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  1. That looks pretty good to me Al. Cheers Peter.
  2. It does but I still think it has a green tint. I looked at a few on Paul Bartlett's site some look more green that others, some look more grey. Anyway just thought the pic might help. Cheers Peter.
  3. Hi Al, I remember seeing them in green when I worked at Eastleigh. I found a pic of one in John Dedman's Wagon book. Cheers Peter.
  4. Thanks Lee, Nice work on the class 26 too. I have a blue one that I need to repaint and detail at some point. Cheers Peter.
  5. Thanks Keefer, both threads were very useful. Cheers Peter.
  6. Looking for information on the MK2 s that were used in the Edinburgh - Glasgow push pull sets that were air braked and fitted with disc brakes. I am planning on doing one that ended up in Trans-Pennine livery so any pic would be great. Cheers Peter.
  7. Sorry for highjacking the thread, but that's a top looking B61. I always liked the Westcoast Railways livery. Cheers Peter.
  8. Hi Lee, Nice work on the class 47 you have really captured the run down look. Anymore pics of the layout? i need to build a small shed for mine yours looks great. Cheers Peter.
  9. No worries Gareth, I will try later in the week. Cheers Peter.
  10. Anyone know of another way to get these wagons. I can't seem to order through Trains4u or contact them to find out why. Cheers Peter.
  11. Hi Andy, Sorry to see that this will be the end for Severn Mills but I have to say I could see it coming as you do love building layouts. You will get a decent run for oo in that shed are you thinking roundy roundy. Also if you don't have a buyer for your 37081 let me know. Cheers Peter.
  12. That's right, I have been running it like that with the thought that I would paint it one day, now that I have done the other one it's going to get done along with two RR livery mk2s. Cheers Peter.
  13. I was given this NEA a few years back it was missing some buffers wheels and a battery box on one side. I finally got round to fixing it up and thought I would paint the lower bodyside the correct shade. One of the Trans- Pennine NEAs has the marking so I added them.
  14. Hi John, Just having a bit of a catch up. You are certainly cracking on the layout is really coming together and looking good too. I have a heap of Darrell Taylors kit built wagons that I am selling if you need anything. Cheers Peter.
  15. Thanks Kevin, I will certainly let you know if and when we do come over, it would be good to catch up. Cheers Peter.
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