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  1. The destination lights on my EMT version are not on, my model is a DCC sound fitted model. Is there a CV code for the destination lights? I cannot find one in the list of CV's included in the box. Any advice please.
  2. Harry and Andrea are a great couple, very helpful and always seem to have the kit and accessories you want (or even dont want! ). Been trying to get them to come to DEMU Showcase for years but it always clashes with their annual family holiday.
  3. Plus freight from China, cost of sale ( Hornby staff, warehousing, packing )
  4. Exactly the same for me, i bought one of the original 500, i couldnt care less if they made 20,000. I bought it for the sentiment it represents, i probably wont even bother fitting lights of a decoder to it.
  5. Perservere, it has taken me an hour to place a order, their website is sooooooo slow, it is even slower than Dial Up Internet!!!!
  6. Was it, who cares, not interested, don't understand it, whats the point, who am i........................
  7. A very big thank you to Les and the team at Preston Model Railway Club for their great hospitality over the weekend. Fenchurch St Peter is now back in its storage home after performing well ver the weekend. George, Richard and myself look forward to seeing you all again in the future.
  8. One guest operator, and yes ill be there after my sojourn to the UAE.
  9. If thats the case, its currently Chinese New Year, whichis due to be extended duetothe Corona Virus, and then it willtake 6 weeks by boat from China. Therefore if thats the worse case scenario, Mid April before next shipment is ready to dispatch to customers.
  10. Unfortunately George and myself will be at Weston Super Mare with one of our layouts...... Hope the show goes well guys.
  11. Now also the main picture on the DEMU Showcase flyer 2020
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