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  1. As 298 says, be careful what you wish for. Aylesbury Garden Town will bring over 16000 new houses, mainly on a southern arc from Bierton past Aston Clinton to Weston Turville & Stoke Mandeville. A Station on HS2 at Calvert combined with EW rail and the Ox-Can expressway is likely to generate a new town of 30000 or 50000 new houses, stretching Aylesbury far to the north and changing the Vale forever.
  2. In construction terms, 4million tonnes is tiny. one of my recent projects created 500,000 tonnes of spoil. It was a 2.5km Road. We reused 2/3rds. the 2 projects I am involved with that hoped to use HS2 spoil need close to 1m tonnes of imported spoil to create road embankment. if the 4m tonnes of HS2 spoil is chalk From tunnel sections then it’s suitability For reuse is limited, especially in road embankments
  3. As I am directly involved with schemes that were developed on the assumption of lots of spare (and so free) spoil from HS2, I can say that the designs have been adjusted so that there is very little disposal needed from the non tunnelling sections. How much tunnel spoil is needed in the above ground earthworks and how much goes for use elsewhere, I cannot say. the projects I am involved with are now searching for alternative sources. the HS2 contractors will not be hauling vast quantities of spoil on the highway, it’s slow, it’s low volume and very expensive compared to the industry norm of internal haul routes and large dump trucks. If / how trains can play a part is Debatable given the rural nature of much of HS2 between tunnel sections.
  4. As I have my copy of MR271 To hand, I’d say it’s not a rumour of an N Gauge steam loco proposal. the ad clearly states an N Gauge King, shows a CAD render of the loco and has a quote from Keith Revell about how the King is a missing link in N Gauge im not sure why that hasn’t gained its own thread, it’s hardly a secret.....
  5. As the aftermarket producers are fully committed time wise, new products are not now being developed. i have bought factory fitted EM & P4 class 24s and they make life so much easier. I’d be equally as happy to buy a pack as an add on presumably, a wide gauge wheel set for the deltic would also work in the 37?
  6. Picture of these (credited to Touax) in this months Rail Express they are for Mendip.
  7. HS2 delivery routes are prescribed within their planning permission submissions. around Aylesbury that means using the A413 to the south and A41 to the north. The A4010 being a reserve route. however, HS2 is not the only show in town and it’s likely that the Aylesbury Garden Town housebuilders & road builders are going to use the A418 east & west as well. Between AGT, the new Orbital roads and HS2, Aylesbury is going to be seeing ALOT of roadworks and extra HGVs for at least the next 5 years, maybe 10.
  8. Snap. Born & bred in Rochdale with family & work in Whitworth and have friends who live in Bacup. Only ever been bake-up Facit on the other hand does get two versions, face-sit and fass-it
  9. Time to sell the wife and kids....... Awesome announcement
  10. Being someone who regular commutes From the SE up to Warrington, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle I must disagree. 2hr 50 on the express service To Tyneside is an hour longer than the rest. It’s very hard to get a useful day working and get home whereas that’s more than feasible at the others. It’s first stop York so other than pathing problems, there is little improvement that can be had. if HS2 cuts 1 hour from the journey then you increase the effectiveness of a day return to Newcastle thus increasing its lure on business.
  11. The new local MP, Andy Carter is certainly against and being vocal (reflecting his constituents views). i suspect the Golborne spur will be adjusted & absorbed into NPR with both HS2 north/south and NPR east/west services using it.
  12. Well it has royal assent and in the next 2 months signed construction contracts for phase 1. Diggers are on the ground now. Spending is currently £250m a month and will now ramp up further. phase 1 construction cost is quoted at just over £10bn which in UK plc terms is small change. if you hope to see phase 1 cancelled then I think you will be disappointed, equally phase 2a to Crewe. as for High Speed North (as phase 2b is now being called) who know though regulatory & design progress in next 5 years with sod cutting just before the next election could generate +ve northern PR. NPR will take 10 years to get to sodcutting: option selection is a year away, then it needs consultation, business case development, more consultation then parliamentary scrutiny & eventually royal assent by which time we will be on our 2nd or 3rd new government and probably PM.
  13. That’s the route I’m experimenting with, I’ll know if it works once my fibre washers arrive from a well known emporium
  14. Whilst I didn’t get a copy of a parts diagram, I did get 2 copies of the operation & DCC sheet!
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