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  1. If you made the large building a fish processing plant, then you could use lots of fishy-named wagons....
  2. Stubzie57 now.... Am planning a 14ft layout with a seaside theme, 4ft fiddle yard on your baseboard ( thanks again) and 2 x 5ft boards. So plenty of space for caravans
  3. Yes, all good here thanks, just had a few months of not modelling/ no interest, so dropped off the forum. Not 100% back yet, so don't expect too much from me. Apart from the odd pithy comment where necessary, of course.
  4. We had a goldfish called Burnt Carrot , due to his large black stripe and another one called Fluffy.
  5. Ah, I understand now . At the garden, there are several buildings, both stone & brick, with a covering of ivy over the eaves and roof edges, as well as on the walls as well.
  6. I am intrigued by your reply. As a modeller who prefers making buildings to rolling stock, I am always looking for scenes which can be replicated in miniature. In this case, ignoring the bright green of the more exotic plants, the red colour of the ivy signifies an autumn scene, so placing the season of the year when added to a layout. Thus I'm not sure what sort of professional advice I might need, please enlighten me.
  7. Managed a pic of this gable wall at the local NT garden today, usually the courtyard is full of cafe patrons.
  8. So, despite all the helpful suggestions, advice and downright straightforward instructions that Grayson would be proud of, you have not actually purchased anything from the poor, impoverished, save-us-from-the-knackers-yard-please model shop you alleged you would be visiting. Surely this sort of behaviour, raising the expectations of your many and varied readers, comes under the auspices of police harassment?
  9. 1) Heckling – heckling was originally the process of removing knots from wool by combing the raw fleeces. Dundee was a centre for textile processing in the nineteenth century, and its workers were renowned for their radical and combative trade unionism. Thus, the process by which they ‘teased’ and ‘combed’ political speeches by shouting out objection and observations became known as heckling. 2) Book sizes – if you are reading this on an ipad or e-reader, the size of the screen is linked to the dimensions of a sheep. Or, more correctly, the dimensions of a killed, skinned and stre
  10. Is he allowed to say that on here ? Is he ? Is he ?
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