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  1. In addition to the above list I also have a Syphon, GUV and a couple of other NPCS which get added to the passenger trains as the mood takes me and even form a parcels train from time to time. Dave
  2. Hello Keith, The answer to your question is yes. The 4 fiddle yard roads are allocated from the back as follows: Branch goods train - 3/4 vans, 1/2 coal wagons & Toad Branch autocoach & 64xx or a diesel railcar Branch passenger train - 2 Collet suburbans or B set Through corridor stock detached at "junction". Either 1 or 2 coaches sometimes maroon other times chocolate & cream The locos depend on my mood, here's the roster danemouth Loco List.pdf and the coaching stock mostly bought for previous incarnations and most are back in their boxes Danemouth Coaching Stock.pdf Next purchase will be a green 117 but will run as a 2 car set due to the size of the fiddle yards. Dave
  3. Danemouth is the samr size , a similar plan with an extra siding https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/134246-danemouth-a-seaside-blt/&do=findComment&comment=3684944 Cheers, Dave
  4. Philip, Apply Rule One, The backstory can be that Cardiff were lent one when they had multiple failures of whatever, This is always happening in Danemouth :-) Dave
  5. Hello Chilly, Yes, the points used the original Cobalt Motors which also provide the frog polarity switching via their auxiliary switch. They are driven via DCC Concept decoders by my Powercab. I orginally used frog juicersbut both failed after some years so I went over to the points themsekves switching polarity. Dave
  6. The current version of Danemouth has a Code 75 3 way point in the FY - previous incarnations have included 2 of them in the scenic area. They have worked without problems - just follow Peco's wiring diagram. Similarly all the versions of Danemouth have had a double slip which have given no problems. Just remember the frogs are not difficult to wire, but make sure you connect each frog wire to the correct point switch - that got me the first time! Dave
  7. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so have a look here. This is the underside of Danemouth and shows the wiring - note the three switches! Since these photos were taken the frog juicers have been removed and the Cobalt point motors now switch frog polarity. Dave
  8. Hello Andy, My favourite was Pencarne. Hope all goes to plan this week, Dave
  9. About six years, it was odd that they failed within a couple of weeks of each other. Dave
  10. I used the Tam Valley ones for some years on the various incarnations of Danemouth. Eventually both of them failed so I bit the bullet and started using the switches in the Cobalt motors instead. Dave
  11. The dimensions are on the website, just click the scale/size link Cheers, Dave
  12. I've used Powercabs for ten years; my understanding as that a single Powercab must be in the left socket (with the red led below the sockets) and must be address 2 Dave
  13. Saundersfoot was one such station. Dave
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