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  1. Some more pictures of the LD models here (about 3/4 way down page): https://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/model_omwb183.html Perhaps the models, and the other ones available, should have their own thread so that more are aware of them?
  2. Better?! https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/47/675/
  3. Thanks for link, an interesting read.
  4. Interesting technique. Could you post some closer up pictures as and when you do the next sides?
  5. Just in case you were not aware, posts on here as brylonscamel, see:
  6. Chanced on this undated, but steam era, image at Aisgill. Thought the small yellow warning panel on a maroon inspection saloon might be of interest. I’m not sure if the saloon is as per the Bachmann one? Perhaps those with better knowledge could advise? https://www.cooperline.com/p/80508hcx/29001240004/aisgill-looking-south-to-summit
  7. There was a supplier, I think mainly for model engineering, trading as “Midland railway centre”, or a similar name, that sold these turntables and some tools, such as a rivet punch. See here about one of the turntable kits: https://www.newrailwaymodellers.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=50348 Or search for midland railway centre turntable kits or midland railway centre rivet punch. The home page for Metalsmiths ( http://www.metalsmith.co.uk ), as you might have found, redirects you to “Midland Railway Centre” for various things but the link is dead. Confusingly, you can still find Metalsmith web pages that give you details of the 7mm turntables and motorising kits etc. for all scales, e.g. see: http://www.metalsmith.co.uk/7mm_scale_0_gauge.htm If you follow the links from there you find information about installation kits for 4mm as well. I found some of this when considering a rivet punch from Midland Railway Centre. Unfortunately I didn’t act at the time! I hope this perhaps help.
  8. I have my doubts, it is very un Beattock like scenery and landforms, and not a location I can place (fairly familiar with travelling between Beattock village and Abington).
  9. Thanks, wasn’t aware of this. Link to relevant website page: https://www.harburnhobbies.co.uk/acatalog/Oxford-Diecast-OR76TK2008-00-Gauge--Briggs--Tanker-5552.html#SID=147
  10. I’ve recently been reading some old (Approx. 10 years old) American model railway magazines. I think in some of the building articles they just cut off the frame of the framed windows? And possible used them inside out and upside down? Sorry, just a passing recollection.
  11. Doraplas was the other name I was thinking of, then I come to post it and see that @St Enodoc had already suggested it! Yes, a spreadsheet for Tichy window sizes in mm would be useful.
  12. It might be worth looking at Tichy Trains stuff, here: https://www.tichytraingroup.com/Home.aspx Perhaps best to start with the catalogue, rather than the online shop. One difficulty is that the openings are given as decimal inches, not millimetres, so it isn’t straightforward to see if they do something suitable. However, I did use some of their products quite a long time ago and they are very fine mouldings. They do some assortment packs as well, which basically give you a sample of the various window mouldings they produce, or that’s what it was when I got them years ago. I think mine came from Micromark.com, as I ordered some tools from them at the same time. I did though later order some specific mouldings and kits from Tichy. At the time both delivered to the UK, but don’t know if they still overseas (they are both USA companies). There is/was another supplier of plastic window mouldings in the uk, but their name escapes me just now. Hope some of this helps!
  13. No problem, it was really just the comment about three going in the time it took you to purchase one that had me wondering if they were available at some great reduction somewhere. I also got the one I have from a retailer who stocks Hatton’s products so it didn’t occur to me that your comment was about availability, or otherwise, at Hattons. Not sure I was conscious that they were reduced a bit at Hatton’s either so will consider whether I should get another!
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