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  1. They were £20 for a pair. Not sure where they came from. I can get micro plugs for approx 50p a pair pre-soldered or for pennies unsoldered. Cheers
  2. The problem I am having is that Decoder Lock is setup but when I use LokProgrammer it does not differentiate between values therefore is unable to read either decoder unless one is disconnected. Cheers
  3. JZjr

    Speakers In-Phase

    Just wanted to update here, in case anyone with a similar decoder fault also finds this thread. I have received a LokProgrammer and can confirm that the same fault occours when using it for control. As the model has two decoders fitted, I will need to open her up to perform a firmware update and then I will get back to you to see how the fault is then. Cheers
  4. Thanks, I will certainly spend some more time trying to repair the couplers, however I don't think I will buy them again. They are much more convenient than inter-vehicle plugs & sockets however, in my opinion, not worth the £19.50 over the inter-vehicle plugs. Cheers
  5. Hello, After a month of waiting, my LokProgrammer finally arrived today. In my class 56, I utilise a LokSound 5, paired with a LokPilot FX - In JMRI, using a SPROG, I use 'Decoder Lock' to enable me to selectively program a decoder. Because of this, both decoders are permanently wired to the pickups. After trying to read on the LokProgrammer it appears that Decoder Lock isn't supported through the LokProgrammers propriety protocol. Is anyone able to confirm this before I open her up and add some sockets between the track and the decoders. Thanks in advance
  6. I was coupling with the power off. However as I was coupling, the contacts became deformed causing a short once correctly coupled. Thankfully it was only the speaker wires that were running through the couplers. I have tried to bend the contacts back however at lease one of the couplings is now not usable, I think I will transfer them to another project and use floor level micro-sockets in this instance, Cheers
  7. I just wanted to check back in here after fitting my Roco couplers to a Bachmann 170. I find that when coupling the vehicles together the coupler pins bend and come in to contact, this has resulted in the shorting of the speaker wires. There is no damage to my decoder but it does mean I will have to have a look at miniature plugs instead - the Veissmann versions are reserved for my 158, hopefully they will perform better. Cheers
  8. I will get some photos of the boards in the next few days. Regarding photos of the working lights and finished wiring - that might have to wait a few weeks as I am off on Holiday the week after next and have yet to order the decoder. I will however post photos when it is done so make sure you follow the thread if you want to check back for them. Cheers.
  9. Not anymore. The use of TfW drivers for some services between Bristol & Cardiff is ending with the timetable change too. Cheers
  10. Hi all, Just reporting back that the Class 66 lighting kit includes replacement boards that slot in to replace the existing lighting boards, along with a replacement main board. Note that the replacement main board does not include pickup & motor terminals, I have also added cab lights and used some veroboard to cover Motor, Pickups, Cab lights & speakers. Currently waiting to order a LokSound for it so no photos of working lights yet, I will be pairing the LokSound with a LokPilot FX. Cheers
  11. Hi I would imagine it is a fairly simple fix somewhere along the lines of adding OpenJDK12 to the list of acceptable 'Java' versions. If you log an issue on the JMRI GitHub page I'm sure a developer can look into it, obviously this might not be available for a few releases yet. https://github.com/JMRI/JMRI/issues Cheers
  12. JZjr

    Speakers In-Phase

    Taking this off topic slightly, I have a LokProgrammer on the way, maybe an update will fix the problem. Cheers
  13. Not yet on the Bachmann Europe website, there is however a link to the Thomas and friends website. Cheers
  14. The thread title suggests an OO release but the text suggests an HO release. Do you have any more information on this? Cheers
  15. Thanks, Can you (or anyone else) recommend a beginners guide to turnout building? I think I will start with a simple copper-clad construction. I really do like the look of those Pandrol clips all in place, I think that is where I want to be after some practice. I have no space for a long term layout at the moment so hopefully it will give me time to get some really nice looking track before I move to somewhere bigger! Cheers
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