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  1. The only appropriate material for telegraph poles is metal, and a good first aid kit ... David
  2. I usually cut the panes well oversize and retain them with styrene strips so that there is no danger of them ever falling out. That method will be a bit awkward on a 2mm scale signal box, though. David
  3. Here you go: https://southernacrylics.co.uk/epages/91219bf3-65e8-4793-8013-f4c24e711941.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/91219bf3-65e8-4793-8013-f4c24e711941/Products/00001 Ive no experience with them but they weren’t difficult to find by searching for “0.5mm acrylic”. Btw, I use similar material for all of my windows and loco flush glazing. HTH, David
  4. Who are definitely not mugs! David
  5. If you state on the customs declaration that the item is a gift, I can't see how any customs official is going to know that you have received payment for a private sale. You just need to state what is in the package and a value, which should not be too high. David
  6. Even a stick will come back, if it's fetched by a dog ...
  7. As far as Amazon is concerned I would entirely agree with you, but eBay does have a somewhat different business model and it is very often the best way for a small shop, local or otherwise, to reach more customers. David
  8. While I quite agree with your sentiment, I don't understand why the Rant? David
  9. I’ve been searching the internet for details of BR miniature snow ploughs, as fitted to most diesel locos, without much success. Photos show that they are a very complicated shape which is difficult to visualise ‘in the flat’. Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a dimensioned drawing? Photos of the separate components would also be helpful. TIA, David
  10. I could think of a few four letter acronyms ... David
  11. It is, and it might well be a foretaste of international commerce within the EU after July 1st. David
  12. Those are excellent. Amazingly well detailed for 2mm scale. David
  13. No, German VAT (MwSt) is back to 19% and has been since the beginning of the year IIRC. David PS. A bargain compared to Irish VAT at 23%!
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