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  1. ... and any cat with a tail is a tourist
  2. I saw the headline at the start of your last post and thought "he's at it again". It was only when I read below that I realised it wasn't the whole lot being ripped up Dave
  3. Have seen the images of you using this controller on a previous layout I did have a look at it. At the time I looked it did not support macros - I use these on the Powercab for route selection. Having said that your controller has a lot of advantages, especially being able to name functions - this is a real pain as each chip manufacturer seems to do their own thing. I ended up with an A3+ chart to map them! Cheers, keep the photos coming please, Dave
  4. Well I've listened to you lot telling us all the languges you speak I feel envious. When it comes to speaking furren I have a tin ear - I tried to learn French in school but was so appalling I did something else at O level In unrelated news today Cardiff celebrates 66 years of being the capital of the Principality. I was in my first year of Junior School and we were each given a certificate - I still have mine somewhere! Dave
  5. The skips were £270 each off the road, on the road the licence costs upwards of £60 a throw in addition. Nothing related to model railways ended up the the skip - about the only kits I can manage are from Metcalfe before my legendary [email protected] takes over This also limits my decorating skills unlike you Mr Bear, so this year I got a professional in to paint the outside and decorate the landing hall and stairs, a bedroom and a living room. Don't ask how much!!! Dave
  6. Well back in June SWMBO decided it was time for a turn out of the stuff we accumulated over the past 20+ years that we've been in this house. We filled two builders skips and that excludes the stuff I gave to my son in law to sell and the stuff the metal fairies took from the skips. I can now enter the spare bedroom over the garage! Dave
  7. IIRC the previous version was 1.28.
  8. I have been known to quaff the odd pint of Brains Not recently due to lockdown and canned beer is unappealing to me. Of an evening at Castell Danemouth I drink dry white wine and Penderyn. At one time I loved red wine but it no longer agrees with me Dave
  9. Living in Cardiff I avoid the city centre when there are major events on particularly of a sporting nature. I have never been to a rugby or football match or any other sporting event for that matter I may be the only man in Wales who loathes all sport! Dave
  10. The lack of standardisation of sound keys is a real pain in the ****. The attached document is how I tackled the problem on Danemouth. I do find myself turning he sound off after a while and always when a loco is in the fiddleyard. Dave Danemouth Loco Roster.pdf
  11. Indeed I do Colonel Hippo Sir! SWMBO was brought up in Caer Wenaullt Dave
  12. Hello Broadleaves, You may find the Metcalfe carboard plalform kits just the ticket https://www.metcalfemodels.com/product/po235-00-h0-stone-platform-k https://www.metcalfemodels.com/product/po216-00-h0-red-brick-platform-kit/ Even I, whose modelling skills are shall we say not good managed to make a curved platform on Danemouth. Cheers, Dave
  13. My granparents lived in Railway Street Cardiff and their house backed onto the reception line for Roath Sidings. I have a memory of seeing a Cordon on the sidings in the 1950;s and asking what it was - I was told "Cordon". Dave
  14. Are you running NoScript on Firefox? That may well cause problems unless you trust Google. Dave
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