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  1. EeUurrh, I see what you mean. I now wish it had been just an April fool. Cheers John.
  2. Spotted within Rails of Sheffield's Newsletter dated 27th. May 2020. I know April 1st was 'Locked down' but, where have they been for the past two months ?
  3. Blandford1969 & ikcdab, I reckon the drawing you're thinking of is the one of 'S.R. Proposed Standard Level Crossing Gates' on pages 72 / 73 of Irwell Press's 'Southern Nouveau and the Lineside'. It shows, with main dimensions, one pair of a set of quad gates, (Targets split centrally). These are depicted as two bay with 'X' internal bracing. The horizontals being parallel. The accompanying photo of the gates at Wrafton (On the Barnstaple to Ilfracombe line) appear to show the horizontals as being tapered, as are / were the L.S.W.R. / S.R. gates modelled by M.S.E. / Wizard. P.S. The diagram in G. A. Pryor's 'A Pictorial Record of Southern Signals' p.178, describes the mechanical rodding / crank connections for a wheel operated, double line, four gated crossing. All the best. Frank.
  4. Hi Roger and the Rest of the Crew. Many thanks for your message. Likewise with the greetings, reciprocated from this end, too. What a year, eh ?. Turn your back for a couple of seconds and 'It' all goes haywire. I had my driving licence revoked at the beginning of the year (Failed medical, re-apply in 6 months ?) and now 'Confined to Barracks' since mid-March for 12 weeks (Classed as Covid-19 vulnerable person) ........ Who's that shouting "Get in, out of the daylight,...You coffin dodger" ? I'm keeping an irregular eye open for any B'm'th area (West, Central, Boscombe, Pokesdown or otherwise) infrastructure plans that might become available through Network Rail's archive. Hopefully, something will turn up regarding West station's Signal Box. ( I'm still awaiting Hornby's Express blue original MN ! ) Looking forward to meeting up with you all once again, soon. All the very Best, Frank.
  5. I reckon this topic is in need of a Bump. Last month, a multitude of fresh titles were added to Network Rail's archive. https://nr.printstoreonline.com/stations/bournemouth-central/sr-bournemouth-central-new-exit-platform-1928-19594263.html?prodid=73045 Regards, Ceptic.
  6. A shade off topic*, but of interest, Network Rail's archive site catalogue has recently been expanded to include many more plans of railway structures, including several showing those of the 1884/5 Bournemouth East (Central) building. Also included are those for the Central's 1928 Extension / Improvements. (No sign of any relating to those of the West station's tho'). https://nr.printstoreonline.com/stations/bournemouth-central/sr-bournemouth-central-new-exit-platform-1928-19594263.html?prodid=73045 Also available from Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/479492691580106489/sent/?invite_code=ef63ebfbe4ff4a53b4088786d91340d9&sender=597501212971193139&sfo=1 * In case no one has picked up on the expansion of NR's Archive / Printstore library, I'll bump an existing thread in 'Modelling Questions, Help and Tips'. Regards, Frank.
  7. Why doesn't the text / lines of horizontal typing, line up with the inner edge of the page ??
  8. Outstanding modelling, and, dare I say it, I'm astounded too.
  9. Food for thought,....or for something...... ...Cue John Williams.
  10. See Wheatly's post (# 4) on this 2014 topic.
  11. There's also these. :- http://www.kitmaster.org.uk/pecocoachint.htm
  12. K....Ki....'Kin..Kids, eh...Who'd 'av 'em ?
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