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  1. You can mock, I don't care, it will be the perfect loco for the layout.
  2. There's no smell of turpentine, no brushes or airbrushes to clean, no mess to clear up, no domestic authorities to upset, so probably no, it's not Art, chuck.
  3. I have no idea if the body comes apart and had considered brush painting anyway. But I will consider your suggestion, many thanks.
  4. Something like this: (Thanks to No2 son's Photoshop skills)
  5. I thought with the wasp stripes and white doors, there's less to paint blue. I know it's not prototypical, but for shuffling a few wagons around an imaginary store's sidings, it should be acceptable. No doubt I can find some 'tip & pit' transfers from somewhere as well. Edit: These will do: https://fox-transfers.co.uk/ecc-international-stainless-steel-bodied-tanker-logos-64192
  6. I've just bought another little Ruston, and some ECC blue paint...
  7. A prairie waits to leave the Forge sidings, heading for Truro.
  8. But think how many DCC threads you can now never know anything about
  9. Ok, silly question time. If a lever was decommissioned in a box, was it repainted white or was a substitute white lever installed instead?
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