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  1. 96701

    York Show 2020

    After all this time, my son and his other half have decided that Easter is a good time to bring our first granddaughter to see us, so I shall not be coming to the show after all. Not complaining, really looking to seeing the young end of the family........
  2. 96701

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Rails have just taken some money off me for this. I hope it is on its way........
  3. Class 50s on the WCML north of Weaver Junction. They were originally English Electric Type 4s, so to differentiate between the new ones and the old ones, we called the new ones DP2s without ever having seen the prototype.
  4. Just think of those going from South Wales to Yorkshire. No more Cross Country. IET to Old Oak Common, HS2 to Yorkshire. Bliss.
  5. Errrm Amey Abellio are running refurbished MkIIs with 37s instead of Pacers and are still running Pacers in Wales...........
  6. When I worked for Inter City East Coast, we were a self accounting unit within BR. Inter City made a profit. The only profitable Inter City routes were Gatwick Express and East Coast, now East Coast is supposed to be a basket case. It would appear that profit or loss in the rail industry can depend entirely on what is measured and how it is measured.
  7. Contractors don't always behave as expected, and remember Carillion and Jarvis? They were both involved in railway maintenance, and no longer exist.......
  8. I have a pass out so I'll be there in the afternoon.
  9. 96701

    Heljan 05 (00)

    Try posting in Wanted.
  10. It isn't going to make me cancel my pre-order, Dave. Might have to get the knife out, though when it does turn up and I've girded my loins.
  11. No excuse for not even acknowledging an order. Lack of customer care could well result in a lack of customers.
  12. Also shown better on Paul Bertlett's site, for example https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/plassercrane/h228038D8#h5407e0ae
  13. Dave, See my post above re the Ekco radius indicator box as fitted to the original cranes. It was a square box fitted to the jib, same size and shape as that fitted to the 75t crane. The box on the rhs of the jib on your CAD is the new type which isn;t quite correct for the first build in BR colours.
  14. Wren is in the National collection. Here it is in the original entrance to the Railway Museum sometime in the late seventies.
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