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  1. Hi James. I'm in NC, and just a FWIW, if you have been shopping for Peco track here in the US. It is much less $$ to order from the UK, such as Hatton's. I've compared pricing from Hatton's, Model Railway Imports in Canada, and my fav dealer for prices when I was doing US model rail, Blue Ridge Hobbies. As example, for a box (25 count) of Peco SL-404 Mainline flex track, per piece cost is $4.77, MRI is $6.21 and BRH is $6.36. That is US prices, converted from £ for Hatton's and Can $ for MRI. I do forget if I took off the VAT from the Hatton's price, however, so it may even be less. Turnouts are priced comparably, IF you can get them over here. Of course, this is all moot, if you plan to use N scale track I'll be ordering a box of flex track in the near future, though I don't have need for that many pieces, if you are interested in some. Jim F
  2. I seriously doubt the Society directors failed to discuss most, if not all, of the points that folks have brought up in this thread. So... A) If you are a Society member, and have concerns, contact the board to discuss. C) if you are a member, and plan to buy the track, contact the sales person direct, to discuss what your postage options might be. B) if you are not a member, and have no intent on joining (whether you model in EM or not), than really, you have no say, so why comment on here? Just my thoughts. Jim F
  3. Alright, using Hatton's was not a good choice, but was easier than trying to calculate via the Royal Mail website. But my point was, for all the comments about how Peco should revise it's methods, or maybe the Society should find some volunteers to cut the track into mail friendly lengths, has anyone actually calculated out what it would cost them for postage to buy some of the track? Or again, are folks just enjoying finding negatives? Jim F
  4. Ok, so I may be way off course here, but I just went to Hatton's website, placed a 25 piece box of Peco code 75 OO flex track in the shopping cart. The postage shown, from Hattons to a Central UK address, is £4. To my address, in the US, it would be £15. Wouldn't the costs for the EM track from the Society be similar? Jim F
  5. having wandered around and dabbled in most of the UK's rail/scale combinations (N, 2mmFS, OO, OO9, EM, P4, 7mm and 7mmNG), I never could settle on just one. Each had their pros and cons. I kept coming back to OO, as being in the US, it would just be so much simpler to acquire what I needed. Yet I still hesitated, as the 'narrow gauge' look just put me off, and I wanted track that looked better than the standard Peco, but was not inclined to build my own. So I just continued on with other hobbies. Peco then comes out with their bullhead track, and the interest comes up again, but still, that NG look. Now, however, the EMGS is having track produced, eliminating building track and points, and just about fixing the NG look. Excellent! I have no issue with having to join (rejoin) the EMGS in order to buy track, and staying with it for help as I proceed in EM gauge. I have no issue with using paypal to pay for membership, and to pay for the track and turnouts. Unless shipping doubles the cost of the order, I'll willingly pay that, as well. It's the only way I'll be able to get it, over here, so I'll bite the bullet. I honestly do not get why there is 16 pages of posts about this track. I could understand if they were all from folks who are either going to buy it and are happy it forthcoming, or folks just saying 'well done' EMGS. But all the comments regarding "'it should be sold by other sources (Peco, hobby shops, etc..)", or "It won't bring more people to EM gauge", or "I don't see why people don't just build their own track" and all the similar comments, just seem like folks have nothing better to do than criticize. And, I'd be willing to wager, a number of negative comments have been made by folks who have no interest in EM gauge, to start with. As I stated above, I will not be joining the Soc. solely for the track: however, if it is NOT possible to ship track to me without it breaking the bank, then I will forgo joining, as well as working in EM gauge. But I will wait till I know for certain, one way or another. Excellent move, EMGS, other Guilds/Societies should take a page from yoru book. Jim F
  6. Can I ask some kind soul who has one of the models in their possession, measure and post the overall length and width one? Thank you. Jim F
  7. Not sure about that, think they do agree it's anything prior to 1923, and probably all agree, for diesel fumes and flashy paint schemes, a truck (lorry) stop would be more interesting LOL Regarding the digital mag issue, yes, I do prefer a physical magazine/book, etc.., but being in the US, getting digital issues is much less expensive, and I does not need physical storage. And, regarding the whole 'privacy' issue, anyone who is that worried about it, should not be online, via computer, smart phone, iPad, etc.. (of course, make sure you shred all your paper mail, with addresses, account numbers, etc.., so the trash bin divers don't find them LOL) Jim F
  8. It's funny, regarding many of the folks who like to 'peruse" (aka read) a magazine at a model shop of news stand, then put it back without buying because "there was nothing of interest in it". They are more often than not the ones who will complain the loudest when said magazine dies off. Saw this happen with Model Railroad Craftsman, here in the states. As much as I still prefer the printed versions of magazines (and I did as John does, with my US magazines, cutting out any and all content that I felt was worth keeping), the cost of UK modelling magazines here in the US is extreme. It's about double what the price of a copy in the UK is, either by single copy or subscription. So, digital is the lesser of 2 evils One nice thing with the digital edition of RM, as a subscriber, one gets access to all the digital back issues from 2011 (when they 1st went digital) to current issue. And, as long as one subscribes, any articles in all those issues can be bookmarked. So that is one plus, at least. As for magazine preference, RM is my primary choice, the sub I will keep. It seems to strike a decent balance between the different railway eras, and covers 009 better than others (granted, probably due to Peco producing 009 RTR items), but whatever the reason, it works for me. BRM has way less 009 coverage, and it, Hornby and Model Rail magazines seem to be much more focused on 'modern era' nowadays. Just a view from this side of the puddle. Jim F
  9. Font, to answer your basic (I think) question, regarding will a 009 Skarloey or Rheneas run after years of storage, "Maybe". A lot will depend on what the type of lubrication is used at the factory, basically it's 'shelf life', and conditions where it is stored. A better idea, would be to buy a basic oval (or circle) of the Kato N scale, and pull it and the locos out once a year or so, and give them a run for a bit. Both models are excellent runners brand new, out of the box, and a bit of 'exercise would help them stay that way. But you would also be surprised at how liitle space you would need, for a small simple layout. Bachmann USA released 2 batches of Skarloey, and 1 of Rheneas, so far. There was a several month time period between the batches of Skarloey. They have announced Rusty as the next one, and someone posted on one of the NG forums that he had been told Peter Ham would aslo be done. They can be converted to non Thomas looks. Yes, they can be repainted. Some just paint over the original colors, some strip the color off, 1st. Narrow Planet sells a kit for the Skarloey, with new smoke box front, air pump, more to scale size cylanders and finer looking etched linkage parts. How much one wants to change is up to the modeller. There is also a forthcoming similar kit for the Rheneas, due soon. Bachmann Branchlines (UK) has WD Baldwin 4-6-0T locos due out very soon, and Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0s in the pipeline. I would imagine that, if sales are good, more will follow from Bachmann. Currently, in the model narrow gauge loco possibilities, 009 is way ahead of 7mm, from what I have seen, so far. RTR is available in 009, with more announced. Nothing, yet, in 7mm NG. A number of Shapeways dealers creating and selling a fairly large number of 009 3d printed bodies, to be used on various N scale chassis. In 7mm, only a few, plus resin cast bodies from Smallbrook Studios, and all, or most, seem to use a readily available Hornby 0-4-0 chassis, but of very simple, almost toy like looks. I have been exploring, and debating with myself, regarding going with one scale verses the other. Right now, the ONLY thing keeping 7mm in the running is that I want to go with radio control, which would be easier to do in the larger scale. Anyway, hope this is a bit of help. Jim F
  10. Nimbus, if the gears are the types that Bachmann USA use in their US N scale offerings, there should be no issue. They are vastly improved over the ones the used in the early days of their N scale offerings. Jim F
  11. My pre-ordered Rheneas arrived in the mail yesterday, so the new batch must be with distributors. Just FYI Jim F
  12. The dealer I have mine pre-ordered with, Blue Ridge Hobbies, has them listed at $87.39. Not sure what his shipping charges would be to the UK, but I paid approx $6.00 for my Skarloey. Jim F
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, haven't Steam & Things stopped kit manufacturing? The website home page seems to indicat so, and there are no active links to kits, or products. Also, is Chris Cox, (5&9 Models) still producing kits? His website indicates he is, in small batches, and selling via ebay, but there are not sales listed currently, and searching Completed Items comes up empty, as well. Just wondering. Jim F
  14. Getting past a few life and health 'issues', I am slowly getting my UK rail modelling bug back. Upon catching up, went to the MRE website, to see how the metamorphosis had evolved. The magazine is interesting, but does UK modelling really need another magazine, when established ones, both general and those put out by specific gauge Guilds, Societies, and Associations? Seems like more dilution. As for "Having Your Say" it it's forum format, guess that won't fly too long. Very few postings since it's inception, does not have anywhere the feel of the old format. Simon mentioned in a early issue of the new Mag he was excited that HYS was due back soon, as he missed opening and reading it in the AM with a cup of tea. I would guess he is still missing it. Even the idea of it being moderated does not seem to be working. A post regarding Peco's new (last spring) OO BH rail was posted in the 009 sub forum. A mod stated he had requested admin to create a new OO sub, so he could move the post. That was months ago, and it's still there. I guess, such is progress. I'll miss MRE. R.I.P Jim F
  15. Hi Grahame. First, something I have meant to do for some time, so might as well do it here, is say Thank You for your stewardship of the Journal. I have full years sets, with a few years missing, of issues back to 1998. They are all quality publications, but the last few years, you have raised the standard even more. Job done excellently. 2mmFS does look very impressive, when done right, though I have read many times of 2mmFS layouts not being the greatest performing layouts at exhibitions. Not a concern I would have, but one does wonder why. Also, I was just watching a Youtube video of a Dapol Terrier on a 2mm Assoc. chassis, and I have to say, the 'rail scraper' pick ups the modeler used definitely took away from the otherwise excellent look of the model. I did join the Pre-Grouping special interest group, a year ago February last. I received the group's relaunch Gazette #1, but nothing more after that, between then and when my NGS membership lapsed in Dec. '16. Not sure if anything has been sent out between then and now (I just re-newed), but have the impression it is a group with minimal activity. I do have a C Class on pre-order, as well as a set of the birdcage coaches, though when they will ever show up remains to be seen. Thank you, again. Jim F
  16. Having LBSC Terriers as RTR models, and the now available fiNetrax track, makes this a do-able small project for me, as it will not be my prime modelling effort. Don't feel trying to work to 2mmFS is worth the extra effort and hassle, on this side of the pond, Jim F
  17. Sort of a bump, I guess.. When I asked my original question, I was still focused on the SECR, but was having my doubts about getting anything accomplished in OO, as I just did not have any available space for more than a couple of feet of wall. And trying to decide P4, EM, just OO, etc.., with all the track and what have you issues (especially living in the US), I reached a point I just would abandon UK rail modeling. Let my NGS membership lapse, along with other memberships, and just concentrated on my US modeling. Now, however, with the release of the Petite Properties 1st building kits in 1:148, I've been bitten by the N bug once again. This time, though, I'll do pretty much as D. Searle stated in his post, and base something on the LBSC, using the items he mentions. I won't, as he plans, work to 2mmFS, that's more work than I want to do, for this. I will use the fiNetrax track work, as I do want that typical UK bullhead rail look. So. making up a shoppoing/wish list, and putting funds aside as I can, and hopefully will accomplish a good start, in the next couple of months. Cheers. Jim F
  18. Paypal will give you protection. Last year, I paid for a online subscription to RM, using a CC via Paypal. The sub was through a 3rd party, but was supposed to include access to all digital back issues, just like subscribing direct. To keep this short, I did not get what I paid for, and no reply from the dealer. Contacted paypal, filled out the required page (not terribly long), got a immediate response they would contact seller. It did take 30 day, but I got a full refund. Jim F
  19. Perhaps it's those 2 particular models that are having issues? There seems to be just about zero issues with the HOn30 models. If there were, I seriously think they would have been, or be, discussed on the Yahoo HOn30 group, or the HOn30, 009, HOe facebook page. I have of the Forney's, and one of the small F&C tender locos. It has only been test run, and is now waiting for a Toma conversion kit. The Forney's, however, have been run quite a bit, on my test oval. Jim F
  20. So, some are saying the new MREmag is up and about. For myself, I don't see it in that light. I see 2 different items (yes, this might just be me) First, although the old MREmag was called a magazine, I never considered it as such. To me, it felt like both a 'letters to the Editor' thing that occurred 3 times a week, or, perhaps more so, a group of friends and or acquaintances who met 3 times a week, to "Have Their Say". I would open and read that day's page, but I don't recall ever going looking for other content (was there any?). I don't think I ever clicked a advertiser's link, as any I might have, I already had bookmarked. So for me, the new MREmag is just that, a new emagazine. Haven't read all of it yet, but have looked through it. Quite a bit of varied content, seems assembled well, but I also feel it is sort of a rushed job. The appearance reminded me of early issues of newsletters from various Guild, Associations, Societies, etc... From all that was touted earlier on, regarding the forthcoming magazine, I guess I was expecting something a bit more polished, more like the above mentioned US MRH. Secondly, as for "Having Your Say", we are told it will be back, but as a moderated forum, and one will have to register, to post anything. One has to ask, A) is a new forum of the type already out there, in large numbers, really going to take off, and B) won't having to moderate it take up the same amount of time as Pat and Phil had to spend on the old version (I mean total time, no matter how many moderators)? For myself, RMWeb already is more than sufficiently filling my need for a general UK rail modeling forum, and the N Gauge and narrow Gauge forums cover the rest of my interests. Jim F
  21. I see there was a new list created for society links, not sure there needs to be a duplication of effort, so bumping this one. Jim F
  22. Didn't see this mentioned, apologies if it is in a different thread, and I am repeating. Hornby has announced a OO H Class in 4 liveries for 2017. Not sure of the later ones, but there is a SECR livery one listed. Jim F
  23. Hi all. Trying to find the following info, searching dealers doesn't seem to help. A) Does Peco do OO flextrack on both code 100 and code 75? B) If yes, are the sleepers the same size on both, and have the same spacing between them? Thank you. Jim F
  24. Sorry, been away, so late with this. Yes, building started in 1922, and Lawrence bought his 1st one the same year. David, the bikes look excellent, super job on the building and painting. Jim F
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