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  1. I believe the standard HR wood building cladding was 6½” planks with 1” half-round cap-strip.
  2. and in August 2016: Window style detail: I have photos of the other three sides as well (in 2016 though!) if they're of interest, just drop me a PM. Regards Graham
  3. Here are a few images ... The two traction engines with Uganda Railway trailers at Limuru, between Nairobi and the Rift valley escarpment, during construction of the line in the 1890s: The armoured one (I assume) as UR No 3 at Mau, on the Nakuru-Kisumu section: and the lightweight one after hitting a soft spot somewhere near Elburgon: Finally here is the remains of a Marshall engine (presumably originally owned by the railway) at Kisumu in2005. It fell victim to a scrap drive a couple of months later. Hope that's of i
  4. Hi Ross, How interesting that the coach survives. Yes, of course you are very welcome to use the photo and thanks for bothering to ask. I’ll see if I can make a sharper scan (but the original was probably blurred). Good luck with your restoration, I hope to see the final result one day. Graham
  5. If you really can’t fold the ledges, at least you now have consistent rebates to take pieces of microstrip, tedious though adding them might be.
  6. Hi Alan, After a bit of googling, it appears that FPGA means field-programmable gate array, MCU means microcontroller unit, and jtag is used in this context as shorthand for a way to update the onboard memory of a programmable chip through its data interface. So the jargon translates as "The firmware we shipped you has a bug which means the 2k screen flickers when you use it. The screen is controlled by a chip which can be reprogrammed (the FPGA). It can't communicate directly with the USB key, but the main controller chip (the MCU) can, and we can reprogram the MCU so it can in tu
  7. How did you know? I wondered why the printer came with a huge metal scraper ... I found out when trying to get the base of the test piece off the build plate! But then it suddenly came off very cleanly. It is a nice feeling to have got it to work (the results even impressed my kids, briefly).
  8. Thanks Paul. I upgraded the firmware with the three files Photon sent, to v0.1.7, and took the printer to bits following their instructions to check the UV cable connector was correctly seated (which it was). I started the test print and this time it has worked; it has another 40 minutes to go or so but is looking pretty good. So it must have been the firmware. According to the Chinese-language release notes, with the help of Google Translate, the problem with the old version was "The FPGA firmware drives the 2k screen, and there is a flickering screen during the user's
  9. Thanks Monkeys and njee20. Photon tech support responded promptly, and has sent me a firmware upgrade and instructions on how to check the UV cable. I'll report back once I do that ... but first, work ... Graham
  10. That's what I did ... the screen lights up .. the mask for the start of the print (a circle) is displayed on the LCD. Using the Tools > Exposure menu, the three patterns (fully blocked, partly blocked, fully exposed) are shown as expected. Is the exposure test meant for testing the screen or testing an exposure with resin in the tank?
  11. Thanks very much to Mike, Paul and njee20 for your suggestions above regarding my attempts to get a test print out of the Photon Mono SE. Having promised to report back, i had better do so ... I found time to try another test print yesterday but got the same result as before: nothing at all on the build plate and no trace of any hardened resin anywhere. Going through the issues which were suggested as possible problems: - Levelling: I don't think levelling is the issue (the Mono SE has a spring-loaded platform and pretty much self-levels; the plate is orthogonal to the LCD and
  12. Thanks Mike. I’ll try that when I get time, maybe tomorrow, and will report back. What do you use for exposure times after the bottom layers? Graham
  13. I read these responses from @MikeTrice @Paul_sterling and @tebee with interest since I ordered a Photon Mono SE directly from the anycubic.com website in early December, hoping to avoid any customs fees after Brexit. I have never used a 3D printer before and I did think hard about the Mars 2 Pro. i don't do Facebook and so most of my info came from the various RMWeb threads plus some distributor/vendor web sites. I eventually went for the Mono SE because it was said to have better build quality and odour filtering. The printer turned up within a week, but its touch screen was displ
  14. I thought that lime as a disinfectant was banned on health grounds in the early twentieth century because of the damage it did to the hooves of livestock? But anyway, regarding the infilled track, it does not look like a drain to me, there are no culverts or manholes at the ends. Is it not simply to allow dung and bedding straw which fell onto the track to be easily gathered up and removed by barrow? I think I can see brick courses rather than concrete, at least in the part next the running lines. It is certainly a nice “modelworthy” detail. regards Graham Edit: ju
  15. Indeed they did not. The CR general appendix instructs that “Fires are not to be made larger than absolutely necessary, and they must be made up in such a way as to last as long as possible. The ashes from all fires in offices, waiting rooms, &c., are to be carefully riddled and used again the next day. Inspectors have instructions to examine the ash heaps when visiting stations to see that this is done efficiently. Riddles with meshes more than 3/8” in size are not to be used. Stations having riddles with larger meshes must order new ones, on receipt of which the old ones must be returned
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