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  1. Pen and Sword books have 30% off this month. some nice transport books to be had https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/30thbirthday
  2. And the rest of the MRD sale is here https://www.modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/special-offers/ lots of silly prices, sound dutch 47 £125, 37s at £79 , fill ya boots
  3. Is this a new thing.... bargain jousting :-)
  4. Are there any ideas when preorders will open up please. Thanks
  5. Must have, when i bought a copy it said 4 left :-)
  6. Centenary edition of the Hornby book of trains. Brand new and less than £16 including postage. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-Hornby-BOOK-OF-TRAINS-9781913295219/313150746408?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Cheapest ive seen it, 4 left at time of this post.
  7. Schooch a few posts back and youll see this ones come up Twice already in the last 24 hours, three times now :-)
  8. Some people don't seem to know what manners are these days. Maybe manners are full price and therefore feel they have no place in a bargains thread !
  9. Maybe he's been working out, but you'll make Andy blush ....... :-)
  10. Nothing wrong with some discussion as you say, i think its just peoples patience is tried when we end up with a couple of pages of amazon discussion or how good is a model discussion. Those have have a place in their own threads, but discussions about real issues like above is only of benefit i think.
  11. And no ones charged you a penny.......... bargain !! Lol
  12. Unfortunately people always find the time to moan and complain but seem incapable of using that same time to try and resolve an issue. As the original poster stated he couldnt be bothered complaining, but at least you could be bothered to add balance to that comment which to me says more about your integrity. if you cant be bothered to make some effort to resolve an issue, then dont moan about the consequences.
  13. Bit of an Aladdins cave on these (no its not Hereford Models) The Hobby Shop 10% off https://hobb-e-mail.com/10-off-1010-c.asp 20% off https://hobb-e-mail.com/20-off-972-c.asp 50% off https://hobb-e-mail.com/50-off-973-c.asp Other % off https://hobb-e-mail.com/other--off-974-c.asp Quite a mix of British and European in different scales so you need to scroll through. Enjoy !
  14. Some additional items on Sawyers bargain section https://sawyermodels.co.uk/?orderby=date&paged=1&product_cat=oo-gauge-bargain-corner
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