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  1. If you follow that line of thinking to its logical conclusion one could argue that there are enough other reasons why our models are unrealistic, so why bother striving for 'realism' at all?. David
  2. I'm sure other people do it differently, but this is what I have done: Click on "Unread Content" (top right). This opens the "Unread Content" menu. Here you can tick or un-tick "Content Types" options (see below) When you have selected what you want click "Apply Changes". You will then see the options to "Save Changes". After you've saved you can bookmark the page so that you can always come back to the same new contents list in future. HTH, David
  3. Yep, it seems that Snitzl's 'updates' are causing it. I couldn't load more activity to the new content list, so I just disabled "Blog entries" in the Content Type menu and now things are working again. I will re-activate blog entries when he's stopped performing. David
  4. What I have, is freely available in supermarkets in Germany so it should be sodium carbonate. As I keep it in a large screw-top jar, I don't have the original packaging any more. Sorry for the mistake over names – chemistry was not one of my subjects at school. David PS. I have edited my earlier post to avoid confusion.
  5. What doilum said, but make absolutely sure that the Evostik is completely dry to the touch before joining togther. David
  6. I doubt it, but I can’t say for certain. David
  7. Any items that I solder are put in a warm solution of caustic soda washing soda (sodium carbonate) in an ultrasonic cleaner. It neutralises the flux (Powerflow) and generally does a good job of cleaning metal surfaces. David Edit: Definitely NOT caustic soda!
  8. Is it too late to change it? The great thing about scenery work, is that any modifications and afterthoughts can easily be disguised with a bit of undergrowth or scenic scatter. That's certainly been the case on my layout so far. David
  9. You’ve obviously had a lot of fun with that and have produced a really convincing rock cutting. You are critical of the bridge, but the only thing I can see wrong with it is that it probably doesn’t need the wing walls, because it is built into solid rock. The wings are usually there to support what would otherwise be an unstable (eg. earth) embankment. David
  10. Here's a bit of canal inspiration, in case you haven't already seen it. David http://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/model_omwb162.html
  11. In our household the word "we" usually means "you". Prime examples: "It's about time we tidied up the garden/did the hoovering/redecorated the bedroom/any other thing where I seem to be the only mug person available! Edit: From the number of 'agrees' it's nice to know I'm not alone ...
  12. According to my wife, we railway modellers are all eccentrics but some of us are also cranks!
  13. And for the OP, who may not know what a 'skrawker' is: https://eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&name=plastic-cutter-scrawker&cid=1622&Itemid=189&category_pathway=1063 David
  14. The lack of one would have been the first thing I'd notice as it wizzes past on Copenhagen Fields ... David
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