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  1. With regard to coupling positions, I’m sure you are aware of the NEM standards but a link just in case and/or for others information: https://www.morop.org/index.php/en/nem-the-norms.html They are not all accessible in English from there though. The OO gauge Association website has information on the NEM 362 standard that might help: http://www.doubleogauge.com/standards/couplings.htm and a link to the actual standard in french. No doubt others can find a comprehensive listing in languages other than English, if they need to!
  2. Thanks for link. A further instalment on a second one starting at page 64 (post from 30/09/20): https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7183&start=945 A bit more than just splicing two together it seems, if you want to go further!
  3. Very sorry to hear of the passing of Bruce. Especially at such a relatively young age. I’m a bit younger than Bruce and joined the E&LMRC in, I suppose, the late 70s and worked on Glendevon, particularly the extensions. One of these was the separate extension scene with “Murray’s Ales” and “Carrick Knowe Halt”. I’m pretty sure I made the “Murray’s Ales” sign (partly because it has a maroon backing) and I suppose the name must have been a nod to Bruce as the builder. A lot of that work was done with Colin Bain and we named the halt “Carrick Knowe” as Colin lived in that
  4. Going through some old copies of Backtrack filleting out what is of interest to me and I noted a colour picture of one of these behind Black 5 45081. Maybe particularly useful as it is a rear three-quarter shot from a slightly elevated position. Cannot post here because of copyright but the picture is by Jim Carter and near Winnick Junction. Undated, but the later crest on the tender and the first wagon has a VW camper type van on it (only partly in the frame). It's on page 601 of Vol. 18, No. 10 (October 2004) if anyone is keen to see it and has access to back numbers. Sorry i
  5. Going through some old copies of Backtrack filleting out what is of interest to me and I noted a colour picture with a couple of these in the background. One looks to have some sort of "Return to" or similar instructions painted on and the other looks to have/have had some sort of large label on its side. Unfortunately I couldn't read either. Cannot post here because of copyright but the picture is from 12/10/63 in a spread by Dick Riley about Banbury shed and in Vol. 5, No. 4 (July/August 1991) if anyone is really keen to see it! Sorry if so esoteric but I don't think colou
  6. Hi. I’m pretty certain you will have seen it, but just in case not there was a colour picture of Larbert North signal box on the back cover of the July 2018 issue of Backtrack magazine. Found when disposing of some back numbers. I have kept the covers, just in case you want it.
  7. Thanks for the information and summary. You mention in your description Twilight of the Goods by Don Rolland. Are there any plans for further volumes of that book?
  8. Website updated about this: https://rapidotrains.co.uk/gunpowder-vans/ And more information and 3D renders in their latest UK newsletter: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Rapido-UK-News-No--2---More-product-news-.html?soid=1101318906379&aid=5aKNWwZoCqM Text from latter (hoping it is okay to copy and paste it. Please say if not and I'll edit post): Gunpowder vans - in tooling! The design work for our ‘OO’ gauge gunpowder van has been signed off and the tooling design finished. We expect that the mould shop will actually start cut
  9. Saw this announced on page 10 of this thread: However, no mention of it, that I could see, in the “trade etc” sub forum.
  10. I also offer my condolences and would also echo the above comment about at least some of these books being worth selling. If that is too time consuming then perhaps an alternative might be donating them to a charity shop or a preserved railway, when they are open again, so that they can benefit from selling them on. Maybe a further alternative would be to offer them free on here in return for a donation to a charity of your choice, although that might not be permitted on here, as maybe too close to “selling”? I would also be interested in a list of them, if
  11. Harburn Hobbies list some items on their website, but I think online listing is quite a new thing for them so perhaps if what you want is not listed it might be worth a phone call to see if they have it anyway. https://www.harburnhobbies.co.uk/acatalog/_00__H0_Track___Accessories.html
  12. New to me, although it looks to be a new/revamped version of a previous site. Not just timetables but maps as well, including BR and RCH ones. And some other miscellaneous scanned documents, e.g. I saw a leaflet about a "Western" tour, maybe the last one? Anyway, at: https://timetableworld.com/index Navigation might take a while to understand, e.g. I seemed only to get to the maps viewer by clicking on a link in the current article about an "1872 Railway Map by R. Price-Williams". Link to that in the viewer is: https://timetableworld.com/ttw-viewer?token=760f8471-ba7
  13. A very small number of railway books in the Waterstones sale: https://www.waterstones.com/campaign/sale-2020/sort/bestselling/page/1/category/2394
  14. A few discounted railway books currently with a further 20% off here: https://www.naval-military-press.com Specifically at: https://www.naval-military-press.com/product-category/other-categories/non-military-titles/ Pick of the bunch, in my opinion, is: PETROLEUM TANK WAGONS OF BRITAIN, R Tourret at £10.39 (9 left in stock). Also: GWR ENGINEERING WORK 1928-1938, R Tourret at £7.99 (3 left in stock). I got this last time they had this 20% off, in a moment of madness, but a quick flick though suggests it might be heavy going. GWR EXP
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