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  1. Looks like a peak to me! Bruce
  2. This is a game changer. Particularly impressed by the bogie and underframe detail. Bruce
  3. I spoke to Phil yesterday because I too had multi-payments showing in the "pending" section of my Credit Card, and I've only ordered 1 model. I assume they'd had trouble taking it (I had only ordered one) and wanted to check that it had gone through correctly. It had, they've just had some problems with there system which means it made multiple requests, but only 1 will actually be authorised they rest should not progress beyond the "pending" section. Bruce
  4. Payment for my 97201 was taken this morning so they can’t be that far away Bruce
  5. Reliably informed that 37099 is about to arrive in Aberystwyth tonight ready for possession work over the weekend. Bruce
  6. D400

    ESU Loksound V5

    I believe the Accurascale will be fitted with a Loksound v5. Bruce
  7. And still do. I also have a feeling they may recently have started making the Humbrol range too. Bruce
  8. Some shots of the samples on the Bachmann Stand yesterday. Bruce
  9. First time customer, ordered items on Monday at 11:30, arrived Tuesday 10:42 ! Less than 24hrs later! Very impressed will shop with you again! Bruce
  10. What happened to Steve Brammer? Tried to PM him but nothing. Cheers, Bruce
  11. A nice touch and a believe a "first" for a RTR model is the white tyre slip marks - very nice. Bruce
  12. Afternoon all, After various experiments I thought I'd share my EM2 fit for a class 37. The chassis is milled out at the non fan (B) end of the locomotive and the PCB totally replaced with a custom PCB that I have developed myself. This PCB fits in the original Bachmann speaker location under the fan and adds additional functions AUX3 and AUX4 which are used to control the tail lights. In addition both cab lights are now on separate functions to enable directional cab lighting. A MTC 21 Loksound v4 simply plugs straight into the new PCB. Advantages over the ESU board are there are additional connection points for pickups from both bogies, plus 4 common feed connections to serve both ends of the loco as well as the cab lighting PCBs. Two surface mount resistors are also provided on AUX1 and AUX2 for the cab lighting, on the Bachmann 37 the other resistors are located on the nose PCBs The board is 35mm x 21.5mm to provide a snug fit in it's new location. If anyone is interested I can provide these at cost, though I must stress I cannot provide any cover for any damage to chips caused by using them - use at own risk! If anyone is interested drop me a PM. Cheers, Bruce
  13. Yes they are on the outside of the windows. Bruce
  14. As requested, a few quick iPhone snaps I'm afraid is all I can do. Cheers, Bruce
  15. Well box of dreams arrived this morning. First impressions? Very impressed the level of detail is not something we've seen on a "modern image" carriage before and is welcome - also for the price they represent great value for money. Finish is excellent, particularly nice is the different satin/gloss finish to the two sides of the corridor connections which represents these well. Word of warning: I don't know if these have been "forgotten" but for some reason the footsteps on both my models were only held in place with luck... and promptly fell off! Fortunately all were recovered and simple enough to refit with a dash of superglue - you have been warned!! I have managed to take my TSO apart - something I don't recommend! Body simply clips on, but you need to detach the ETH gear first - the "socket" on the chassis does actually come apart for this purpose, though I don't discover that until afterwards! Also I would recommend removing the couplings from the sockets first, as the chassis bends the close coupling mechanism self destructs and then jams between the chassis and the interior! To solve this I had to remove the interior (3 screws) and then carefully reassemble the mechanism. I can confirm that when apart there does not appear to be any provision for lights, not that fitting lights would be particularly difficult. Colour - I think we were balloted on this if I remember right? It is always a subjective question, only the buff colour really comes into question, and it doesn't match other companies attempts, however looking at photographs and video I would say it is probably closer than other attempts - it is very subtle and doesn't show well in the photos on Hatton's website. On the whole though and excellent model and for the price well worth investing in - as others have said I hope Oxford expand their range sooner rather than later! HST trailers would be particularly useful! Bruce
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