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  1. Thank goodness nobody has to build a detailed model of the frame in the locking room.
  2. I was only being flippant. I didn't expect the COVID Police to turn up.
  3. Sod the name of the ship. I want to know the name of the on board cook so that I can confirm that the crew won't starve to death en route, thereby delaying the arrival of my GT3 bought with my hard earned money.
  4. When working for BR we were given the job of infilling a road over rail bridge which led to a sawmill at Kings Cliffe, and the weight restriction on the bridge was giving the company some delivery difficulties. The only way to remove the weight limit was to earth up either side of the bridge, drill holes through the bridge deck and fill the void with concrete. If anybody wishes to extend the Nene Valley Railway much further west , there will be a heck of a breakthrough to organise
  5. Just arrived today on NR's intranet. Can't include the photos or video which showed the trial push.. Pioneering engineering 12-Jan-2021 09:50 11,000 tonne tunnel to be installed on the railway in first for UK engineering (video) 12/01/2021 09:50 Image Caption Guide tunnel installed on site Page Content A massive 11,000 tonne curved concrete box – which weighs more than the Eiffel Tower – is to be pushed under the East Coast Main Line in a first for UK engineering. Hundreds of hours of passenger disruption to be avoided by industry-
  6. If a road over rail bridge is filled in, it makes it more difficult for local dog walkers and mountain bikers who may have got used to using the old track bed. They will have to go up and over instead of a guzunder.
  7. I get the message "Tony Wright cannot receive messages." I would guess that your popularity has lead to your Inbox being full. No rush, I am a looooong way from replacing any BR1 bogies with Commonwealth, so if you don't mind storing them for a little while........
  8. Now, if you happen to have any Commonwealth bogies going spare, I feel a CRUK contribution coming on (hint, hint)
  9. I'm happy to see images of models with the background "disappeared" because I have plenty of my own photos of layouts taken at exhibitions with background clutter. With regard to magazines, one of my pet hates is text written on the photo rendering the text virtually illegible without a strong light, absolutely no use to me where I usually read model railway magazines.
  10. I take it you haven't dispensed any of your cash with KR Models?
  11. I assume that you would rather have Signalling staff risk life and limb and Network Rail risk prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act Working at Height Regulations in order to preserve the aesthetics of a railway built in the Victorian era when life was cheap?
  12. Why does it need to be clear? Anything that isn't flammable or toxic or difficult to remove will do. I'm sure that if the owners thought it worthwhile, they would have done something like this which has been around for years. https://www.graffiti-guard.net/en/graffiti-protection.html
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