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  1. Whole life costing is important, so time will tell, not counting the costs incurred through poor planning.
  2. It is looking like Class 37 + 4 are doing Cardiff to Rhymney from May for quite some time, so no rush to see them.............
  3. I'm merely pointing out out to you that there are polite ways of asking questions, and you don't appear to be demonstrating them.
  4. My mum told me ages that if you've nothing nice to say, say nothing.
  5. I didn't actually leak anything other than the subjects under discussion. I'm quite happy to share the whole text next Monday if I remember. Looks like Colin beat me to it............
  6. Can I refer you to my previous posts about common decency?
  7. I seem to recall Geoff telling me that he drew the centre axle ever so slightly higher than the other two on a six coupled chassis to avoid the rocking on centre drivers.
  8. It has a steering wheel nicked from an Allegro.
  9. The newsletter discusses the window to the side of the cab, the nose, bogies and the cab Interior and finishes with the following statement: As ever, please remember that this newsletter goes out to you as a customer, and will not go straight out for public consumption until 2 or so weeks have passed. This is to play fair with all crowdfunders who may not get access to this newsletter as soon as you may have done. No subterfuge, no secrecy, just common decency.
  10. Says Clive, tongue firmly planted in cheek.
  11. Speaking as an outsider to you kit builders of steam locomotives, I do prefer the appearance of a kit built chassis to a RTR chassis. Everything looks finer and more nuanced on a hand built chassis while RTR looks clunky in all areas. Body wise, some kit built can look pretty poor when compared to RTR, but my belief is that that is down to paint finish on a kit and the detail that the RTR boys can apply these days. Haulage wise, RTR cannot hold a candle to a kit built with suitable weight in.
  12. I thought the term 'Semi' only applied to those that had the sreamlining removed and did not sport a round smokebox at the front.
  13. Indeed, I cannot identify A and B ends on Deltics, Westerns and Falcon.
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