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  1. Here you go. Lymington branch just down the road from home. Redbridge and a nice wet day for spraying weeds both loco's seen at Hamworthy. Cheers Peter.
  2. Hi Ian, Good luck with this one. What number are you doing I might have a few pics. I am currently working on a railfreight one just ordered numbers from railtec. Cheers Peter.
  3. Happy birthday for the other day Andy. Found a pic I took when working the groundframe at EH depot. Sort of reminded me of your Crompton line up the other day. Cheers Peter.
  4. I finished my cassettes the other week. I've been a bit slack in taking a few pics.
  5. Hi Daz, Good to see you back on here look forwards to the new build. Cheers Peter.
  6. Llanbourne arrivals. 47636 arrives on a train from Euston. 45141 arrives on a trans Pennine service from Holyhead.
  7. Yep roof mod on the Peak. I am pretty sure you can swap the class 25 bodies. If not I am pretty sure the boiler is a push fit separate part as I removed one from one of my Bachmann rats. You could then make your 25/2 a 25/9. Cheers Peter.
  8. 33010 passes the carriage sidings and oil terminal on a service from Bangor.
  9. Hi Scott, I am liking the videos the layout is looking really good. I like Paul's idea of worksite, you could also do a Network rail depot, it would have similar building materials plus you could have troughing old/new signals etc. like the old S&T yards. the old fuel point could be used for wagon repairs and fueling track machines etc. I asked my brother about the blue cabin. He said maybe weigh bridge cabin which just has sensors on the track. Cheers Peter.
  10. I would like a few more pics too. Is there a cut off as to when I need to order by. Cheers Peter.
  11. Hi Ian, Well done on getting into the mag. I am enjoying the influx of Cromptons 33008 is really looking good and the blue machines should look really good when they get weathered up. Cheers Peter.
  12. Thanks Nick, I am on Facebook. but hadn't seen it. Looks like I will have to order one. I would still like a few pics of the blue loco though. Please. Cheers Peter.
  13. No worries Andy, A Large Logo 37 wont look out of place with the class 33s there were quite a few 37s around Eastleigh during the 90s. First pic was taken at Northam the second shot St Denys. I did tke plenty off Campbell Road though. Cheers Peter.
  14. Hi Andy great to see the layout will be staying. Looks like a change in stock is happening. I remember seeing 37116 about the Eastleigh area back in the day so you could remember your 37081 rather than change it. I think 33035 will look nice with some light weathering. I don't remember seeing too dirty. Cheers Peter.
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