you might need to use another of your wee mirror tricks......! Stuart
  15. That was a great video - loved the captions.....! Very impressed with everything - but particularly the station and big wall. Looking forward to seeing you detail the backgrounds etc. You can come finish mine when you finish (that will probably be Christmas at your rate) Stuart
  16. Nice start Andy - now we know you can type ........... We need some photos so we can all see your talent for recreating 1970's Belfast Looking forward to seeing this - congratulations on opening a topic ( at last). Stuart
  17. Great video - thanks for taking the time to make and share this. The class 40 sound was fantastic especially the revving up when passing through the station - is this Howes or SWD sound ? Sorry if I missed this being answered already - too busy looking at photos - probably! Thanks
  18. Thanks guys. Enjoyed a good few hours at the Falkirk show on Saturday. A good way to get my Mojo juices started - and managed to keep my wallet in my pocket! I have enough unfinished projects as it is without buying more! I am finding RMweb is also good for Mojo kindling - enjoying catching up on favourites - which is also ......... Free! Thanks again
  19. Great show - had a fine long afternoon here today Thought the quality of layouts was strong and most had solid activity to view (I don't like beautiful layouts where nothing moves) Thought trade support was much better than last year (maybe the snow kept them away) skint - so didn't buy anything although very tempted. By good and big thanks to club and all organisers I loved Park road and the new wee Scottish one based on west highlands through in hall 2 Stuart
  20. Good luck with your fresh new start You sound quite energised by the thought rather than depressed What changes do you have in mind or what did you learn from your trial layout? My BWYF is my first ever attempt - but I may be facing a house move soon and wondering (already what I would change) I liked the urban feel of your Mk1 version Have fun Stuart
  21. Thanks guys I wasn't expecting much reaction but your encouragement is greatly appreciated Appleymodeller thanks for the JCB idea - I will look for something along these lines Stuart
  22. Well done guys Even if you filled every inch with 50's and 33's it would still be instantly recognisable as Glasgow Queen Street. You have nailed this Been lurking on this thread since start - nice to see it moving at a good pace now Hope to see it on the circuit some day - pretty sure the various Scottish shows will be fighting to book this Stuart
  23. I will be there again on the Saturday with my pal John. Nearly went to Warley this year But decided it just had to be Falkirk - the following weekend instead are the organisers planning 2 feet of snow again this year - that was fun!
  24. Hello all, Been a few months. Kinda lost my model train Mojo recently. Work + recession, and money worries have made "playing trains feel almost too frivolous" Did sneak into "dads wee room of sadness" at the weekend and took 5 photos and a wee video while the sun was oooooot! Images here show a few more welders + some clutter have arrived in the scrap yard + some Noch grass tufts. Hope someone likes these. Stuart 27 105 by Heljan has a go at some sand wagons. My Homage to Eastfield (and Toton)
  25. Wow. Enjoyed a long read through this - and am now late for work. Thanks.....! This looks exactly like the "fantasy sketch layouts" for dream rooms that i bet every one on here has sketched out many, many times. Congratulations to you for not only designing it - but for designing and building it so well. Your detailed "how I did it, nuts and bolts assembly shots" will prove of great value to many for years to come. Looking forward to following from here. I wonder if you have ever lost a train though, in all that track - and sent one round only to hear a sickening crunch when the "live one" runs into the back of a stationary one - you forgot was out there somewhere? I hope you don't plan on moving house anytime soon! Stuart
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