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  1. Are they traps for the unwary?
  2. Yes. I've just checked, and an eps from Designer opens perfectly in Illustrator (I wrongly assumed that Designer could save an Illustrator document). A pdf works as well. David
  3. Just a quick note to say that it's not absolutely necessary to use CAD software for your etch artwork. Coming from an illustrative/graphic design background, I find CAD software has a very steep learning curve and is not as simple to use (for me) as 2d drawing software. On the occasions that I have had etches made by PPD I have used Adobe Illustrator to good effect. Files need to have clearly labeled layers and can be sent as native Illustrator documents. Of course, Illustrator is expensive and now has the disadvantage of being subscription based. As an alternative I would use Affi
  4. I can thoroughly recommend the book ‘Working Wagons, Volume 1. 1968 - 1973’ by David Larkin. Most of the photos in it are from 1968 to ‘70, so give a good indication of what was in use in your chosen period. HTH, David (not that David! )
  5. Yes, the grey circles are still there. It may just be that the Safari 11 on my desktop Mac is too long in the tooth now. On my MacBook (Safari 13) everything's fine. David
  6. I'm seeing grey blobs for the 'Like' buttons in Safari 11.1.2
  7. Expect some slight delays going up the stairs where there is a one-way system in place.
  8. I shall no doubt push on with this project once the Tour de France, Le Mans 24hr race and the good cycling weather have passed. David *Steady on there ...
  9. Expect a PM from Tim any minute now! David
  10. Wilson & Watt has a nice wing to to it ...
  11. I'm not in a situation where I can easily place an extractor hose through an open window. For this reason, the idea of a re-circulating desktop spray booth seems worth considering. https://www.graphicair.co.uk/product/benchvent-bv260s-re-circulating-spray-booth/ Does anybody have any experience of using something like this? David
  12. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this man yet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Crapper Apparently his venerable company is still in business: https://www.thomas-crapper.com/toilets-basins/ David
  13. Maybe the layout should be renamed "WC Fields"? David
  14. Tim, am I right in assuming that these will only be of use to someone who doesn't have to wear prescription lenses? David
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