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  1. And a few from my current layout, Kirkmellington Clayton D8583 arrives with empties Type 2, 5034, waits in the exchange sidings Big Barclay 0-6-0T, No8, shunts mineral wagons
  2. The first of my orders turned up today - the Yeoman version. very impressed with the wagons, (a long held dream) and especially the printing over the ribs. Whilst the free load is appreciated, I must say it’s a bit basic and lacks character
  3. Hi, a quick question please. Would these tanks have been seen in service in 1989/90 period in the Scottish central belt? would they be in trainloads or speed link? thank you
  4. Thanks James. I'm going to cool off before I try and straighten out
  5. Disaster today. My Hibberd Planet kit, 98% finished and looking fabulous needed a quick repair where the cab side & front etched had pulled apart in one corner. I mistakenly used a large bulldog clip across the whole cab rather than a smaller one just in the corner. 30 seconds later and I had a pile of crushed cab. gutted. hopefully it can be straightened out.
  6. As a fan of industrial grunge, I’ll be having one though easy conversion to EM would be my preference if the design can accommodate it. crimson red would be a further request to justify a second order
  7. avoid vapour-ware announcements. Having a sample to show off builds confidence and helps me allocate funds knowing timescale to delivery is going to be pretty accurate. A stake-a-claim announcement where CAD, EOIs and endless periods with no visible progress quickly turns me off and I then sit on my money / commitment until very close to due date.
  8. from memory seeing these, the yellow was a darker shade, like birds eye custard. I cant help with a RAL for custard though I'm afraid.
  9. Also known as soil nails or ground anchors. very common in soft rock slopes such as these in the Chiltern chalk
  10. Or on the assumption that the factory that holds the tooling was discussing with both KR and EFE, maybe KR became aware of this weeks announcement some time ago and rightly stepped back without incurring costs but whilst maintaining silence on the other party.
  11. Well I was going to buy a couple but hadn’t progressed to pre-order for various reasons but chief among them was the predicted delivery date and lack of visible progress.
  12. The second kitchen car, 40802, is heavily modified on one side with only 1 window left http://www.carlswatson.com/Trains/Galleries 2020/G202010/20201016ArlingtonEastleighWorks/mk3tk40802eastleighworks16thoctober20203.html
  13. A video has gone up already. an iconic train gets an iconic makeover. Looks amazing to me.
  14. This was posted on WNXX With regard to Northerns pacers “looks like the last full week of operation will be w/c 29th Nov, with 142s starting to be removed from traffic w/c 6th Dec so by the 12th they are all out of service”
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