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    Box files, micro layouts, Chacewater-Newquay Branch, BCB buildings, the Indian PSMT and apparently, toilets...

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  1. Page now added.... https://www.stubby47.com/restroom
  2. Just a bump to this thread to highlight my re-launch of the modelling business. www.stubby47.com
  3. The 'S' has hopefully been sorted, plus the fledgling Inspiration page added. Still need to add the 'Gentleman's Restroom' images though - thanks for the reminder
  4. As Andy said they (we) don't see adverts, and that is an issue as we then miss model railway related ones. Hence my suggestion of an adverts sub-forum, a bit like the back pages of a printed mag.
  5. TF has been retrieved from the loft in preparation for it's outing at the Cornwall Model Railway show at Carn Brea on Sunday 31st October. It needs a good clean, the one duff point motor replacing and the backscene re-attaching. Oh, and a new lighting rig and a roof.
  6. I think you'll find at least 2 photos of the BCB entry for this category. However, I will add the website is not complete, there are several more models to add, plus an 'Inspiration' section. I do thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.
  7. Just announcing a new website for my re-launched modelling business www.stubby47.com Please have a look, any feedback is welcome.
  8. Also, if the wagon has been at WV for some time, would there be a significant valley in the coal nearest the door ? I'm guessing they only empty the coal as needed, else the wagon would be shipped up on it's own schedule, possibly even being swapped for an empty one (two extra train movements there, if required, no, don't thank me, all part of the service).
  9. How about having ad-free days, where none appear for anyone, and then some days where lots of adverts appear and we all have to click on them to generate the revenue ?
  10. Thanks Rob, that's certainly an option to consider.
  11. I guess we all hope to see our optician ..
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