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  1. There is the Knowle Wagon Works tool, see here: Seems to come well recommended. One recently obtained, partly on the basis of “get it while you can”.
  2. Also, further images here: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/wor/news//first-look-Hornby-a2-2 With some first thoughts from Tony Wright. Maybe need to start at this page, as above link doesn’t seem to work? https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk Noting that this is described as a proving model, the first, close up, side on, picture shows daylight between the front frame and footplate, whilst another similar shot shows a tiny bit of daylight between the cab and the end of the boiler. Just observations!
  3. No problem. Ah, I read "black" too literally. Would be interesting to see what it looks like when you do one. Another thing is to very subtly vary the colour on each one. Either by painting or subsequent weathering. As shown on the Kyle and NS pictures. I want to say the Kirkcudbright one is at the "black" end of the scale whilst the Crossmichael one is more typical but that is just what I have in my head. You also need to bear in mind the vagaries of colour films, scanning of slides and computer monitor colour balances etc. I had fewer decent example
  4. At least you din't use "rooves"! Black doesn't seem appropriate, better with various shades of grey. Same for goods vans. I think you can get tins/jars of "roof grey" but that is maybe for new or overhauled stock. Maybe best looking at colour albums or on Flickr. Some examples I have saved on the latter (coincidental that some are Port Road!): Newton Stewart Crossmichael (there is also a shot of this train approaching, if anyone interested in the self weighing tender!) Kirkcudbright branch A few more goods orientated
  5. Having not heard of these I searched online and found: https://westhillwagonworks.co.uk/hunt-couplings-new-c-2/ Not sure how I have not been aware of these before, or the range of 3D printed parts they supply! Maybe I missed reference to them in the small suppliers sub topic?
  6. I remembered that Nbrasslocos do a fine chain. See: https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/fitall.html £2.80 for 300mm. At 48 links per inch seems too fine for chaining down loads, given information in earlier posts, but might have some other uses? I also see that they do load securing chains in both 2mm and 4mm scales. For latter see: https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/oovaried.html#other. £2.80 for two sets. No connection but I probably have both in the “that might be useful” collection.
  7. You are taking this into a far wider area than my query and the response. My point was simply with regard to this new use of gearing between all driven axles which, presumably, makes conversion (to EM or P4, I never mentioned just one) more complicated. Modern models of steam locos driven on one axle seem to run fine, so why this recent change? I would have thought driving all axles with gears was something that added to cost and time of development! Finally, where do you get your idea that “many” that want to use a more accurate gauge are opposed to plastic
  8. I think I read that Peco will still sell individual Parkside kit sprues, although I also seem to recall that it was at a more expensive price than from Parkside.
  9. Ah, right. It is the use of connecting gears to all axles that is possibly an issue. Just a general query, I have no specific interest in this model, but I would like to see models being easily convertible to more accurate gauges.
  10. What does that mean then, for those who haven’t followed other Rapido releases?
  11. Viewing the new 3P listings on iPad, something seems to have gone a bit wrong with the details of which items are in set LDB01B? i.e. the “curly vent pipes (left and right handed)” looks to be part of LDB01C (opening bracket also missing!) Would it maybe also be possible to make the pictures clickable to enlarge them so your handy work can be seen better? Or to have separate, close up pictures? Thinking about it, clickable images, to enable them to be seen at a larger size, might also be worth considering for other items? Would then let folk see the details incorporated more e
  12. No problem, thought it worthwhile mentioning, just in case you were not aware of them!
  13. I think Judith Edge kits supply/used to supply etched parts for these? Not specifically listed on their website but mentioned as an option for their kit for a Clayton. https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/catalogue/judithedge.html Maybe it was something just available at exhibitions? There is a thread for them on here, if it is of interest and you were perhaps not aware of that option.
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