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  1. Hi, Just been catching up, the layout is looking great. Nice to see some stock on the layout and getting a run. Cheers Peter.
  2. No worries, I agree it's not the best set up, not helped by the centre wheel sitting lower than the others. though worse on the 37s. Cheers Peter.
  3. Hi Dave, As always nice to see a few pics. I am glad you got your 47s running better but I notice the front bogie on 47715 looks a bit low on the inner end. It is possible that its not clipped in properly. I have noticed having taken a few apart the when clipping the bogie frame back on it can slip to one side a bit. it will clip back in but not sit quite right. I normally attach at the inner end then clip the front in second. Well done on 4,000 posts. All the best Peter.
  4. Hi Will, We are all good here. Lockdown here isn't as bad as in the UK. From memory the pick ups on the Vitrains 37 are not the best set up so making your own would have certainly helped. The class 90 could certainly be dragged onto the layout maybe on its way to an open day or from have been in works. Cheers Peter.
  5. Hi Jez , Hows it going? Yep remember the white horse. Can't find a pic at the moment but I know I have a couple. There were a few 33s with cats too. Cheers Peter.
  6. Those railtec transfers do look good. I did my loco a few years back now so hand painted the sheep. Also note the C under the number which I also did. Anyone know what the C was for? Canton? Coal?
  7. Hi Will, Glad you got the TTS in the class 60 working, and the pick ups in the 37 sorted. Is the class 90 going to be used on this layout or another project? Cheers Peter.
  8. Thanks Rich, It is a Sheep. Some of Cardiff Cantons 37s had it painted on during the mid 80s. Cheers Peter.
  9. Some class 37 action at Llanbourne.
  10. Thanks david, not sure we get klear here but i have varnish. Cheers Peter.
  11. Hi David, some more cracking stock. 37425 is my favorite. I am doing 37423 but having trouble finding nameplates. Also do you varnish the body before adding the transfers? I ask because the Heljan finish does have a gloss finish. Cheers Peter.
  12. Thanks Al, I have been in touch with Steve Beattie and no luck. Looks like good old build from scratch. I can take some measurements from my 00 gauge Heljan model and see how i go. Cheers Peter.
  13. Ok I thought as the JLTRT now MM1 aren't available you might be doing it from scratch. Cheers Peter.
  14. The class 26/0 looks an interesting project, I will be looking to see how you do the underframe tanks as I need to do them on my 26/1. Cheers Peter.
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