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  1. Hi all, Just the usual friendly reminder that the next ZAG meeting is this coming Saturday, 23rd of October starting as usual at 0900GMT (10am BST - for the last time!). Same log in details as before. Looking forward to seeing what progress has been made on the various fronts people have been working on. Cheers Kevin
  2. Ross has quite a few horse drawn vehicles - he needed plenty to populate his 19th century model of Newcastle (NSW). Very nice stuff. I'm hoping at some point to get a few to populate my layouts.
  3. G'day everyone, Next ZAG meeting is this coming Saturday, 9th of October, from 0900 GMT. Those of you in the East Coast of Australia will have to remember you are now +11 on GMT, not +10 like me! Not sure if BST has finished yet, but it must be close. Log in details remain the same as they have been for the last few months. Any one else with a planned meeting please advise and we will get out of the road accordingly. Cheers Kevin
  4. Posting to ensure I follow
  5. I always thought a dog had masters cats had slaves! I blame the Egyptians who thought cats were gods - obviously the cats believed them!!!
  6. That looks like something which will make producing working locos just a little bit easier!
  7. The next ZAG is this coming Saturday 25th of September at the usual time of 0900GMT. The log in details are unchanged from the most recent link in this thread. I have a feeling there maybe another scheduled service that evening - I am sure someone from the appropriate group will confirm or deny. If there is, we shall be curtailed around 10 minutes before it starts.
  8. At our LAG meeting yesterday I managed to get a photo of some of the locos being worked on for the challenge. The 8F and J39 are both staying N gauge (we are a broad church - not everyone does 2mm) with revised coal loads, the detail packs having been applied and a light weathering coat. Both were renumbered from their original numbers - neither have managed to get their front numbers done yet and crews need to be sourced. The Jinty is my 2mm conversion - now with couplers and real coal. Like the two 9mm gauge locos, it has been renumbered from its original out of the box number. Finally David H's Sentinel. This is a Shapeways print which he has machined a brass block to fit into to add weight. The chassis is a Japanese one which he has rewheeled using Association wheels having turned the stubs to match the originals. It runs quite well albeit noisily (although that is a design issue rather than a build one). He is working on the cosmetic axle boxes and springs. I'm not sure what livery it's going to appear in at this stage. Other locos being worked on, but not managed to be photographed include a UM 3F being super detailed and a NSWGR D19 goods loco which is a scratch build. The builder of the D19 is going the home etching route on the frames - hopefully they'll be on show next month. The superstructure has been 3D printed and is coming along very nicely. I'll try for a photo of some of the trains next month if people bring the bits.
  9. The next ZAG meeting is scheduled for this coming Saturday from 0900GMT - please adjust your clocks accordingly. I am presently unaware of any other timetabled services. The log in details are unchanged from the most recent link in the thread.
  10. Well done on doing your own etches. I can foresee this being something I'll have to investigate - although I've gone down far too many rabbit holes for my own good at present.
  11. Coming very late to this - any chance of some pictures of the layout?
  12. ZAG on again this coming Saturday 28 August. Same log in details as up list. Everyone welcome - take some time to get some modelling done, ask questions of the brains trust and get some inspiration from what others are doing.
  13. I dunno how many of us read the assorted blogs linked to the 2FSA website but I do. As a result - a query. Will the song book be available via the Central Shop similar to Track and other worthy tomes?
  14. Well not strictly on the workbench any more as I got them finished today - some of the work was done during our LAG meeting and then I made and fitted the last few DGs this afternoon while Management was having her siesta (she will get up at 5am to go to the gym....). Following on from my previous post where I had been re-doing some Matheson wagons, these four have been done in what the Ilford & West Essex Model Railway Club thinks is the livery for this firm of coal and builders merchants. According to BRJ and other sources, Bennett's wagons were "a common sight up and down the branch" from Watford to St Alban's. The I&WEMRC built a layout back in the 1990s which appeared in RM in 1996 (I think) and this was what inspired my interest aged 21 in a location a long way away and a time a long time ago. The transfers are our home printed ones and the original plan had been to paint the wagons red, put a black decal (minus the words) on to mask up the stripe and then paint black. Scatter brain me managed to paint these four (and a spare Farish PoW) black first so instead I used Amity's Silhouette to cut out accurate masks for the black bits and sprayed the red over the masks. Because I draw the transfers in Adobe Illustrator I am able to use the dimensions to make the masks the same - the only issues arise in me having to place the masks accurately! In this shot we see my almost finished 2mm Jinty Conversion heading a train of empty coal wagons through Ale Dock (the DJLC entry I am hoping will make it to DJ+2 next year) with my John Greenwood built LNWR Coal Tank hauling an NGS Inspection Saloon along the branch at the back. I experimented with weathering one of the Bennett wagons as I felt the white was very bright and unlikely to remain so - the toned down look I think is much better but light was fading, dinner preparation was looming and stumps was called.
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