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  1. Here is a scan of the symbol from my Corporate Identity Manual for those who would wish to do a comparison. Scan_20210924.pdf
  2. I love the way that some that some folk are disparaging of social media on an internet forum that other people can see on this medium that is social.
  3. Shouldn't this in be Wanted, or are you expecting some free ones?
  4. I got rid of a lot of "stuff" at a local car boot sale. Odds and ends went during the day until I flogged the box and remaining contents for forty quid. I was happy to get rid of stuff that I simply was not going touse and didn't have the time to experiment with it.
  5. You need you to help you. Put yourself at the top of the list. It's what I do when necessary.
  6. I believe the Cowans cranes had solid jibs, so was the Wigan crane a Ransomes?
  7. Finally, I have finished my 1/16 Bandai Garrett road roller. Bespoke transfers on the roof boards done by Steve at Railtec Transfers. M.E. Guerri was my mother in law, so Jen is a very happy bunny - many brownie points obtained.
  8. Finally I have got the thing together. It has been on the back burner for a while, but a final push over the last week or so has brought it to fruition. Bespoke transfers done by Steve at Railtec Transfers. M.E. Guerri was my mother in law, so Jen is a very happy bunny - many brownie points obtained.
  9. From Wikipedia: A separate company, Ribble Rail, handles the freight traffic that uses the dock lines. Ribble Rail takes over from the Colas Rail locomotive, and carries the load – Bitumen – down to the Total plant near the Preston Riverside station. A Colas Rail-operated train arrives at the riverside sidings near Strand Road Crossing with loaded oil tanks. The locomotive uncouples, runs round and takes the empty wagons. This process occurs very early in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From here Ribble Rail shunts these wagons to the siding serving the nearby Total bitumen plant. After unloading, Ribble Rail returns the wagons to the riverside sidings for pick-up.
  10. The very end of the line at Fishguard Harbour North Breakwater taken on an iphone in September 2017. Had to dig the dirt off a chair.
  11. The thing about the Conwy Valley Line is that it is in a valley and therefore follows the river. The most recent closure was to try and carry out works to try to prevent frequent closures due to more frequent extreme weather events. https://www.networkrail.co.uk/news/additional-work-to-conwy-valley-line-aims-to-prevent-long-closures-due-to-railway-wash-out/ Maybe something similar is planned for the Island Line to prevent the conductor rail from boiling flood water.
  12. How about doing the search the other way round from the National Archive? https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/browse/r/r/C11107
  13. I'm not saying the minor extension of top contact conductor rail shouldn't happen, just that it probably won't because of legal matters.
  14. I doubt that any 3rd rail top contact systems will be allowed because they are against the Electricity at Work Regulations with bare live conductors being at ground level.
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