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  1. DDolfelin

    Jock 67B

    Sleep peacefully, Jock.
  2. When I've done the quiz I'll pop out and organise world peace.
  3. You're steaming along, Lisa. So will this model in short order at this rate of progress!
  4. Pleased to see so much progress! If it were me I'd just have reached the realisation that I was holding the plans upside down.
  5. That's sad news, Martin. I considered him a friend, albeit virtual.
  6. Good to see - your father will be interested in progress i expect!
  7. Thanks for that, Dick. Useful information. Be interesting to see how the tender works out in the long run.
  8. Just stumbled across this thread. Admirable work - very impressed! As someone who tends to distort reality in whatever the scale of the moment, your search for realism is commendable. Love that little hut from five years ago!
  9. Wittering Moor in 'N' should be finished by then but I can't offer it for display - I'm running an event on the Sunday (see below). Will have to look for another venue I can reach in under three hours!
  10. Conflicts with an event in the village but I should be able to make Sunday. Thanks for the info!
  11. Has it dried yet, Robert? (You're worse than me for finishing stuff!).
  12. Any news about a date for the Colwyn/Llandudno Show please? (I was going to say 'in case SWMBO can't make it' but thought it might confuse the issue).
  13. Nothing changes really. I get a name-check in the second screen shot - in the 'Help' section. A brilliant job, Andy. Ten years!!!! Hope you have an exit strategy! Congratulations and many thanks.
  14. I'd forgotten about this upload. They are often represented at local model rail shows too. The 'unsafe bridge' is still controlled by traffic lights to single flow but it shouldn't hold things up for long. Let's hope something else is holding up the bridge.
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