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  1. Does anyone have an update on the Standard 5s due this year? I guess it could be how longs a piece of string?
  2. Not much to report. Have weathered 60027 Merlin in standard St Rollox all over filth. 60024 Kingfisher in fairly presentable Ferryhill grime.
  3. Superb stuff. Those class 7 flasks were battering along it was never like that How long is the run of your scenic section in feet please?
  4. Still no shed so just getting on with weathering as and when stock arrives. Pretty happy with how the weathering is going. City of Liverpool of Kingmoor Depot works an afternoon Carlisle-Perth vans.
  5. The sign highlighted in the pic is AWB (apply wagon brakes). Can anyone remember seeing class F or H freights stopping there to 'pin' down before continuing North?
  6. Excellent, glad its not just me. I used to have a 20 sided dice when operating Caolisport rolled every 12 hours to bring up an array of operational and technical problems. Really brings a layout to life and challenges operators. The idea of stepping up locos and stock or working around points failures is part and parcel of railway operations. No point having a fantastic model if its not going to be operated correctly.
  7. No change still as of today. Very sad, I wonder what happened? If you can time it right and it suits your modelling these recordings are better than sound files contained within engines.
  8. The more I look the better it gets. Plenty of space and minimal railway modelling. Think its the only way to capture the essence of railways. Certainly up there where you have chosen but pretty sure it applies to most locations. It would have been so tempting to pack a load in that super space.
  9. As I'm only running plain line on the visible part of this layout i was think of using finescale track. Are locos like the Farish Scot, Jub and possibly the Black Five ok to run on it? I assume all of the Dapol stuff and the later Farish locos like the Duchess, Class 40 and A2/A1 are ok? Any knowledge on this out there? Thanks Claggy
  10. Good finds. That would sort of suggest Perth and Carlisle men had them that early too. Plot thickens. No need to apologise, we're just working through a complicated period. All good learning.
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