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  1. Ideally you want a copy of the signalbox "Special Operating Instructions" and also the relevant "Sectional Appendix". Try the Signal Record Society site.
  2. Russ, indeed scary, the wife and I are the same vintage as the couple in the photo', we celebrate our Golden Wedding this coming Saturday. Time fly's etc.
  3. The LNERly was to use a modern term "Strapped for Cash", and therefore "Make do and Mend" was the order of the day, as a result, signal bridges and brackets and indeed dolls could have any combination of arms, a practice continued by the NE Region. See attached picture for possibly the ultimate combination of arms, two H&BRly, 1 NERly and two B Rlys UQ's. Typically, I can't find the photo' of the actual signal with the three different arms, but attached my model of same.
  4. Here are the Barmby signalling and P Way layouts. The photo's above illustrates how the signalbox was later extended to accommodate the larger locking frame.
  5. Barmby signalbox H&BRly, and strictly speaking on the wrong side of the State Line.
  6. Dear Ian, further to our comments about errors, a common one is the presentation of an actual signal, for example the Direction signals at Springbank North are drawn as Balanced Brackets. In fact, and although they did not actually span the track they were constructed as "Bridges", see the attached photo'. To further confuse matters, a photo' of the Up Direction Distants exists, and this a 3 Doll balanced bracket.
  7. Dear Ian, here is one of the errors, the nomenclature is obviously wrong. The original book is one of several issued to the railway's officers, they are of high quality, leather bound and lettered with gold leaf. My copy was once the property of Mathew Stirling the Locomotive Superintendent/Engineer.
  8. LMS 4MT 43079, at Springbank South ex Boothferry Park.
  9. Looking through mid '50's magazines I saw ref to Jamison 4mm coach kits. I have never seen them, anyone please got further details or photo's Many Thanks, Mick.
  10. Ian, here is another one from the diagram book and containing a mistake, there is no knowledge of any H&BRly station having a footbridge
  11. Rob, I have the same print in my collection and which I'm pretty sure is credited and dated, but from memory c1955 sounds right.
  12. Ian, have you yet discovered the error on the Springbank North drawing?
  13. Ian, further to my earlier comment about drawings being wrong in my H&BRly Diagram book, here's a typical example, Springbank North, Hull.
  14. Known in Hull as Camels, here are a couple at King George Dock and seen in the final weeks of local steam working. Photo' Rev David Benson.
  15. Russ, the last Boom Gates in the area were at Brough and Melton, they were both replaced by Barriers a few years before the line was resignalled and all the 'boxes closed in November 2018. Yours, Mick.
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