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  1. Many years ago the late Dennis Allenden built a 4mm scale model of the Lanky 2-10-0, it was featured in "Model Railways". He used a Hormby 9F mechanism as the basis, the rest home brewed from nickel silver.
  2. Those of us of a certain age and from the Hull area will remember "A Day Trip to either Withernsea or Hornsea. Both have modelling potential, and being smaller Hornsea in particular.
  3. Very many thanks for the replys, I have the May 1967 Model Railway News.
  4. Can any one please tell me if and where drawings of the L&SWRly Jubilee 0-4-2 class of engine and tender have been published? I have all of the three model magazines from 1950 (and earlier) onwards. Many Thanks, Mick.
  5. Here is the signalling layout but compressed to one scan, hopefully of interest to someone.
  6. You can go on for ever "Ifing and Buting", it never happened so completely hypothetical. The nearest comparison is probably Beverley, the goods yard at Cherry Tree remained in use until the mid '80's. Mechanically worked points and semaphore signals remained to the end, though the traditional gates were replaced by barriers mid '60's. If of any use, I have drawings of the Hedon signalling and a few photo's.
  7. A bit more progress, the two Down Side gates are now nearing completion.
  8. Peter, thanks for your kind words. Yes they are "Home Brewed", 60th sq plastic etc, using original drawings. I have now cleaned up the iron work, weather permitting, I will rephotograph them Monday.
  9. GLR Kennions Ltd | Model Engineering Supplies Engineering Tools | Lathe | Milling Machine | Model Engineering | arceurotrade.co.uk See the above two sites for materials and lathe tools etc.
  10. Back in the summer of 1969, I decided I needed a lathe and after saving, I bought one, not a Unimat, but for the sake of this discussion near identical. Said lathe duly arrived and what was to be done? I had read in both the model railway press and the Model Engineer magazine. Whatever, and knowing little more than how to plug it in I decided to "Have a Go". Having nothing to hand I decided to experiment with sawn off 6in nails, and so my crude experiments continued. At the time I had no one to guide me, so I bought a book "Using the small lathe" by L C Mason and from it I learned a lot. This
  11. Evans O Donnel supplied equipment to South America. The finials are the same as the ones EoD supplied to the H&BRly from about 1897. This same design was perpetuated by S&F and later Westinghouse, the L&SWRly and the SRly also used them.
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