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  1. Seems to run smoothly even over my track which is shall we say rough indifferent in a couple of places. The Bachmann decoder includes a setting I haven't seen before - F 20 turn inertia off or on (latching setting). I will try and make a short video next week. Dave
  2. As he delivered mine this very afternoon. And it was not the RRP though slightly more expensive than Rails. I try to support Peter whenever I can - it's a case of use it or lose it apart from which he is friendly and very helpful. Dave
  3. The owner of a certain modelling emporium in the capital of the Principality delivered 9479 this afternoon and the loco was quickly out into service. So here it is arriving and running around and departing 9479 is joined by the other recent addition 7310 Finally all five of Danemouth's Panniers pose for a group phote I have a couple of small problems needing my attention These are the first two locos I have bought with sound fitted
  4. They are facing the junction which is North of Danemouth Dave
  5. And now something for HH. Danemouth took delivery of 9479 today so here she is with her pannier friends - that makes five in total Doubtless our friendly neighbourhood Pachyderm will new feel ecstatic Dave
  6. I got my "Round Tuit" out today and took some photos of the mogul with two coaches detached from an express at "The Junction" We start with the train emerging under the bridge In the next photo 7310 is on its way to the (offstage) turntable - the Oxford Horny Goods Shed is now in-situ The train is ready to depart and off she goes! My Bacmann sound fitted 94xx late crest is on its way to me so as long as my "Round Tuit" doesn't disappear I should be able to
  7. Thanks Phillip, Just spoken to the owner of the said model shop - late crest sound version will be winging its way to me shortly. Dave
  8. Has Cardiff got over that yet HH? Dave p.s It's hissing down today and very,very dull!
  9. Cardiff Small Show - coming up to twelve months ago Dave
  10. Three Trix (TTR) controllers and a Trix transformer - open the latter and I bet you will find the insulation in very poor condition. Had TTR as a boy! Dave
  11. Panniers of the GWR type are my favourite loco but that is possibly the ugliest loco I've ever seen! Dave
  12. The Green, late crest, sound fitted Mogul arrived today. It has run successfully on the rolling road and up and down the track. I will shortly be installing the new goods shed, so with a bit of luck I should be able to post some photos before the end of the week. Dave
  13. Good to hear from you Brian. Yes, my cataract operation was successful and I can see properly again though only in one eye - the other is peripheral vision only and has been for several years. Danemouth is expecting a new loco over the next couple of days - a sound-fitted Late Crest mogul! I understand that the Class 117 DMUs in two car form and the Dapol Prairie are being released this year so that will give my wallet a shock. Just before Christmas my GWR goods shed (the new Hornby one)was delivered to replace the existing one - that happens this week.
  14. And you have a plan very similar to my layout Danemouth The only thing I will say having shown it at a couple of exhibitions is that there are times I wish there was a third siding. Dave
  15. A Merry Christmas to you all. 'er indoors has given me, amongst other things a bottle of Penderin. Suitable anti-HH measures have been implemented to guard against marauding Hippos Dave
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