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  1. Bloody marvellous modelling workmanship, hendie. A joy to watch. Many thanks.
  2. Many Maunsell Kitchen Restaurants lasted until the early '60s. One in particular, No. 7969, now a Kitchen Buffet, remained in service until the end of 1967. Bulleid catering vehicles were still very much in evidence. The rebuilt 'Tavern Cars' Kitchen Buffets lasted until the end of steam (1967-8), with most of their accompanying Restaurant Composites having been withdrawn a few months previously. Prior to these, the Restaurant Kitchens of the Bournemouth 6 - car sets had been replaced by Mk.1 Restaurant Buffets in 1962, with their Restaurant Semi - Open Firsts following in 1963 - 67.
  3. Seven Drivers, from one Depot alone, are off work due to PTSD. The number of suicides on the SWML has risen considerably.
  4. 'Fraid not, Ark Royal. The drawings were a continuation of existing work, drawn in connection with the development of etched brass kits. Some of these were converted to 2D digital (SketchUp) to assist Colin Parks' 4-CIG scratch-build topic. Prior to this, I did some art-work (in the 1980s) with the idea of building a Cl. 205/3-H 'Hampshire' Demu. That's where the window depth dimensions came from. Then, of course, along came DC Kits and, latterly, Kernow / Bachmann.
  5. Both doors and windows are the same widths, but the window depths are only the same as Mk.1. Suburban stock, i.e. 2' - 9 5/8" deep.
  6. The BR(S) 1963 (Summer) Formation and Allocation of Corridor Sets show three car Set Nos. 963 to 972 (incl) allocated to the 'S&D'. The remainder had mainly Maunsell vehicles added, sourced from the large pool of 'Loose' coaches available at that time. Strengthened 4 - Set as follows :- Set 977 Allocated: Eastbourne / Hastings -- Birmingham 2869 BSK (B)(59') ---- SK* (M) 5723 CK (B)(59') 2870 BSK (B)(59') Strengthened 6 - Sets as follows :- Set 974 Allocated: Margate -- Wolverhampton 2863 BSK (B)(59') 1211 SK* (M) 5720 CK (B)(59') 1865 SK* (M) 1887 SK* (M) 2864 BSK (B)(59') Set 975 Allocated: Margate -- Wolverhampton 2865 BSK (B)(59') 1212 SK* (M) 5721 CK (B)(59') 1268 SK* (M) 1813 SK* (M) 2866 BSK (B)(59') Set 976 Allocated: Eastbourne / Hastings -- Birmingham 2867 BSK (B)(59') 1225 SK* (M) 5722 CK (B)(59') ---- SO* (M) ---- SO* (M) 2868 BSK (B)(59') Strengthened 8 - Sets as follows :- Set 973 Allocated: Waterloo -- Salisbury / Waterloo -- Bournemouth -- Weymouth / Through services to other Regions. 2861 BSK (B)(59') 1206 SK* (M) 1863 SK* (M) 5900 CK* (B)(64'-6")(10 1/4" Vents) 5719 CK (B)(59') 1898 SK* (M) 1915 SK* (M) 2862 BSK (B)(59') Set 978 Allocated: Waterloo -- Salisbury / Waterloo -- Bournemouth -- Weymouth / Through services to other Regions. 2871 BSK (B)(59') ---- SK* (M) ---- SK* (M) 5806 CK * (B)(64'-6")(10 1/4" Vents)) 5724 CK (B)(59') ---- SK* (M) ---- SK* (M) 2872 BSK (B)(59') Set 979 Allocated: Waterloo --Salisbury / Waterloo -- Bournemouth -- Weymouth / Through services to other Regions. 2873 BSK (B)(59') ---- SK* (M) ---- SK* (M) 5876 CK* (B)(64'-6")(10 1/4" Vents) 5725 CK (B)(59') ---- SK* (M) ---- SK* (M) 2874 BSK (B)(59') Set 980 Allocated: Waterloo -- Salisbury / Waterloo -- Bournemouth -- Weymouth / Through services to other Regions. 2875 BSK (B)(59') 1803 SK* (M) 1804 SK* (M) 5874 CK* (B)(64-6")(10 1/4" Vents) 5726 CK (B)(59') 1805 SK* (M) 1808 SK* (M) 2876 BSK (B)(59') Key :- (B) = Bulleid. (M) = Maunsell. * = Loose. ---- = Unspecified.
  7. Even the shed, itself, appears to have undergone a spruce up. Many thanks Peter, for the update. Can't get out so often these days, due to legs and eyes not co-operating with command/control. All the best, Frank.
  8. I'm in the same boat. My local shop's expected delivery got misdirected to someplace oop nurth....Hmmmm.
  9. In the past, when I've had problems with Hornby Bulleid pacifics' wheels failing to rotate, it's always turned out to be caused by the final drive's gear wheel cracking / splitting from around the central / axle hole. IIRC, there's a RMweb thread on the subject, somewhere.
  10. As an afterthought, I should have remembered to add that these retained the single, larger, 5' long x 1' - 9" diameter vacuum reservoir tank.
  11. When photographed, again at Swanage, back the 80's, BTK/BSK No. S 4365 S still retained the shaped ( to miss the central cylinder) steam heating pipe.
  12. Bulleid 64'- 6" long BTK/BSK No. S 4365 S pictured, once formed part of 6 - car Bournemouth Dining Set No. 298. As built, they featured the weight saving single 30" dia. 'Prestall' vacuum cylinder, centrally placed on the u/f to operate the brakes on both bogies. In service, these proved to need nigher maintenance than the trusted twin brake gear set-up. The result of this led, in the mid 50's, to the conversion of coaches so singularly fitted, to twin, diagonally opposed, sets. These are distinguished by having the outer Vee hanger outside of the Truss angle.
  13. Agreed, but if you look at my 1983 drawings in the Ian Allan MRC Planbook No.1, you'll see that they are in the correct position, i.e. behind the truss angle.
  14. According to my memory. Firstly, the obvious, being born in 1943, I have no memory of pre-war colours. Of the richer coloured greens of the 'Southern's post-war years', I do. If you're looking for post-WW2, LHCS / EMU S.R. Malachite*, then, none of these jog. If you're looking for post-1956 B.R.(S) LHCS / EMU Green, then, maybe No.6 with a bluer tint, or a glossy No.8**. The remainder would look better adorning a WW2 Allied fighting aircraft / vehicle and / or G.W.R. Loco / B.R. Loco / DMU. * Phoenix Paints are producing / have produced, over the years, one pre-WW2 S.R. Malachite Green, and three post-war variants, S.R.LHCS Malachite, S.R. EMU (Electric) Green and the post 1956 B.R.(S) Green colour. Having tried and tested all of these, the head-scratching continues. ** Passenger coach sides are, in the majority of cases, always the shiniest part of any everyday UK railway train. Why not model / paint them as such ?
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