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  1. Another Amazon bargain, Hornby City of Salford for smidge over £125 Ive just ordered and price has stayed the same but clocks ticking as we know Some like me will be offered to spread cost over 5 months but offer is account specific. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hornby-R3856-Princess-Coronation-Salford/dp/B08485VXN3/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=lsxEx&pf_rd_p=0a99b10e-4208-4486-9864-ac8d6eadd795&pf_rd_r=DDR1BNM1T444QZK19NP0&pd_rd_r=ba9ba5d1-e226-4ac8-b472-68ef2d5fc779&pd_rd_wg=ASTlz&ref_=pd_gw_crs_wish
  2. Bagged one with discount, yey. This is my first JS Models kit, really looking forward to this, looks fantastic. Thanks
  3. Some good prices in Sale here https://cheltenhammodelcentre.com/model-railways/c-1203?sortby=popular&ppview=4&minp=0.00&maxp=180.00&check_data=0 Bagged myself a J15 for £49.99 and a B12 for £75
  4. Very interesting. Any plans to go down the app route for those of us without windows or mac os? Thanks
  5. Videoscene DVD sale now on https://www.videoscene.co.uk
  6. Could someone please inform me which one of these would be suitable for 70s and 80s railtour. Im thinking the lner version and only thing i can see different to pictures ive found are the overhead warning flashes. Thanks. Garry Edit Im referring to Green Arrow
  7. Hornby LMS Suburban Train Pack for £99.99 from Kernow. http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/53353/R3397-Hornby-LMS-Suburban-Passenger-Train-Pack--
  8. Packaging looks really good. Looking forward to seeing the full 4mm range. Any news yet when Barmouth signal box will be available on your website. Thanks
  9. Liking that although I can't find it on your website yet
  10. I like this, can't see any join there, something that quite often puts me off laser cut buildings
  11. Seems to have been fixed now as new link is on their homepage. Order placed :-)
  12. Just ordered my part railfreight rake on train4u Gone to kms to order the rest and the order form is no longer there https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/351-haa-wagon Anyone else having an issue? Thanks
  13. Hi Alex, Thank you very much for your reply and clarification. I shall await the preorder book opening for the original version then. Garry
  14. Hi, Could someone help me please. Which versions of the HAA would have been running in the late 70s to 80s. Would it have been the railfreight red version on this batch or the original version on the following batch. I remember living in a house when I was younger adjecent to the wcml and you could feel the floor vibrating from them.
  15. Saw that earlier too. However id rather spend the extra £17 and support a proper model shop after trying twice to purchase from these guys only for them to keep cancelling.
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