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    N Gauge LMS and BR(M) Steam; BR TOPS Blue 1975-1982; 2mm FS Wisbech and Upwell (plus St Alban's Abbey and a couple of other places!)
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  1. I'll delurk long enough to say that contact made and hopefully Craig is on his way to being another productive member Down Under. As mentioned, next year's Australasian Supermeet is in Sydney - 22-24 September if you are interested in coming out (or over - we'd love to have one of the Kiwi brethren join us) arrangements for free beds can be made - although I'd think you'd probably be best to bring the other half and stay for a bit longer seeing the sights around the place. I promise to try and do better on keeping the blog up to date - problem is work and modelling get in the way. Trying to find out why my Hudswell Clarke runs backwards but not forwards (and runs fine with the wheels out....) Planning another Locomotive for next year along with the now traditional wagon. We are hoping to get the HC into kit production in 2017 for those interested in having one. Details will be forth coming in the Magazine as to what it is about and for members to purchase hopefully by Feb/Mar. Certainly we are hoping to off load our surplus wagon kits to Shop 2 (or the Central Shop - haven't ironed out the details with Mr Central Shop) in due course.
  2. That photo Pete - it looks so good. I thought you'd found an atmospheric shot of the actual station - then I noticed the coupling on the CCT and realised just how good the model was. Thought I'd delurk to tell you.
  3. Sithlord75

    2mm Expo 2015

    Next time then Chris - and we'll teach you some useful Australia phrases to take back!
  4. Sithlord75

    2mm Expo 2015

    Making a rare public appearance to say "Why didn't Chris get in touch with the Brisbanites whilst out here???" Meanwhile, hopefully there will be an Expo on the 25th of June next year (as I will be making the 36 odd hour journey from Brisbane to the UK for that weekend). Glad you had fun. Kevin of Oz
  5. Hi Jim, Read it now! Inspiring stuff and fully agree with the pervious comments about the more photos. Magazine arrived in today's post so I've that to look forward to as well. I better get a move on with mine, since I've claimed it will be able to run locos at The Gathering! Weather looking good out here (at least south of Brisbane!) for the next month. Cheers
  6. Just catching up - seems an age ago that I was over doing the last Bangor Board with you but it wasn't! Fantastic progress. Hopefully I'll be able to garner a leave pass to come and see before Christmas. Cheers Kevin
  7. I think I shall have to come and have another look! The castle is brilliant.
  8. N Gauge Group meeting, not the casting thing that Stephen was organising which has indeed been put back. The N Gauge meeting is certainly on! It's at my place :-)
  9. Is this what you are bringing to work on on Saturday?
  10. The epic cattle wagon build is mooooving along at a plod.

    1. SHMD


      cliperty-clop or clackerty-clack?


    2. davefrk


      Oh pull the udder one.

    3. 69843


      The one on your workbench is small. The one out your window is far away...

  11. The epic cattle wagon build (16 in all) is mooooving along at a plod.

  12. The epic cattle wagon build (16 in all) is mooooving along at a plod.

  13. I feel your lack of juice - same thing happened to me! However, new year, new enthusiasm etc etc. Looking forward to seeing how it all develops.
  14. Nope - you get someone else to solder droppers and pass them to you under the layout - hence the chair further up. Then you grope around for the soldering iron... nuff said there. Otherwise, its up and down, up and down, up and down. Core ab workout however so the plus is you get fit - and given the weather we have been having this week, sauna too! I did a day on the solder station on the up. Figured I was less likely to get something wrong up than down under it all.
  15. Saw this in the latest BRM - which I don't normally buy but did solely for this layout! I have a series of 2mm scale etches for the trams and coaches and long term plans on building a layout based on the W&U - not sure yet if 2mm FS (ideally) or N (which would at least get something done)! Top effort and glad to have found it here for the extra pictures.
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