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  1. As stated by many others Hornby decoders are no good for the Heljan 47's due to the high current draw that the motors need. They like to go up in smoke in no time. Bachmann 3 function decoders are what I have used in them with absolutely no problems but its all down to preference and budgets.
  2. Hi guys im looking for a plough/cow catcher and cosmetic coupling for my Bachmann 150/2 as I bought one recently but these 2 things are missing from one end.
  3. A truly remarkable achievement by all who are involved. I can see Starcross and Dawlish Warren from my window across the estuary and at night you can see the tower lights where the work is happening. I will be using the line again to go and visit the girlfriend on a regular basis. Well done to all and a big thanks to 'Captain Kernow' for supplying us all with regular pictures, updates and all of the other things he has taken time to supply us with.
  4. According to a well known Exeter driver on another forum there is a FGW HST (5c95) moving west in the early hours of friday morning.
  5. That has already answered the question i was going to ask!
  6. Don't forget that those sections are strengthened with steel bars/rods inside. Possibly tougher to break than the original wall as that is likely to just be stone cemented together just like a traditional wall. Always open to being corrected though of course.
  7. This one? If so then it still resides in Inverness as i haven't got around to fetching all of my things from my ex yet.
  8. Ernie, this may be a long shot but this picture looks very familiar. Did you ever sell the boards with this double slip on Ebay some years back?
  9. 37100 didn't have split boxes when in Transrail, it lost the boxes well before that livery.
  10. I believe that they replace some of the material daily that gets 'knocked off' by the waves at high tide. The containers have certainly taken a battering since they have been in situ so keeping them brimmed/topped with stone etc will ensure that they continue to give some protection against the waves.
  11. It was indeed a Lima error. Here is a pic of the real machine in the correct RES livery: http://www.class47.co.uk/c47_zoom_v3.php?img=0998000258000
  12. Looking for that tiny little screw thats fallen between the fibres of a thick carpet......

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      That throws up all sorts of connotations.....most of 'em wrong. LOL

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      agree`s with horsetan lmao

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      That comment really bangs indeed! :-D

  13. Looking for that tiny little screw thats fallen between the fibres of a thick carpet......

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