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  1. That's a shame, I was quite looking forward to having one of those kicking about on a layout that I have yet to build
  2. I thought waders were supposed to reach above the bottom? Anyway, you would not want have been standing in it when the oil separator in Gateshead Depot got inundated. The first sign that a valve had been closed in error was when the Tyne turned pink with neat diesel oil.
  3. Not a workers train, but a very silly story. I was doing my training at Kingmoor and living at Brierfield. On the Friday 8th November 1974 the breakdown team were called out to Appleby because 25203 had split a 3 way point. I went with the train (hauled by 25204) with my suitcase because it being a Friday I needed to get back home. After the loco was rerailed, arrangements needed to be made to get the breakdown train back to Kingmoor. This involved talking to the signalman at Appleby, and I was taken along to see if he could arrange a trip for me to Blackburn. It just so happened t
  4. So I assume that it has reversed onto the track.
  5. In terms of main lines vs cross country, my son had an interesting choice at Newcastle one day. He'd been to Berwick and was returning to Oxford when he was a student and still using his priv, so had a date filled in that meant that he could go anywhere he wanted. Standing at Newcastle station, he noticed that there was a cross country direct to Oxford and a GNER to Kings Cross setting out about the same time. He chose the GNER to King Cross, Circle Line to Paddington and an express to Oxford. As he was walking on the footbridge at Oxford, the cross country voyager dre
  6. I assume that you have not paid for one?
  7. I think this lack of travel demonstrates just how pointless a lot of it was. We seem to have been gadding about "adding value" when all we've been doing is adding cost. When it boils down to it, all we need is warmth, food, water and shelter. The rest of it is "added value", however we seem to be achieving things without the travel, the main thing that worries me is not the lack of travel, but the lack of venues where artists, musicians, dancers, comedians can ply their trade and earn a living.
  8. Ah, right. Having read the thread in the MERG Forum, I see what you mean. It would appear that there isn't a kit for it because those who have developed their versions haven't given the Kitmaster enough info. Reading the thread and the wiki, it seems that you have to buy your own bits and build it without instructions! That is not something that I would begin to contemplate.
  9. Ha! Best laid plans and all that. The weather here has been superb, so we got the garden tidied. Managed to get a few components fastened together, but nowhere near what I wanted to do. Anyway, might get a bit of tidying up on the paint front tomorrow on the rollers, and maybe start on a few other bits and bobs.
  10. Frank, There is something about unpainted brass and whitemetal models. Yours not only shows excellent construction techniques but is such an elegant loco that it looks like a thing of beauty. It almost seems a shame that it will be painted.
  11. At a few quid a pop, I'll keep stirring with a cocktail stick for tinlets or lolly sticks for bigger tins. Only takes 5 minutes or so. I have some really old paints (because I'm really old.) and some of the tinlets that I have had for 35 years still work. I take the point that cacked up lids and rims van be a challenge, but not half as much as enamel paints with screw top jars. The only enamel screw top jars that date from 8 to 12 years ago that I can open are the ones where I applied cling film over the top before screwing the lid on. Those without cling film cannot be opened a
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