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  1. Stubby47

    Little Muddle

    I thought the weathering on the edge of Platform 2 was very effective. As for rail line not being painted, it too looks fine - it's all the same sort of colour.
  2. No. Just No. Even more 'No' than mentioning Toilets. Unless you're buying. I quite like the J70s though...
  3. With just over a month to go to this year's SWAG Member's Day in Taunton, thoughts are now turning to adding some more detail to this layout. By detail, I mean ballast, a facia, doors on the buildings, pathways, weathering, finishing the grass bank... just pleased there's not too much on the list.
  4. 'Old' version of the garage with blockwork, prior to being rendered. I need to clean the corner a little more.
  5. Not sure about the Chernobyl Hilton comment though
  6. Thanks for those. The door measures 48mm in width. Assuming a scale of 7mm/1ft, that makes the door a smidge over under 7ft wide. Which, considering the garage was built in the age of the Austin 7 (w: 4' 3"), probably makes the door plenty wide. Phew.
  7. Yeah, and people making silly comments doesn't help either... Crack on, Rob, I'm sure it will be superb when it's shown.
  8. I've left the mini at home, but you're right, it should be wider. Ah well...
  9. Thanks Kevin, but this version of the garage is supposed to be brand new, so all pristine & shiny. There will be a few weeds/ grass around the base, just to blend in the building, but all the weathering and decay will be apparent on the 'old' version. Just need to add the name board - R.M. Webb & Son - Garage Services - seems Bob 'Spider' Webb has moved on from Porth Byhan…
  10. The 'old' version of the garage has been started.
  11. Painted walls and a door. Have just thought... is the door actually wide enough?
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