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    4mm P4, especially ex-NER (but any 'good' modelling, obviously), cycling, football, music (things which might get labelled 'alternative', indie, 'modern' jazz, African, post-rock, Americana etc.), photography, tea!

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  1. Like Steve, I've also been stockpiling Arthur's kits. In the drawer (along with many other things) are a J73, Q5/1, Q5/2 and two D20s. I'll also get a Q7 and a C6 as and when they come out, and may find it hard to resist some others as well! The D20s are top of the queue for building, but I need to make more progress with other locos that are nearing completion (I think!) and the layout before embarking on another loco build.
  2. Re. ex-NER coach liveries in BR days. This is far from conclusive evidence (as it's a B&W picture!), but here is a cropped part of a photo I bought somewhere or other. It's an ex-NER coach (D178 I think) taken in 1952: to my eyes it looks to be in crimson (compare the shade with the crimson and cream coach to the right) but I suppose it could be brown?
  3. Now why on earth would you want to move to Bristol (rhetorical question!!). Hope it goes well, but we'll miss you here in Shrewsbury. Now don't forget those NER platform lamps... Cheers Tim
  4. A bit late in the day now, but just a quick reminder that Kerrinhead will be at the Cardiff show this weekend (19/20 Oct). Gavin is probably too modest to say, but the layout was awarded the MRJ Chalice at Scaleforum in September 2018 - a real honour. No new pictures at the moment (so you'll have to come and see it!), but there's a bit more Lancashire and Yorkshire stock in evidence now compared to previous outings. Looking forward to operating over the weekend!
  5. That is sad. I used to visit Chicago regularly and always paid a visit to the shop where there was nearly always some interesting find (tools or materials) that I hadn't seen in the UK.
  6. Not posted anything for quite a while.... Things have been progressing slowly, having done a bit more trackwork and I've also been trying to fettle a loco or two (without complete success so far, but they're getting close!). But I keep getting distracted by wagons: I find the urge to start a new wagon quite irresistible at times. So, I've been working on some more cattle wagons. Before this latest batch the train consisted of 5 x LNER, 2 x LMS and 2 x SR. The SR ones are Hornby which, apart from swapping the wheels, haven't had anything done to them as yet (they don't need much). When I first started planning the cattle train many years ago now, I assumed that I would need lots of LNER wagons so I bought around a dozen of the Parkside ones. I also wanted a few LMS ones so I got some David Geen ones. There's one of each in this photo: I built these before all the debate about the relative proportions of cattle wagons from the Big Four in early British Railways days (which was partly provoked by the release of Oxford Rail's attempt at the LNER one). From this debate, and also from photographic evidence elsewhere, it became apparent that 5 LNER wagons was probably enough for the train I want to build, and that I needed quite a few more LMS ones. So, I'm currently building 3 more LMS wagons. When Parkside released the D1661 LMS cattle wagon a few years back, I was surprised to read (in more than one place) in the model railway press that they had "filled a notable gap" in the cattle wagon market. I found this strange, because the perfectly good David Geen kit had been available for many years prior to the Parkside one (although it's not currently in production of course). I thought it was unfortunate that Parkside chose the D1661 (i.e. the same as the Geen kit) rather than the later D1840 (which is quite similar but is vacuum fitted and has detail differences) or, even better, the D1944 (which has internal framing, and really would have plugged a gap in the market). Don't get me wrong - the Parkside kit is excellent, I just wish they'd done a different diagram, especially as I really wanted some of the later ones. Anyway... In terms of the body work, the main differences between the D1661 and the D1840 are in the drop doors and strapping detail. As I understand it, the D1661 had either 2 or 3 plank drop doors, whilst the D1840 always had 3 plank doors. In terms of brakegear, the D1661s were either unfitted or piped, whilst the D1840s were all fully fitted. As 2 of the 3 I'm currently building will be D1840s, they need to have 3-plank doors: the David Geen kit included alternative castings for 2 and 3 plank doors, but the Parkside kit only has a moulding for the 2 plank door. The photo below shows the Parkside side with a Geen 3-plank door casting (not yet cleaned up): it is fairly obvious what needs to be cut away to make the casting fit into the plastic side. The final photo shows where I've got to with the rake of three wagons (obviously some way still to go!): Left to right these are: i) D1661 using the Parkside body, sitting on Masokits sprung W-irons. The rest of the (piped only) gear will be from the kit, plus some vac pipes from MJT. ii) D1840 using the Parkside body with a Geen 3-plank drop door moulding. This sits on a (currently incomplete) underframe from Bill Bedford (available from Eileen's) iii) D1840 using the Geen body, again sitting on a Bill Bedford underframe Eventually, I'll probably make some more D1840s - I have one more Geen and 2 Parkside kits in the drawer, but don't have any more spare 3-plank doors, so they will have to be done in Plasticard for the Parkside kits. Some D1944s would also be nice, but I don't have time for full scratchbuilds at the moment!
  7. Yes, yes, yes!!! Gresley bogie subframes! I'll need a few.
  8. Hi Rod, Alan's (Modelu) recent posts said he was thinking of introducing more types of platform lamps in the near(?) future, so you might want to drop him a line and see whether those are on his list.
  9. I think Rumney Models may do a suitable underframe.
  10. Those wagons look really good Tom. If I was being extremely picky, I'd say you might want to straighten the bottom link on the ABS 6-plank☺
  11. Thanks for that David. I had discounted 65233 on the basis that (according to Yeadon) it didn't get to Hawick until the late 50s whereas my timeframe is late 40s/early 50s - perhaps I shouldn't be so picky??!! I had thought of just doing a "quick" conversion using Alan Gibson components (assuming he does or will do a conversion pack, or that the axles are already the correct diameter): is the NBR Developments chassis very good?
  12. So, I reached another milestone recently: I now have both up and down lines making a complete circuit. Here are two trains crossing at Coldstream, a J39 on an ECML freight and a D11/2 on what is nominally an Edinburgh-Newcastle via Kelso service (but with completely the wrong formation). Still loads to do!!
  13. Also, you'll be pleased to know that my J39 is back in business. I replaced the old Sharman box with a High Level (can't remember which one, but it's 34:1) and it now runs very nicely again. Here it is passing through Coldstream with a lengthy freight.
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