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  1. Blood donation later today, #66.  Go on, you know you ought want to, really.

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    2. 47137


      Well done. I used to do this but the last time there were complications and they asked me to stop. For anyone wanting to start, it's very easy to do.

    3. DonB


      Wouldn't have me ... something to do with childhood jaundice.... That was a mobile unit in the works canteen and during my first month of work after leaving school.

      Had a very good friend who made a century of donations. 

      I have twice been on the receiving end  of the blood transfer system. Just two "units " in total.

    4. Davexoc


      On hold at #42 while undergoing some medical investigations. Mustn't B negative though, but I actually am....

      Well done, and I'm still hoping to go beyond the 50, having started a bit late in life really.

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