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  1. Without trying I think we're up to 4 layouts, one trader and a demonstration. Would love to do the show later this year...
  2. Still play too, what's officially known as 'Walking Football', except no one walks. I'm also about the youngest there (at 57), some are over 70.
  3. Why are you on those Facebook groups ? They've obviously seen you coming...
  4. I'm surprised it's taken so long...
  5. Apparently there are 20 flights from the UK to Portugal on Monday, all now waiting for the OK from their authorities that UK passengers can be allowed in. I don't understand the desperate rush to go abroad, especially as nowhere seems entirely free of Covid yet. I also wonder how many of those planes are flying from Manchester / Liverpool, taking residents of Bolton.
  6. Just park some Land Rovers over the top...
  7. Whilst I'm not exactly sure of your comment / meaning, it is generally known that the SWAG day is held on the last Sunday in April each year. So by definition I was talking about next year (2022). Hope that clarifies things.
  8. Jonathan, that is extremely generous of you, but I think with St Enodoc's help I have a suitable name now. As an aside, Llanfair PG is the next village to SWMBO's place of birth, and yes, I can say it.
  9. ...except I don't have two 'n's or a 'k'. Or an 'a'.
  10. Meanwhile, I'm searching on here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_places_in_Cornwall
  11. Trerice is also the name of a National Trust Manor House just outside Newquay, where my daughter got married.
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