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  1. We had to prepare plans for both semi-finals as well as the final itself. Our unbuilt semi-final layout would have been on the theme of Myths and Legends and our plan was to create a derelict theme park set around the theme. We would have had the park's own railway running with western style stock around some run down fun fair rides, an edible gingerbread house, an animated jack and the beanstalk and a loading challenge featuring us loading a standard gauge wagon onto a narrow gauge truck and transporting it on a stretch of 009 track. Our final layout idea was to do magic tricks with the trains! This would have included a magical train that changed from a steam engine to a diesel in a very short tunnel, Find the Lady with 3 identical short trains disappearing into tunnels and reappearing at random points in the layout and a card trick with the reveal being transported from the other end of the 3 layouts. We very much enjoyed our time on the show and would go back in a heartbeat. We've also had fun exhibiting our layouts - we're at Mansfield model railway exhibition this coming weekend and were at Newark last weekend and had lots of interest from children and adults alike. We're open to further exhibition invitations for our heat layout, but intend to retire our semi-final layout as it's not really up to the rigours of exhibiting and has limited operational interest.
  2. Just an update on this, as I had an email from the production company last week. There's currently no firm plans for a 3rd series of GMRC, but discussions are ongoing. Fingers crossed...
  3. The problem is that they edit and quality control the programs on calibrated monitors viewing at close range in a darkened viewing area. Translate that to a typical TV, probably not calibrated, with all the processing switched on and viewed at a more typical distance and things get trickier. It's the same with sound tracks. They sound fine on a decent system, but squeezed through the speakers you get on current TVs and the vocal clarity goes out the window.
  4. The flyer was at Warley - on the winner's layout stand. They are always on the lookout for new and interesting teams. I would imagine that they don't get quite as many suitable teams as you might think. Finding a bunch of people who are a: available for anything up to 10 days in a 1 month period, b: happy to appear and confident on TV and c: good speed modellers is quite hard! If you are interested, have a look at our website - as this gives you some idea of what you might face. Then, drop an email to knickerbocker and see if they respond It is a fun experience, but it is stressful and tiring, so make sure your team are fit and ready for anything...
  5. I've seen a few flyers inviting competitors for a 2020 series, but nothing more.
  6. We now have 3 shows confirmed for 2020. 29 Feb - 1 Mar Lincs MRS @ Newark Showground - Semi-final layout 7-8 March Mansfield Railway Show - Semi-final layout 4-5 April Bingham MRS @ Cotgrave Miner's Welfare - Heat layout The layouts are still on display at Rocket Railways and can be viewed most Mondays and Fridays, 9-5. Further info on our website - www.mgnr.uk
  7. ...And as the team from Grantham, it's caused quite a few misunderstandings!! You can tell we were there as late entries as otherwise I think they might have put us in seperate heats.
  8. As a team captain in SF2, please give it a go, as there's real railway modelling from all 3 teams and much less fantasy. In fact in the final there's plenty of transferable skills and Whose Counting Rivets in particular produced a really good "traditional" layout with some really fun animations and effects to boot.
  9. This was how we stored our layouts prior to splitting them... The layouts survived very well with minimal damage. We've now split them and have almost finished rewiring the animations and all the track is operational. Getting them into the van in 1 piece at Fawley was "interesting"! Many thanks to the other teams and TV crew who all lent a hand. Getting them back out was a lot easier, as we had a forklift and expert operator who extracted them in a few minutes. The layouts we then put onto some old stage decks with 7' legs. A bit of bracing and we had some nice storage that was out of the way of idle hands until we had located a permanent home for them.
  10. Ahem... As the highest scoring runner up team - scoring more than the 2nd place team in Semi-final 1, we wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion I do however think the linking thing is a good idea though, as it forces you to think about the bigger picture during planning for the whole competition. WCR in particular managed to link their layouts together very successfully from a design point of view and in my opinion, this should have got them extra marks. Personally more flexibility in terms of layout size and gauge would add interest. The whole "We need to send the camera train around" thing is something of a red herring, as it could easily be adapted to larger scales and the current use of the mini-jib for the smaller scales would still give plenty of interest. As we have a couple of modellers who like O Gauge and larger, I think we could create something pretty cool given a bit of flexibility around the size and shape.
  11. From our team's perspective, Chris's wonky chimney, Phil's banana rolling stock protection device and Jonny killing the alien! We very much enjoyed seeing our layouts in various trailers and the kind comments from Steve and Kathy, particularly our heat layout.
  12. They probably weren't in stock. Hornby in particular had quite poor stock levels for some items. We found the choice of locos quite limited, but rolling stock was generally better.
  13. I think a better Bake Off analogy would be if you had planned and practised your 3 hour showstopper to be emailed on the way to the tent to be told you now only had 2 hours... The production team would have had a fair idea just how long the layout filming was likely to take, based upon previous rounds and previous years, so I guess it was a tough call to have to allow another 3-4 hours for this and would have been based on discussions with Senior Camera Bloke Sig, the mini cam guys and the senior lighting rigger. I would image that they would also have had a deadline to get out of Fawley and there was obviously a lot more rigging put in for the final as well, with lighting trusses to strike along with the rest of the kit. WCR, Sorry to see the damage to your layout. Did it come apart at the joint while it was being dragged out? I amazed at how well ours survived being moved. We managed to get both of them into the back of a Sprinter in one piece by reinforcing them across the joins and then putting the first one in, lifting it up and screwing it to the legs - positioned on the outside of the layout. Once that little trick was achieved, we slid the 2nd layout in underneath, lifting it onto the wheel arches and screwing it to the legs. When we came to remove them at the unit we stored them in, they were still in really good condition, requiring minimal work to split them back into 3 boards and subsequently reassemble them. Hopefully yours can equally be repaired.
  14. In both our heat and semi, we were short of members due to availability. In the heat neither Helen or Lucy were there on day 1 and Lucy was also absent on day 1 of the semi. Being 16, she was also limited to 8 hours on set, so wasn't there for the final golden hours each day. It is a handicap, but a self imposed one!!
  15. We exhibited our layouts at a local open day yesterday. It all went pretty well and we got to understand how to present the layouts and what guests like to see. We've got a few bits to finish off, but operationally both layouts behaved themselves. We have a couple of dates in the diary for next year but would welcome invitations to other shows. Please just have a look at our website
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