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  1. The Register quotes: 20/12/39 Swindon Intermediate 04/04/42 Swindon Light 30/07/42 Swindon Intermediate 10/12/42 Swindon Light 23/02/44 Swindon Light 19/01/46 Swindon Intermediate 16/06/48 Swindon General 06/06/50 Swindon Light Casual Its first Heavy General overhaul did not occur until 22/08/51, obviously again at Swindon.
  2. Although built with tapered buffers, 7804 appears to be one of the early class members to receive the parallel replacements, probably during its General at Swindon in June 1948. In the 1949 image of it in Peto's, they certainly look like the later design of buffers.
  3. ‘Maybe’ is the key word in that statement Neil. The Brassmasters Cowan Sheldon conversion/detail kit has been a very protracted gestation. Still, they say patience is a virtue, and I’m sure it will be worth the wait!
  4. Neil, A few more snippets that may be of assistance. The 6-wheel Tool Van No.114 is identical to No.112 that Dave photographed at the Severn Valley above. Newton Abbot's Tool Van No.141 survives, also at the Severn Valley. There is an identical vehicle, No.146 at the South Devon Railway, which I know is closer to you. Regarding using the Haye Developments etches to represent these vehicles, the Tool Van is perfect for building No.141, but the Mess Van requires a bit more work. As it was a later build, No.103 features a sheet metal body rather than the vertical planking of the earlier vehicles (as represented by the kit). On my model of No. 103, I took the laborious decision to fill the planking groves! This literally took me days, and in hindsight I should have just fabricated new bodysides. Still, together with my 36-ton Ransome & Rapier Crane, they make a lovely little cameo. I am just waiting for Brassmasters to finally put out their etched detailing kit for the Cowan Sheldon 15-ton Crane (D&S Models kit) and I can add No.8, and complete the Newton Abbot breakdown train roster for 1958. Regards, Andy.
  5. Hi Neil, Like with most things relating to Newton Abbot Shed, images of the breakdown vehicles are scant. During the BR(W) period the Mess Van was No.103, a 4-wheeler built in 1938 to Lot.1302. The Tool Van was originally No.114, a six-wheeler built in 1904 to Lot.446. This was replaced in 1953 by No.141, a four-wheeler built in 1908 to Lot.579. Included are a few images I have of these vehicles at Newton, the colour image of No.103 shows off well the plain black livery and yellow lettering they carried in BR days. The image of No.114, although from GW days, shows it with 36-ton Ransomes & Rapier Crane No.3. Hope this helps, Andy.
  6. Thanks for the update Mike. I did wonder what had become of the etches following Roger’s passing. I’m not in the market myself for another set, but if the 6-wheel version was to materialise, that would be another matter. Regards, Andy.
  7. Hi Neil, I know in your OP you were asking about vehicles for conversion, but I’m just checking you are aware of the CSP (former Haye) kit for the Mess & Tool Vans. Not sure of their current availability in 4mm, as the website only seems to refer to the Sans Pareil 7mm version. They make up into very nice models and were around £50 last time I saw them advertised. Regards, Andy.
  8. is just finishing off a Spitfire PR IV, then it’s back to some serious railway modelling.

    1. 46444


      Think a blog entry is needed Andy...

    2. railroadbill


      Can't beat a spitfire as a model...

  9. All I wanted for Christmas was socks.....and the wife got me a Mitchell Castle....bah humbug!

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      mike morley

      Well,if you don't want it . . .

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      Some people are never satisfied ...

  10. I can’t comment on the book you mention. But in answer to the second part of your question, ‘I Tried To Run A Railway ‘ by Gerry Fiennes is a brilliant read. Regards, Andy.
  11. Yes, the Footballer plate is still hanging in the place you describe. I never understood its relevance to Pendon though.
  12. Drew, This sounds like one of your extravaganzas not to be missed! One ticket for me please. Kind regards, Andy.
  13. has spent the day amassing some 125 mileage......whilst we still can!

  14. Hi Ian, I think I expressed my interest when you first muted the O.33. But if not, a complete kit for this call-sign please. Regards, Andy.
  15. Didcot’s 5783 appears in Vol.3 of the Pannier Papers, as well as the previously mentioned 5775. There was surely others.
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