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  1. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    Just a bit of work on my class 08. Dapol has missed the air tank under the cab steps on one side and another smaller tank on the other side. Cheers Peter.
  2. Hi Ian, happy New year to you. Bushfires are in East Gippsland which is about 4 hours drive away so we are ok on the Mornington peninsula but we had a lot of smoke haze. We are in a fire risk area though but have been lucky so far. It is possible we might get over later in the year but have a bit going on at the moment as leannes mum pasted away late November and we have a bit to sort out. Cheers Peter.
  3. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    Thanks, Alex of Cavalex Models does them you tell him what number you want and he does them, you get a few spares in case you balls it up but get on better with rub on than waterslide plus no carrier film to try and hide. Cheers Peter
  4. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    Two locos now have their numbers both done using DRD rub transfers. 20223 was chosen as I had haulage on it back in 1986 from Haymarket to Edinburgh on a failed DMU. 25313 was one of the few class 25s i took a picture of and it was one of the last to survive into 1987. Cheers Peter.
  5. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    A little bit of work done on a few locos just before Christmas. And today while listening to the boxing day test. First up I removed some unwanted moldings from the Heljan class 37s bogies and added a Speedo cable and brake cylinder wires on the older model. I also painted the wire conduit on my Dapol class 08 as it looked too light I also painted the lights blue. Cheers Peter.
  6. Merry Christmas to all the followers on this thread. Thanks for all your input and help during the year although it's been a bit quite but I am still doing bits and pieces on the layout. All the best Peter.
  7. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    Hi Rob, I am really happy with the trackplan now just need time to crack on with it. The class 37 is a beast I already have an early release split box loco thats in bits and will need some work. Current plan is the split box loco will be Motherwell based 37322 i just need to find out if Railtec do the Salmon transfers. I did notice you had started in 7mm i will be following your progress too. Cheers Peter.
  8. P.C.M

    Holmes Road.

    So this arrived last week, It will be 37427 I just need to source transfers and nameplate. Cheers Peter.
  9. Hi Scott, Layout is coming along well and nice to see some new stock. Glad to hear things are getting better on the personal side of things too. All the best Cheers Peter.
  10. Some very tidy wiring, and good to see some loco's up and running. Your making some good progress. Cheers Peter.
  11. Well I do like a beer. But this you can have I will pop it in the post for you if you want.
  12. This one will cost you it's pro weathered. Lol
  13. No worries Jeff, I will have a look in the old spares box. Cheers Peter.
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