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  1. Tony, Those backscenes on Sandy Bay, Wickwar and Brinklow are particularly effective. Not knowing the layouts, are they true representations or Photoshopped? Excellent work regardless! Regards, Andy.
  2. Hywel, many thanks for your reply and that is a lovely observed piece of modelling. Regards, Andy.
  3. Andy M

    Steam at Swindon

    Recently released from Transport Treasury, is Volume 5 in the series of books featuring the archive of the late great R.C. 'Dick' Riley. This book contains 150+ images taken during his numerous visits to Swindon Works, Shed and Station between the years 1937-1964 and is divided into three chapters: Pre-Nationalisation Great Western (1937-1947), Early Years of the Western Region (1948-1956) and Western Steam Finale (1957-1964). It was my great pleasure to choose, edit and caption this selection of treasures, which not only document the changing face of the Great Western's engineering metropolis, but also show the development of the skills of one of our greatest railway photographers. At just £14.50 for 112 pages, these books are very good value for money and I do hope readers enjoy it as much as I did dusting off the old grey matter to research and put it together. Regards, Andy.
  4. Very sad news indeed, but not totally unexpected. This place was my sanctuary during my three years working in Whitehall.
  5. Thanks Will, I agree with all your points, it has definitely had an open verandah enclosed, in addition to a stable type door added. I initially thought a 20 footer, going on the width of the rectangular handrails, but the angle of the photo could be giving a compressed illusion. My main hope is that someone may have a listing of the Departmental Stock numbers and DW50 would give away its origin. Regardless, thanks for your reply. Regards, Andy.
  6. I wonder if anyone could assist in identifying the diagram of the ex-GWR Toad, converted to run as a Tool Van with the Newton Abbot Breakdown Train, as seen in this 03 July 1957 image. Admittedly it is only partially visible seen attached to Cowans Sheldon 15-ton Crane No.8, but this may be enough for some of you GWR Wagon Guru's to offer an identity. It appears to be numbered DW50 and my trawls of the usual source material has thus far drawn a blank. Any information or opinion would be most appreciated. Kind regards, Andy.
  7. Hi Rich, The first time I encountered that image was in an article by Ian Sixsmith entitled UNDER THE WALL : Newton Abbot Shed - From Broad Gauge to Diesels. It is dated 29th May 1958 and the photographer was K.C.H. Fairey. I'm sure it has appeared in print elsewhere as well, but can't place where at present. Regards, Andy.
  8. Pete, It saddens me to hear the layout has fallen into slight disrepair, but I hope you can piece the puzzle back together and have at least secured its future. Maindee was a beautifully executed example of observational modelling, which I didn’t even realise was being placed on the market. I also wonder what happened to Steffan’s locomotive roster and those fantastic cranes? Regards, Andy.
  9. Pete, Did the smoke system that Steffan devised for the layout survive and be included in the Auction Lot? It was a remarkable piece of engineering, that he only used on a few occasions due to its tendency to activate venue fire detectors! Regards, Andy.
  10. That is brilliant, thank you Pete. Regards, Andy.
  11. Can anyone please help in identifying the narrow gauge 0-4-0 DM Shunter featured in the images, seen shunting at the Dean Hill Royal Navy Armament Depot during WW2? It appears to have worked there from the opening of the site in 1943 and I thought it looks like a Fowler. The Industrial Railways Society however only list a standard gauge Fowler allocated there, with most of the narrow gauge fleet being Hunslet's. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, Andy.
  12. Andy M

    Roy Jackson

    Such very sad news and a huge loss to the railway modelling community. You just need to read the words people have used to gauge the esteem in which Roy was held. I very much enjoyed our conversations at shows over the years, his forthright opinion and pithy wit, always struck a chord with me. A generous, visionary of a man, whose legacy in Retford, will hopefully go some way towards filling the void he leaves behind. RIP Roy, and condolences to those closest to him. Andy.
  13. Indeed…………Rule 1 would have to be applied!
  14. Roy, Both locomotives received plated over headcodes during Intermediate overhauls at Doncaster: 55001 - 27 Feb 1977 55018 - 10 Dec 1977 Ballymoss got white cab surrounds at Finsbury Park on 15 Aug 1979. Regards, Andy.
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