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  1. A few pictures, may be of interest, I have many more.
  2. After several years of other things, I am now able to return to my own layout and hopefully bring into use the several models I have had in store. A couple of pictures of what is little more then a Mock Up of what I hope eventually to achieve, as always time will tell. Most of the track is just dropped into position, and as for the ballasting. "Could do Better and must do so.
  3. Tom, in to your piece of wood drill a shallow how approx 6mm or 1/4ins dia, this clears the boss on the wheel back and allows it to lay flat. Hold the wheel with your lefthand and work your drill with righthand. Remove wheel, tap 10BA and fit crankpin, secure with loctite, Araldite or as a last resort "Super Glue". Yours, Mick.
  4. It's a K's Bodyline kit from the '60's, an ex Midland 0-6-0T designed to fit the frames of the Hornby Dublo Southern R1.
  5. I don't have a F1 drawing but I do have numerous photo's.
  6. Malcolm, here's a Class A in original condition that I "Home Brewed" well over thirty years ago.
  7. For most of my cutting out and folding I use a "Olfa P 450 Cutter", I bought mine off E Bay for a couple of quid though they cam also be had from DIY shops etc. Saves hours of work, just deep scribe, fold and break off.
  8. Rob, many thanks for the kind words. Anyone else who attends, please introduce yourself, I don't bite and I am saving my annual bath for that afternoon.
  9. Carnegie Tuesday Talks Carnegie Centre, Anlaby Road, Hull. Tuesday 25th June 2019 7.00pm start A look at Hull's Railways - 1840 to present day with Mick Nicholson Admission Charge £2.50
  10. Speaking from experience, the Yardman would be in charge, and I the signalman basically worked to his instructions.
  11. To put another "Spanner in the Works" there is evidence that in H&BRly practice The Top Arm of "Stacked Signal" ie and for example 4 and 42 in the Alexandra Dock drawing did not as per modern practice read to the most lefthand route. Though a passenger station existed there was no Booked Traffic, the only trains being those for Immigrants Hull to Liverpool etc.
  12. Rich, the earliest pictures I have date from the 50's. The signalbox was replaced in 1910 when at the same time the entire layout was altered, further alterations were carried out in 1924 when the frame was extended. A new lovking frame was installed in 1958 and again there were alterations. Station Master, the diagram book contains in all seventy two drawings, and I know for fact several contain errors. Best Wishes, Mick.
  13. Pictures of Albert are as rare as early views of the railway, but here he is, probably taken in his later years in "The Rovers".
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