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  1. I've long since learnt not to ask any simple electrical questions on here and this thread is the perfect example of the reason why. David
  2. Nice work, Ian. BTW, a "chimney" in nautical terms is a "funnel". David
  3. That blue engine on the left sticks out like a sore thumb! It needs weathering ...
  4. For some reason I'm reminded of this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnoram/6189881950
  5. The beading has been moved further down to line up with the panel nearest the cab. It took me a while to work it out too! David
  6. I would expect the Bogie Bolster E to be the same as the Turbot with respect to EM and P4 conversions: HTH, David
  7. It’s interesting that you’ve had this problem with Railtec transfers. Just recently I’ve had the same problem of Railtec decals curling and I was only using them with water, so the problem may not be due to the Decalfix. In the end, the only way I could get the transfers to stick was to apply them using gloss varnish as a glue. David
  8. The three Prestwins in the Burntisland photo are diagram 1/277 wagons like this nearly straight build of the Airfix kit. David
  9. Unfortunately not. That would have been nice but I would have needed to plan it like that from the start. The layout actually started off as something completely different and just sort of evolved into what it is now. David
  10. The scenic section is 250 x 45 cm (8' 2" x 1' 6" in old money). There is a four road fiddle yard traverser which is 96 cm (3' 2") long that can accommodate a maximum length of train equal to a Class 37 and two coaches. At the other end is a single track fiddle yard which represents off-scene industrial sidings. David
  11. Let's just say it's a cottage on a croft. Or a crofter's cottage? Thanks for your kind comments. David
  12. Kinlochmore has been subjected to a few small modifications of a botanical nature. The Scots Pines have a habit of moving around and multiplying when nobody is looking. The area around the cottage has gained a fir tree of some description and another large bush. The layout is now just about finished apart from a few small details like a station barrow and some odd and ends by the platelayers hut. David
  13. Despite paint brushes and an airbrush being everyday work tools for half my working life, I still like to procrastinate like an absolute beginner when it comes to painting models. I’m not sure why because finishing a model should be a pleasurable experience, shouldn’t it? After a long while in the cabinet here are my Alumina wagons ready for service on Kinlochmore. The 1/274 Prestwin. Variations on a theme of Presflo. And here is the complete train (of empties) ready to depart west, in the direction of North Ballachulish. David
  14. Of almost more interest is the Class 24 at Corrour. If the lack of photos is anything to go by, they were a bit of a rarity on the West Highland line. David
  15. There is a solution to that problem: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/118922-kylestrome’s-4mm-workbench-–-prestwin-diag-1274/#elControls_2707035_menu Scroll down the page to the Dingham coupling modification post. David
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