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  1. You have no headshunt which will make shunting the two sidings difficult - The headshunt would also eliminate the need for a trap point. Have a look at my layout plan here. Regards, Dave
  2. Tom, IMHO the first plan is the better of the two. In the second plan you would still need a trap point to protect the running line from traffic in the cattle dock siding. Cheers, Dave
  3. Used this company for the first time this week for the station signs and layout totem for Danemouth. Had a proofs in less than 24 hours, I commented that there was no signal box sign - James made a small change to include a pair of them. Self adhesive signs delivered yesterday. Reommended - no connection with this company other than as a satisfied customer. Dave
  4. For me the most enjoyable show was the Cardiff Small Show last January. Why? I actually exhibited a layout - Danemouth - albeit a work in progress. I never thought the day would come when i would be in a position to exhibit anything! After all my hamfistedness is of legendary proportions so to acheive this was a huge milestone for me. Dave
  5. John, Your plan is very similar to my layout Danemouth - have a look here May I make two suggestions: Harlequin of this parish suggested a curve in the platform - for me this transformed a trainset look into something far more prototypical, and BR2975 also of this parish suggested taking the headshunt under the bridge and into the fiddleyard - this makes shunting easier and in theory could lead to a "turntable" (Peco loco Lift) for tender engines. Also my track layout does not require any trap points - others are better placed than me as to where they are needed on your plan. Looking forward to seeing how things progress - I am a sucker for BLTs! Cheers, Dave
  6. I've been using a Powercab for ten years and find being able to use it in one hand a real boon. Danemouth has eleven points operated by the original Cobalts via DCC Concepts decoders - the Powercab can be configured to display the current drawn - with no locos mine shows .14amp - even with a couple of sound locos running it rarely reach .6amp. One of the features on the Powercab is macros which I use to set routes. I've described it below Regards, Dave Regards
  7. Danemouth

    Little Muddle

    My preference is the top picture; the effects in the bottom picture look a little too much for my taste. Please do keep the photos coming Dave
  8. At next year's show I would like to think the organisers will place these two stands at opposite ends of the show to reduce any friction. Dave
  9. 3 metre 6 wire lead for a Powercab https://www.dccsupplies.com/item-p-105230/curly-cable-nce-power-cab-3m-6-wire.htm Works well on my layout and only £12 Usual disclaimer, Dave
  10. Collected mine from the same emporium this morning and also a 4575 Prairie in weathered black! Peter checked the handrails for me. How will you dull the buffer heads and wheels please John? Cheers, Dave
  11. Again thanks for posting - my wallet is most grateful as there is nothing there that catches my eye. Cheers, Dave
  12. I presume we are talking about am emporium on Penarth Road - in which case next week will see him sell a couple of coaches to me. Like you i will assume that a set was broken up and two or three coaches ended up at Danemouth. Cheers, Dave
  13. Andy, I was very impressed by the last photo; the way the backscene blends with the fencing and foreground! If I only had a tenth of your skill.................. Regards, Dave
  14. John, look to see if you have set up some form of exposure correction, I would guess you are underexposing by about one stop. Dave
  15. I do hope you were not foolish enough to use SWMBOs rolling pin! looking very good, Dave
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