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  1. How long have you been on this forum ?
  2. Given how many wires were strung alongside main lines, I wouldn't have thought there would be much damage, especially on such a quiet line as the branch to LM.
  3. Just needs a pole on the outside of the bend...
  4. 13 - A tank wagon to bring loco diesel fuel to a small terminus station - not sure if one (diagram-wise) is already available, but I've not seen a suitably branded wagon.
  5. 10 - to bring gas to a small terminus station 11 - to bring loco coal to a small terminus station For my needs, everything else would be based at a far bigger yard than I'm planning.
  6. I admit I was thinking more of Blackwater triangle, but as that was all double tracked there were 3 boxes. Will you not need section boxes as well as operational control boxes ? Perhaps by the viaduct ?
  7. As a child of the 60s, no, I had to have sensible black shoes, which I used for playing football in the schoolyard and kicked the toes out of.
  8. Opt 3 - relatively costly - compared to what? Obviously this depends on the size of your proposed layout, but a few 2nd hand items, fettled to be in good working order and hand-made points ( which I'm sure you are capable of) needn't be that expensive. Stu
  9. From several recent postings it is fairly obvious that the simplest solution to the exact positions and logical connection of all the pulleys, not to mention the balanced weighting and compensated rodding, which of itself has no direct bearing, but does have a relative and reciprocal influence, is lots and lots of leaves...
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