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  1. TBG ref to the greatest ever, my personal choice is Frank Dyer's Borchester Town, to me an inspiration. Years later I moved on, and for six years I had a wonderful train set, and full size. It's all in the mind, and each to his own, it's an hobby, and we all see things different.
  2. I'm pleased to hear all is well. I have many new pictures to show, I will post on here when a date is confirmed.
  3. Andy, we are OK, and I hope same with you. Depending on how things go, next talk Station Hotel, end of of May.
  4. Simon, it was the practice to stable Royal Trains in the Up Loop at Kirkella Cutting.
  5. Nick Freezer is still around and still modelling, he is involved with "The Model Railway Club", London.
  6. Years ago, I had an idea for a nice tidy work bench. The idea was to have a separate "Work board for each ongoing project and store them in a purpose made rack under a bench. The attached pictures will hopefully explain my idea, but as you can see my theory did not last long, and it was not long before organised chaos returned. Nevertheless the engine was completed as likewise the signal, which I think is now on "Sir's" layout.
  7. Look on this site, plenty of interesting stuff. oldpway Old Railway Permanent Way
  8. Gylberdyke as always been a Double Jct, it is now worked from York. Rail service to Saltend finished some years ago, I believe the connections have been severed/lifted etc.
  9. The late Willie Yeadon and I did two books on Hull's railways, you have the second one, for Political reasons, at the time, I left my name off the second book. Some years ago, I did make a start on a third volume. .
  10. N8, 9383 Dairycoates, 17 April 1947. E Bay buy, H C Casserley.
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