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  1. The Soundfile is provided by South Western Digital. Bruce
  2. D400

    EFE Rail launches

    I don't normally comment on these matters as it seems a waste of breath but I think a lot of people have extremely unrealistic ideas of how much model trains cost. The problem is this was fuelled by how much they cost between 5 and 10 years ago when things were very different - critically the Chinese labour market has vastly changed and workers are now demanding a fair wage for the incredibly skilled and time consuming task of assembling models. This is why models which cost "X" 5 years ago, now cost "Y" today. Too many people assume that cost of production is linked solely to too
  3. D400

    EFE Rail launches

    What about the decoration? The "catalogue" pictures seemed to indicate this was to a higher standard? Thanks for the pics so far btw! Bruce
  4. D400

    EFE Rail launches

    Any chance of posting some photographs when you get a chance? Very interested to see what differences if any these items have. Bruce
  5. Reading thought this topic I a gather some models have suffered minor damage to the body shells. If anyone requires a replacement bodyshell for the following (all TGS) please get in touch via PM as a have a few spare (without chassis) R4896 - GWR Livery R4896A - GWR Livery R4938 - XC Livery R4938A - XC Livery Bruce
  6. D400

    EFE Rail launches

    What really interests me about this range is the decoration. Bachmann have IMHO very high standards of decoration, higher than Heljan or DJM (RIP). The images shown here seem to show the new EFE models will have this higher standard of decoration, although of course these will just be samples, we shall have to see what the final product is like when it arrives. Interestingly if it is indeed higher quality then this wouldn't be the first time this has happened; Rail Exclusive specified a much higher standard of decoration on the Class 47s they commissioned from ViTrains.
  7. D400

    Hornby RTC Stock

    Afternoon all, Having purchased a SLW 97201 last year I was rather looking forward to prospect of RTC liveried stock from Hornby, particularly as the Bachmann items are now very difficult to find at reasonable prices! I received the LMS CCT the other week, to my horror the blue colour is completely wrong! Having seen the photographs of the Mk1s on various retails websites this week seems to confirm that these are also a rather strange bright blue colour rather than the correct BR blue. Such a shame, how could it have gone so wrong?! Bruce
  8. So have been reading everyone comments on loud motors and running problems and reckon I have diagnosed the problem. My motor is also getting very hot after an unreasonable period of running and this led me to believe it was being placed under unacceptable stress. Closer examination proved that there is no horizontal play in the metal cardan shafts which is putting the motor under-strain. Removing one of these proved my theory as although the motor is still getting a little hot, it is no where near as bad as it was. Hornby Bachmann etc all use plastic cardan's with a little bit of
  9. Looks like a peak to me! Bruce
  10. This is a game changer. Particularly impressed by the bogie and underframe detail. Bruce
  11. I spoke to Phil yesterday because I too had multi-payments showing in the "pending" section of my Credit Card, and I've only ordered 1 model. I assume they'd had trouble taking it (I had only ordered one) and wanted to check that it had gone through correctly. It had, they've just had some problems with there system which means it made multiple requests, but only 1 will actually be authorised they rest should not progress beyond the "pending" section. Bruce
  12. Payment for my 97201 was taken this morning so they can’t be that far away Bruce
  13. Reliably informed that 37099 is about to arrive in Aberystwyth tonight ready for possession work over the weekend. Bruce
  14. I believe the Accurascale will be fitted with a Loksound v5. Bruce
  15. And still do. I also have a feeling they may recently have started making the Humbrol range too. Bruce
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