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  1. No worries Joel, I haven't had any trouble with mounting them on the bogies. My friend mounts his on the chassis and he is happy with that method. It depends on how sharp your curves are too. Experiment with both and see what works for you. The PTA is a shorter wagon so mounting on the chassis might be worth a try. All my couplers are mounted at the correct height using the Kadee height gauge. The 2nd and 3rd pic so a cheap rip of version of the Kadee number 5. I pick up a packet cheap and thought I would give them a try but 99% of my couplers are Kadee's. of various types. Cheers Peter.
  2. Finally found time to take a few pics of the way I mount kadee's. Hornby, lima , Dapol, Bachmann. Cheers Peter.
  3. Thanks Joel, I will sort a few pics for you. Cheers Peter.
  4. Thanks Will, I really need to get my signals working but most would have to be rebuilt, so it will be a while off yet. Cheers Peter.
  5. Thanks Neil, Still plenty to do, bit cold out there tonight though. Cheers Peter.
  6. Ha ha it's not working yet but it does look great. Only taken me six months to plonk it on the layout. You might need to talk to John. He's pretty keen on getting a banner repeater built for his layout. Will text you during the week. Cheers Peter.
  7. It's worth asking he is a nice bloke.
  8. I have been replacing the old points in plat4 and the freight loop. I had to move the kadee uncoupler but it's all wired up and running again. Now I am thinking of having the points worked by clamplock point motors but still having the older disc style ground signals. Any thoughts. Oh and I put in a banner repeater. A friend made for has layout but has given it to me. Cheers Peter.
  9. Hi Alex, I has been a while hasn't it. Hope you are well. Still plodding along with the layout, and a few items of stock have appeared in the last few years. Still plenty to do. Cheers Peter.
  10. Thanks Andy, some things can take years believe me. The only reason this is happening is because I had to replace a the point so thought while I was at it I would add the trap point, moving the signal is your failt. lol but I had the ballast and glue out so thought do it. Cheers Peter.
  11. Is this about all the foaming on the blue you painted the class 25. I see there was quite a bit of chat on the subject and not just the colour. Cheers Peter.
  12. Thanks Steve I will look into them, Cheers Peter.
  13. Well it's not the sharpest pic so easy done.
  14. Thanks John, There is a ground signal top centre of the pic. My thinking is that there one signal for the two sidings being as the point above the trap point is a hand point, if you see my point. lol Cheers Peter.
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