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  1. So some good old fashioned modelling then plenty of cut and shut. Should be good when it's done best of luck. Will it fit on the Heljan chassis ok? Cheers Peter.
  2. Whats the plan Ian, change the cabs on the Heljan and do a compete MM1 model? One in triple grey? Cheers Peter.
  3. Hi Andy, I am enjoying the new layout build its looking great. the Locos parked up by the station certainly has that Eastleigh vibe. I don't mind the Colas livery and really quite like the class 70s they sound quite good and just look powerful. Cheers Peter.
  4. Good too see the layout up and running again. The timetable running certainly adds to the interest. Which brings me to a couple of questions. I thought the van trains went to Crewe or redbank not Bletchley.I think he Humber oil train was petroleum coke carried in hopper wagons. my freight book says loaded to Holyhead. Cheers Peter.
  5. Let me know if you ever decide to go the MM1 route I might be interested in the body if you want to sell it. Cheers Peter.
  6. Hi John, I think the class 20 is the worst re taking the body off my 37 25 and 45 were all ok. Cheers Peter.
  7. Hi Ian, I remember you having a problem. Is the cab not fixable. Certainly agree the MM1 has a better shape. I was thinking of getting one to do a dummy to run with my other two but I am worried they would look too different. Cheers Peter.
  8. Thats another problem, getting into the cab isn't easy either. you have to lever out the front windows which allows you to get to the screws on the bulkhead. You can then slide up the cab. Just remember once a driver is in place it will make it harder to replace the screws in the bulkhead when replacing the cab. Cheers Peer.
  9. It's been a long time coming but 20059 is finally back together. These things are an absolute nightmare to get the body back on. I still haven't run it yet so I am hoping I haven't crushed any wires. Anyway I am happy with how it looks. Cheers Peter.
  10. Fresh off the workbench today is CD allocated 47455.
  11. I was asked for some info on my old Hornby and lima mk2s. I thought I would share the pics here. I find a painted interior and flush windows really helps these coaches look a bit Better.
  12. Good memories. I only cabbed a few loco's as a young bloke. A class 73 is one I remember. Different story once I started on the railway in and out of loco's all the time as a shunter. Cheers Peter.
  13. Ha ha fair enough. It's not like your running out of things to do.
  14. Hi John, you are making some good progress. I had never heard of a Barry slip but think I saw one in Woking yard back in the day. It took me a while to work it out. I found this the other day. Yours if you want them. Cheers Peter.
  15. Thanks I was going for a cross between Llandudno and Holyhead. Cheers Peter.
  16. Good to hear your still enjoying your S&C Llayout. Sorry the oo gauge isn't going to plan I sure you will come up with something a new model just might inspire you to crack on. Cheers peter
  17. Just had a read through your thread. nice looking layout with some great stock loving the 97s done a few myself. Cheers Peter.
  18. Thanks Dave, this is an older Bachmann model which had its faults. My mate did this one for me as a gift. He has added extra pipework detail which varied between the different loco's. I improved his weathering job from copying pictures of the real thing. I think it captures the look of the real one quite well. 47492 has been on my to do list for quite some time the loco had been sat under the layout in bits for a few years. All the best Peter.
  19. 97405 ex 40060 has only a few months left in service. Seen here waiting for its next duty on llanbourne shed.
  20. Thanks Rick. I will do that. Cheers Peter.
  21. Thanks Paul,It does remind me of those books now you mention it. I still have a locoshed and some platform 5 books. I remember when I was quite young looking at the pictures and hoping that one day I would be able to get round the sheds and cope some new loco's. Cheers Peter.
  22. Hi Alan. Thanks, I used to do it more often but recently been a bit slack and just posting pics with little info. I've not seen any updates on your thread recently are you still doing any modelling? Cheers Peter.
  23. By 1986 40060 has been renumbered 97405 and spent most of it time pottering around the North West on ballast workings. The next few pics show 97405 having a busy couple of days on some revenue workings. 97405 was on hand at llanbourne to pick up a failed MOD working. Which it brought back to llanbourne where another loco worked it forwards. 97405 spent the rest of the day on shed. The next morning 47492 was low on fuel when it arrived on the Manchester- Bangor Vans, so 97405 was used for the out and back run to Bangor.
  24. Hi Paul, thanks for that I need to do an order with Modelu so will have a look. Cheers Peter.
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