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  1. I decided that cutting the 3mm ply was far too much effort, so have redrawn and cut from mount card. The ply will be used as a backing/strengthening piece.
  2. I've ordered one of these, for when I find them https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dihl-TB-DRW22-Storage-Cabinet-Organiser/dp/B01LWL6718/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dihl+drawers&qid=1591044988&sr=8-1#
  3. That looks perfect to me - dunno what you were worried about
  4. Sorry, I thought it would link. https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/ https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/oonarrow.html The 'Click for N gauge' advert currently appearing.
  5. Hi Mark, Are these of any use? https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/oonarrow.html Stu
  6. The 'house' will become a pub, with a door portico like one of these:
  7. And in place. It needs trimming to size and the windows and doors cut out, but it should give some sort of suggestion of the street I'm after.
  8. First (middle) section so far: The shop on the left will have the door on a 45° angle.
  9. Still looking for my micro switches.....
  10. Psychological, with sorting, or hiding from the authorities ?
  11. Stubby47

    Dragon 2

    What impressed me was the rate of acceleration. For the first 2000km/h the 10s were ticking over about 1 per second. By the time it was over 4000km/h, the 100s were ticking over at 1 per second. And it just got faster and faster.
  12. Right, plans are now formulating. I need approx 35" of low to very low relief buildings to fill the backscene. These will be made in two sections of thin ply, with windows, doors, etc cut out as required,then covered with suitable stone papers. The road will continue from the hill, to disappear into the backscene behind the stores building. To the right of the library I'll need another short section, curving round behind the town hall. The left far corner is still undecided, but there is a wonderful Methodist chapel above the tunnel at the east end of Redruth Station which might suit, or the Wesleyan one opposite the end of Trellowarren Street in Camborne.
  13. Depending on the era, it could be the butchers.
  14. Not when they have to (or ought to) move. Not sure I'll use it anyway, unless I re-clad in stone - bricks are not common in Cornwall. I've still not worked out what sort of building line I want for the layout, the cottages on the slope won't be used, nor the great mound of rock they were to sit on. Am leaving it for a bit for the subconscious brain to work on.
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