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  1. You ought to consider how much detail you'd see flying overhead from one of your previous modes of transport. If the roof would look ok from that perspective, it's probably not necessary to trample on it.
  2. Is it me ? This popped up on the World of Railways News thread - https://www.osbornsmodels.com/arch-laser-b3d025-176-scale-oo-gauge-ransome--rapier-6-ton--petrolelectric--yard-crane-1-49762-p.asp A Ransome & Rapier 6t crane. It's 3D printed, so not the highest level of detail. But the price - £39.95 ???
  3. Despite not being a Liverpool FC fan, one of their players I admired growing up was Jan Molby. Turns out we were born on the very same day.
  4. I think it was remains of recent trackwork at B&W. The van was parked in Platform 1, between a coach and a Sentinel. The occasion was an open day for railway volunteers and BRPS members, partly to try out some social distancing measures.
  5. Not sure what to do with those left over chairs and fishplates? Pile them on a brake van.
  6. I'm more intrigued by the size of the box marked 'Duplicate Magazines' - why would one buy that many repeats?
  7. It's like a DMU, but electronic and using signals instead of cutting up coaches.
  8. Here in Cornwall we are 'blessed' with a commercial radio station called PirateFM. If I am expected to talk anything like the halfwits they have as presenters, then today will be very long and tedious, both for me and anyone I meet.
  9. Off to the Bodmin & Wenford this afternoon, they have an open weekend for volunteers and BRPS members only. No trains running, but Platform 2 is now open and there will be lots of static exhibits.
  10. Technically, this is probably not a good idea, metal that has been molten is unlikely to make good ballast. Morally, it's just wrong.
  11. As you left St. Asaph, heading for Denbigh, you would have passed through Trefnant. Just after the crossroads, on the long straight, on the right hand side is a walled, gated entrance to a drive to a large house. We lived in the gatehouse for 13 months just after we got married. SWMBO worked in H.M.Stanley hospital at the time, which you would also have passed in St Asaph.
  12. NHS Spitfire fly past due today, should have a good view as I'll be on an astro pitch less than a mile from the hospital.
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