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  1. A Class 37 at Wenford? I can just imagine the sleepers creaking under that lot! Good stuff. David
  2. Not the greatest advert for MRC catering, but excellent in every other respect! David
  3. Positive feedback is of great value to private sellers and buyers alike, and certainly plays an important part in my eBay buying decisions. I always leave feedback, for buyers and sellers, as a matter of common courtesy. I consider not leaving any as a sign of laziness and disregard for a sellers future sales prospects.
  4. I guess that photo is there to emphasise that Copenhagen Fields really is the ‘dog’s [email protected]’ when it comes to top layouts? David
  5. Maths was never my strong point, but I'm pretty sure the difference would only be 1mm.
  6. Give it another thirty pages or so.
  7. This thread's becoming more and more like a game of Chinese whispers! I wonder what topic you'll be discussing in on page 60?
  8. Correct. The axles still run in the rocking/rotating axle units, as Hornby intended, but the axle guards now remain static. David
  9. The new gearbox looks very good, but ... If I've understood correctly, the driven axle relies on the plastic muff revolving in holes in the brass block. My first thought is that it won't last very very long on a layout like Copenhagen Fields, or am I being overly pessimistic? David
  10. You might want to take another look at the title of this thread. To my great disappointment, it’s not about flowers!
  11. Wouldn't they be 10.5mm overall? David
  12. To my eyes it looks really good but, without a photo of an actual wagon for reference, it's impossible to say whether it is a good representation of reality. David
  13. Your 'Reputation' is 3.8k. It shows in a small button above your activity. If you click on it you'll see the exact number and a complete breakdown of 'likes', etc. in the left-side panel. David
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