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  1. Great photos, brings back a lot of memories. Keep them coming
  2. I wonder, who usually stays at mine, but has let me down this year...................... Shame you cant make it Mick, see you soon bud
  3. So two minor "celebrities" cant make it, but a least the A list are still confirmed attendees...............
  4. Not at all Anthony, i was taking the "P" that you had left out a T in the name and it sounded more upmarket.............
  5. I can vouch for that!!!!!
  6. Oooooh, Suton St James, is that it's "posh" name
  7. Lets hope so Ian, lookforward to seeing you next year
  8. Well Ian it was a case of Swadlincote or no show being presented. There was a frequent bus service to Swadlincote on Saturday and our own bus added to this on Sunday, with a bus stop right outside the door of the venue. its your choice not to come, but many people did arrive by train/bus with no problem at all. People i know came from the West Country and the North West by train with no problems There's a good chance that we will be at the the venue next year as despite the change of venue, our numbers through the door held up very well with the busiest Sunday i have seen at a DEMU Showcase.
  9. We supplied a Free Vinage bus service today to supplement the normal bus service as this was every hour following posts that there was not a train station in Swadlincote and that th normal bus wouldkake 35 minutes. The bus was timed to coincide with the arrival of trains to Burton Station. First journey carried two pssengers Senond journey carried 3 passengers Third journey carried ONE passenger. I will not bother to list the rest but you get the picture......................................... There is an abundance of free parking on or within 300 yds of the venue something that was not available for quite a few years at Burton Town Hall.
  10. Don't worry i will......
  11. Hi Daz, there is always those who don’t like change, think it is easy to organise an exhibition (especially when your venue changes at short notice ) but fear not. I’m expecting these experts to come to the AGM on Saturday after the show and put themselves forward to take over the reigns and and show, Guy, Tom, George and I how it should be done. See you all in a couple of weeks for our 25th anniversary show.
  12. Im not going to let him in unless there is a model of me in the Depot aking photos, as North London was my "stomping ground" as a teenager.
  13. A N other will be Simon George as i understand it folowing a chat with Cobbler ( Richard C )
  14. Hopefully DEMU Showcase then 1st/2nd June
  15. Look forward to being there next year with Fenchurch St Peter ( and George hopefully!!!! )
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