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  1. Michael, many thanks for your reply, IoM is a Dutton's frame. I have a few EoD pictures but not close ups of the locking escapement etc. The attached may be of interest.
  2. Michael, you are posting some very interesting photo's, among your collection do you please have any of EoD locking frames and gate wheels? Many Thanks,. Mick.
  3. John, I have taken a chance, probably cheaper then buying No1, that is if it could be found.
  4. Thanks, I will take a chance any a sub.
  5. Can someone who has bought a subscription please tell me the quality and definition of the various pages when printed out? Many Thanks, Mick.
  6. Gilbert's cover photo' is the second Railway Modeller of December 1949/January 1950, No1 came out in 1949 and not 1947 as stated. I have a full run except No1, which to date proves illusive.
  7. Rob, Driffield Depot signalbox is seen in your photo'. Opened c1874 when line converted to Block Working, reduced to a Gatebox c1909, finally abolished mid '60's. Of interest c1900 there was a special Bell Signal in use: " Is Line Clear for Horse Drawn shunt move."
  8. Michael, Rule 31 in the old black book covers the working of privately owned engines, not allowed unless authorised by the Operating Superintendent
  9. At Johnathan's request, something more simple.
  10. Here is Ryehill and Burstwick, the other end of the Hedon Single Line.
  11. Here are two real life single to double line layouts. both ex NERly Withernses Branch.
  12. I will stand corrected, but I'm unaware of the GPO actually owning the instruments, though certainly in Ireland they maintained instruments etc. Conversely in England at least one railway conveyed public messages on behalf of the GPO.
  13. Rumblestripe, the Black Art of mechanical locking, much like Brain Surgery, easy when you know how.
  14. Borchester Town was not Frank's first layout. Earlier work has been illustrated in MRJ and also in BRM specials etc.
  15. Frank, also did an in depth article on Borchester in a c1959 Model Railway News, some years later in the Model Railway Constructor he wrote a series of articles on his locomotives.
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