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  1. Here you go, it does look quite clean. You should be able to find some discs easy enough.
  2. Thanks Rick, Our lockdown is pretty much over now but we are still wearing masks. No cases in 15 days, it looks a lot worse over your way so hope you are staying safe yourself. Just had a quick look at what you have been up to. The platforms look great. The layout is certainly coming together. I guess having a deadline for a show keeps you at it.
  3. Hi Stu, the layout and recent additions are looking great. I am sure i have a pic of 31117 somewhere I will dig it out. Cheers Peter.
  4. The second pics shows a colourful Trans Pennine rake with Scotrail intercity and trans peninne coaches together. Some years back someone on another thread posted a pic showing this combination at Manchester vic so rhought I would model it.
  5. 08733 numbered up driver fitted and back in one piece. Weathering next.
  6. A few pics from a running session. First tome since April. 20121 and 20169 sit in the holding siding afternbringing in a tain from Stoke. 25059 has replaced a class 33 at Crewe and is seen leaving Llanbourne on its way to Bangor.
  7. Look forwards to seeing how you weather this one up. Cheers Peter.
  8. Railtec transfers added and one side weathered today. Cheers Peter
  9. A couple of new additions to the Llanbourne coaching stock fleet. A blue grey NEX and a Scotrail NEA. Both coaches have been lowered as the Bachmann MK1 s that run on B4 bogies sit a bit higher than the others, also end steps have been removed along with the roof and end handrails which have been replaced with handrails to suit these coaches as they were running with in the mid 80s.
  10. Morning Ian, The new Camera seems to be working well the picture and sound quality seems better too. I notice you use enamel and acrylic paints together, what do you use to thin the Acrylic and what do you normally use when spraying? Cheers Peter.
  11. Hi Andy, No 73 but another class 26 and maybe a class 27 when they come out. Cheers Peter.
  12. Slow progress on the OBA but it's getting there.
  13. Hi Guys, Hope you don't mind but a few pics for you. Class 33s did work down to Fawley a bit and the Holybourne service was booked for a class 47 but 33s did turn up. later on the class 37s were common too. Cheers Peter.
  14. Thats Good, Banko rings a bell can't say I knew him though. Cheers Peter.
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