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  1. To me, he looks more like a dentist ...
  2. Compensation and springing are by no means essential for reliable running in P4. The only wagons that I spring, these days, are long wheelbase air braked wagons and that is only because I haven't yet experimented with rigidly built ones. I refer the learned gentleman to the following two posts: I shall now duck down behind the parapet and watch the stones and arrows fly over ... David
  3. It’s very satisfying when you can make a model out of odd parts, and bits from the scrap box, that vaguely resembles a wagon. Somehow, I managed to end up with just the body parts of a Parkside mineral wagon kit and, as luck would have it, I found enough bits and pieces to make an underframe for it. I came up with some 3mm Evergreen channel for the sole bars, axlebox and spring mouldings rescued from the Dogfish kit, Buffers off a Hornby brake van, Comet W-irons and some Masokits 9’ brake gear parts. The basic construction was quite simple. As long as the wh
  4. Have you seen this thread? It looks like it ought to be useful to you. David
  5. Maybe you could train them to tidy up for you?
  6. Typography was obviously not the original signwriters strong point. David
  7. I can't answer that, but I'll bet he'd be wondering why he still can't buy a flying car.
  8. Those rear windows will be a bit of a challenge. No doubt, you already have a cunning plan? David
  9. This is what I use for cutting small holes in paper and thin styrene sheet. A small pair of dividers with one point (uppermost in the photo) stoned to form a sharp blade. It will cut holes from 4mm diameter up to about 80mm. If I have to cut thicker plastic card, I use it to score the outline and then break out the hole in segments. David
  10. He was must have been in a jolly mood, then ...
  11. John, please accept my apologies for making a hasty remark without thinking of the possible implications. I do have good grounds for making my statement, which I won't go into here, but I should have prefaced it with 'some'. Regards, David
  12. It’s amazing how easy it is to start an argument on a forum, even though it was not my intention. I really don’t know why I bother posting here sometimes. Perhaps, in future, I should spend my time doing something more useful. David
  13. Maybe 'difficult' was the wrong word. Let's call it 'expensive' or, in the case of small suppliers, 'near impossible' instead: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/161021-buying-and-selling-models-tofrom-europe/page/17/&tab=comments#comment-4308850
  14. Now that buying items from the UK has become so difficult I looked at a local German online shop to see if I could something of use, before stocks run out, and came up with this Hornby OTA. Normally, with these articulated wagon chassis, I would replace the wobbly bits with Bill Bedford sprung axle units. In this case, I thought it would be a shame to lose the axle box detail so I decided to have a go at ‘finescaling’ the original underframe. I cut off the axle guard detail from the metal axle units, with a piercing saw, and glued them onto the solebars and springs. Then I gr
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