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  1. Well I haven't heard anything on the 56xx and neither has my credit card - on the other hand my credit card told my Rails had processed my O6 before I got an email!
  2. I'd imagine. My son is already planning what he is going to do with Grandpuff (yes, from Duke the Lost Engine) when the Summer Holidays start in a fortnight.
  3. My 06 is apparently leaving Sheffield for Down Here today - it'll probably end up changing numbers shortly after it arrives!!!
  4. What kits did you get please Ian? I've an interest in some but shall have to rely on a third party I think given where I am in the world! I know a couple of people who'll probably be willing but having an idea of what he presently has available (as the list is 5 years old!) would be useful.
  5. Next ZAG meeting is this coming Saturday the 28th of November 2020 at 0900 GMT. Please synchronize your watches accordingly and adjust for your personal time zone. Details remain as per the Original Post (OP). Hope to see you there - and feel free to use the time to do some modelling as seems to becoming the custom amongst many regulars.
  6. The biggest driving factor in getting my Anycubic Photon was the postage from NY, NY to Australia from Shapeways (and I couldn't see a way to go back to Holland which perversely based on Chris' comments above was cheaper for me!). Now I can print something in the morning, correct it at lunch, correct it again before dinner and have the "good copy" the same day rather than paying three lots of postage and having weeks of time waiting. I haven't used Shapeways in over 12 months so cannot comment on how they are now, but I would not be at all surprised to learn they are going backwards as I fou
  7. I just put the various stl files on the platform - and try to have gaps between the rafts for the supports so they come off separately rather than together.
  8. The Small Suppliers section of the Website has been updated to include the embryonic list. Come on in, the water is fine!
  9. Thanks to all, old and new, members of the ZAG for another successful meeting. I am pleased to see a large number of people taking the oppotunity to work on their 2mm projects whilst being on-line. Gives us the feel of a "real" AG - and the opportunity to ask questions (usually along the lines of "what are you doing?" first followed by "how'd you do that then?" - also, to borrow a phrase, just like the real thing!). For what its worth I got about 40 transfers applied to some (sssh) US hoppers last night.
  10. I set up on wagon body on the bed (angle, supports etc) then copy it, position the copies and then slice. Multiple prints merely require selecting the slice file again.
  11. Another vote for a hold and fold. Worth it if you build more than 10 kits I reckon. Cheers Kevin of Oz
  12. G'day Zaggers. Next ZAG is this coming Saturday, 14 November. Usual start time of 0900 GMT - which means if you're in the UK as the clocks have gone back since the last ZAG you'll be on earlier than pervious. Log in details as per the OP.
  13. Where did the tram come from? Seriously tempted.... I have etches to do the W&U in 2mm - thinking Outwell Basin but that's a lot of building.
  14. I’m supposed to only be using the green area, on the small table...
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