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  1. I am a figment of collective imagination, nothing more nothing less.
  2. All stopped at the moment whilst new track is purchased for the 10 loops at the back of the layout. Taking my time with this bit as its crucial to simple operation.
  3. Heater just on and off low, but its very well insulated. Yes Col you certainly did mention it. I'm hoping the changes are minimal really and there will be enough flex in the structure to cope. We shall see. Anyway a nice collection of motive power waiting to work trains North this evening on track that now stays clean. Yayyyy Thank you everyone for the inputs on here, its been most informative and good fun. For similar nonsense see my Blackford-Gleneagles thread in layouts.
  4. Like the signature Proof..... If rising damp were a thing it would be right up the wall. неуклюжий
  5. Wonder why it doesn't tarnish?? That is higher than any readings I have had and is really wet. How is your ventilation?
  6. Yes chemical damp treatment and fixed barriers are different. Anyway big progress, home after work today Thanks for all the responses and ideas, sometimes you just can't see the answer even though its right in front of your face. The track is showing signs of fewer black spots now too.
  7. Brilliant stuff Russ. Really has a sense of space. The track diagrams look railway rather than 'model railway'. Cracking.
  8. They don't have them in Holland as they don't believe rising damp can occur and I'm inclined to agree. Industry standards are proof of nothing. The idea of injecting a chemical into sandstone for example in a solid wall house to fix damp is lunacy! I've seen these cowboys selling this nonsense for years and it makes no difference whatsoever. Take all the cement off, plaster with lime and let the house breathe. Absolutely do not put 200mm of insulation on the roof if you don't want to kill and old house.
  9. We'll have to agree to differ on DPCs. Progress though....
  10. Very good question. Its been the glue of choice for years, I don't know of another way. Be interesting to see if anyone has done some different.
  11. Todays simple addition. Its in a slightly more Southerly location but I couldn't not have them on the layout!! The East Peterhead Symbol Stone. Further information...... https://canmore.org.uk/site/25924/peterhead-farm-gleneagles https://m.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=509
  12. Excellent stuff. Modern buildings are built with these regs and conditions in mind. What we have done to old houses with the regulations and push to energy saving and heat retention has wrecked them. The building materials of anything pre first world war just aren't able to cope with double glazing and insulation. As mentioned above they re designed to be draughty with open fires creating the flow. The rush to double glazing and insulation then lead to the rush for damp proof courses people didn't need. It most cases it isn't damp from the outside but condensation of warm, trapped, wet air coming in contact with the coldest place the bottom of the wall. Todays readings at 0830 were 18c and 58 which is an improvement on last nights. Going in the right direction hopefully.
  13. Later on Kingfisher worked past the newly installed copse to the South of Bridge 147 with a 4hr Aberdeen working. Followed shortly after by double chimneyed Dundee based A2 Blue Peter on a Dundee-Glasgow
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