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  1. Hi John, Dunno about seeing the light - the LMS brakes are a lot easier! But then there is the SR chassis I’ve just finished in preparation to draw the van body we discussed... The little triangles you mention - are they to the left of the central v hanger? If so, we shall get a small file out and delete. Similarly for 93016 (although Hollie being 14 thinks she should number hers 93014 but as I’m 45 mine can stay!) We did fit part 11 - can’t see it from the angle taken and yours truely fitted it in such a way that it dragged on the back of the wheels and I had to move it! Hollie having the benefit of learning from my mistake didn’t have such a problem. They’ll make a nice pair to go in a mixed train I think. Cheers Kevin
  2. Its the first week of the two week mid-semester school holidays Down Here in Queensland and on the work bench this morning was a pair of GWR V16 Mink A's. Now I am not a GWR modeler and these were obtained as a way to introduce myself to the GWR brake systems - thanks to @John Brenchley for his advice, particularly as I had an apprentice! We opted for 9' non-vacuum DCIII brakes. Kickoff was originally scheduled for 9am but The Management gave us some jobs first so we did those (because practicing good WH&S is always a smart idea!) and progress was underway at 10:30. 2-361 for those interested. I had meant to take regular photos but we'd actually started before this was taken as the eagle eyed will determine. Apparently it is important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up whilst building.... Hard at work - and Hollie managed not to get her hair caught in the Dremel nor burn her figures on the soldering iron this time. Lunch was called just before 1pm. We both had rolling chassis - Hollie's is minus the wheel set as I had nicked them to put in mine. She got hers done first as I had managed to muck up the brake rigging by placing a bit on the wrong side and therefore fouling the wheels - the level actually did act as a brake. Because H was running a bit behind, she was able to learn from my mistake and didn't make it. Mine had to be undone and re-sited to ensure the wheels worked. Play resumed after the lunch hour interval with the rolling of the roofs, the fitting of the buffers and then the fitting of the chassis. A second set of wheels was found after the glue had dried (5 min epoxy). This was position as at 2:40. Just need to prime and paint. Not a bad effort for a little over 4 hours including lunch. We found pictures of 93016 and 93045 at the SVR and so one has the rain strip and the other does not. Decals to be done at Thursday Night Knitting Club this week.
  3. Well I was pleased to be able to attend an AGM - and whilst I wasn't stuck in traffic, I did managed to build a chassis for a LNWR D22 cattle wagon.
  4. Thanks to those who joined us last night - especially the new people. Hopefully you found it enjoyable and stimulating. It isn't always about GWR locos! (Thanks however to @queensquare and @Ian Smith for the informative discussion. I enjoyed listening even if most of it still went well over my head!). Next ZAG is 26th.
  5. Given the various attitudes the major manufacturers have had towards minor ones (L&M coaches anyone?), I could easily see it being forthcoming with no prior fanfare if (and it is a big if) there has been enough interest shown to be encouraging. I won't be holding my breath in anticipation - I do have the money available should it unexpectedly turn up too but I appreciate in the challenging economic times we are in, not everyone is actually able to say that any more.
  6. Gentlemen, please form an orderly queue!
  7. State of play: Test print forth coming.
  8. That'd be a quick trip if they turned the wick up!
  9. I agree. Missed it! Fortunately that is an easy fix.
  10. Good guess by me then - the 3 stalls come out to 6' on the principle that 2' seems to be standard. I've had another look at the pictures and think the inside is probably curved rather than square. This would gel with the plan having curved stalls so I'll have a revisit of it tonight. Hopefully an over scale test print this evening too.
  11. I have yet to sort the tread area. It looks to me like we would be peering over a gentleman's shoulder - he'd have his back to us. Is that correct?
  12. Hi Tim, Is there a scale with this? It will be handy to know any dimensions we can for the urinals - so far all I have is 2.5 wall tiles but I don't know how long the tiles are! I should have a rough drawing done by 2200 local (presently 2120) and I can adapt once known dimensions are obtained. Currently drawing in inches at full size, which can then be scaled. Cheers Kevin
  13. I'd better get on with the drawings then!
  14. Next meeting will be next Saturday 12th of September. Log in details are in the first post of this thread.
  15. I am familiar with the gun bluing process for colouring brass etc so it is dark, not shiny, but not painted. Has anyone tried gun browning? - a result which gives a brown finish apparently. I'm thinking about things like check rails which often get cleaned with the track, but if somehow could be made chemically brown, this may solve that problem.
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