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  1. One guest operator, and yes ill be there after my sojourn to the UAE.
  2. If thats the case, its currently Chinese New Year, whichis due to be extended duetothe Corona Virus, and then it willtake 6 weeks by boat from China. Therefore if thats the worse case scenario, Mid April before next shipment is ready to dispatch to customers.
  3. Unfortunately George and myself will be at Weston Super Mare with one of our layouts...... Hope the show goes well guys.
  4. Now also the main picture on the DEMU Showcase flyer 2020
  5. Or maybe it’s the worlds worst kept secret that’s starts with a 3 and ends with a 7..........
  6. I’m very disappointed that there is no driver, who makes a cup of tea, climbs out of the cab, walks to the bog and then reads a newspaper. Stunning model, great packaging, full marks to Phil who has improved an already impressive model.
  7. On Facebook there is Model Bus and Coach Group and MBF ( Model Bus Federation )
  8. Its always a good one........
  9. We were going to turn up with it anyway.......
  10. Mmm, no listing for Fenchurch St Peter....... Thought it was appearing this year.
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