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  1. Ceptic

    2021 hopes

    My guess ? Hmmm.. Let's see.. A 2-NOL Emu, based on their re-built L&SWR stock.
  2. A picture paints a time on shift... Pic.1 Start of shift, first stop. Pic.2 End of, next stop.
  3. R to L, car 2 definitely Kitchen side of a rebuilt Tavern RKB, Diag. 2668. Car 5 has extended side panels, but, with middle(ish) footstep/cutout, along with shallow (10 1/4") window vents, so, probably one from a Bournemouth 6-car set. The Tavern sets' RCOs, Diag. 2665 had, along with extended side panels, deeper (15") window vents and end vestibule doors only.
  4. Graham, many thanks to you, along with Bachmann, for this very descriptive update. One question I'd like to ask tho'. Has Bachmann given any thought to the number of roof rain-strips per side, per coach, per era ? , as Hornby did on their 59 footers. I.e. Two per side on SR versions and one per side on later BR. One last nit-pick is that the EP's rain-strips look to be a tad low, especially at the ends, as were Bachmann's original versions. At the very least, these coaches are, certainly, going to brighten up the New Year. Merry Christmas, Frank.
  5. Thanks Bob. I did some researching myself back in the late 1960s/70s when I was preparing some of the MRC Bulleid coach drawings. A few of the green 3-H 'Hampshire' DEMUs did acquire the 1st. class stripe (more cream than yellow), about the time the roof mounted air-horns appeared.
  6. The rebuilt Bulleid ex-Tavern Cars (RBKs) had the red stripe applied in the early 60s, as did the Mk.1 RB replacements in the Bournemouth 6-car Bulleid sets.
  7. No Trevor, In a roundabout way, I was referring to the 'missing' exaggerated roof panel joints Hornby are so keen on.
  8. Have those roofs been photoshopped ??.
  9. It might be worth giving Bachmann a call and ask them 'which colours were used on their 31-520, NSE Cl.159 ?' https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/183/class-159-3-car-dmu-159013-br-network-southeast-(revised)/31-520 Both prototype unit classes (442 &159) shared the same BR/ NSE colours. All the best.
  10. Pedantic mode (On) :- The 1979 Airfix catalouge snippet shows a Bulleid CK with 10" deep window ventilators, whereas the Bachmann versions are based on the BR(S) built stock which had 15" deep sliding vents. Pedantic mode (Off). More here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/16850-new-batch-of-bulleid-coaches/ All the best.
  11. LH ('near') side cab windows were wider than the 'off' side.
  12. Hi If any of you get the opportunity, have a look at the colour swatches contained within the HMRS publication "Southern Style After Nationalisation, 1948-1964" by John Harvey. You'll see that the swatch for 'BR Express Locomotive Blue (Merchant Navy class)' is of a much darker hue. Azure Blue it ain't. It's more akin to RAL 5013, Cobalt Blue. This is the colour that I remember. Also the lining on the Blue MNs was 'Bold'. I.e. 1/4" White + 1 1/4" Black + 1/4". No gaps. Initially, during the experimental stages on MN No. 35024 East Asiatic Company , this
  13. The A4's boiler band lining in that photo is Black + White. Probably that's the reason.
  14. EeUurrh, I see what you mean. I now wish it had been just an April fool. Cheers John.
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