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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tony_daly_ireland/albums/72157622783798153/
  2. Yes, another version with better baseboards and no Peco track on them either.
  3. I will not be entering largely because I have no more photographs, and I dismantled the layout because the baseboard was not sufficiently robust.
  4. Some time ago, I attempted to build a diesel depot next to a main line. The depot entrance was via a trailing point that meant that every loco had to enter the depot via a headshunt, so that of course got dirty. the track leading to the headshunt had a trail of oil deposits whilst the mainline was relatively clean, except for the place where locos had to wait before entering or leaving the depot. Will this do?
  5. This sounds similar to the events that led to the Ladbrook Grove crash except in those days, nothing stopped a train after passing a red signal. It would appear that the driver missed the red and didn't appreciate why the train stopped.
  6. Electronics over and done with for the moment, on with tracklaying which will involve point building which fills me with dread. If it is anything like my electronic know how, I'll have to build about 3 points to get one successful one.
  7. If there is a failing on Network Rail's part, I would suggest that there is not enough consultation between the user and the Level Crossing Manager.
  8. But we don't know, do we? We've got one side of the story from a bloke who got annoyed and had a rant to his phone and posted it on social media.
  9. Next door to an 11kV / 415V transformer. 400V nowadays.
  10. He also said that the phones were put in 5 or 6 years ago. If he can't remember when the phones went in, is there perhaps a chance he may well be misremembering what he was told? Also has everybody been doing it wrongly in all that time? I reckon that there is more to this that meets the eye. There are a number of farmers have commented on the original Facebook page, some think the railways should be closed, some think the farmer should get a grip.
  11. Each level crossing has its own instructions dependent on the type. The instructions are written down. At least once a year the Level Crossing Manager should give or send the user a copy of those instructions and should get written confirmation that the user has understood the instructions and will work to them. I would guess that this particular crossing is on private land, so there will be no public interface, so the above paragraph should apply, but for some reason communications seem to have broken down. I should have thought that there should be some record of the formal process which would not include the signaller telling the user where he is. The fact that the farmer has been there as the user for some considerable time, I find it strange that comms have failed, hence my comment about the Level Crossing Manager paying the user a visit,if only to remind him of the correct procedure. The user should have no difficulty remembering the name of the location, and I'm with the signallers on this forum. If the user wants to sit there, that is up to the user.
  12. There is a load of information on level crossings from Network Rail's perspective on their website: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/communities/safety-in-the-community/level-crossing-safety/
  13. I'm sure the Level Crossing Manager will pay the user a visit and smooth things over.
  14. I'm afraid I have no idea where I took it, I hardly remember being on the Isle of Wight.
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