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  1. Thank you both for the clarification. I am an existing Kernow customer (registered on their system) but have never noticed such activity for pre-orders before. Mind set at rest however, and awaiting the arrival of this model with great anticipation, having seen Rapido offerings in the past. Regards, Andy.
  2. I have a quick question regarding the online ordering of the 16xx. Order successfully placed and money debited from account (electronic receipt received). Then within hours money credited back to account (electronic receipt received stating deposit returned). Is this the normal process for such ordering, being dealt with by a third party (i.e. Kernow) and is my order even still valid? I will contact them next week, but wondered if others had received similar activity. Regards, Andy.
  3. Hi Neil, Yes that is the plan. I've known about it's existence for a number of years, along with another departmental toad that lived at Newton Abbot, but have had difficulties obtaining decent images to get the required details. I have an Oxford Rail AA3 Toad already re-gauged to EM, that will be the donor vehicle. I think I now have enough info to make a start, and as with many things, corrections can be made later if more images come to light. This will be the last piece in my Newton Abbot Breakdown Train jigsaw, to go with Ransomes & Rapier 36-ton Cr
  4. Will, This enlargement from a slightly different angle, I think shows it to be a 4-wheel van. There is no evidence of springs below the centre of the solebar. Andy.
  5. I have managed to find another photograph of Tool Van DW50, taken on 04 Dec 1955. This to me looks like a converted AA3, with the veranda boarded-in and centre windows added.....any further thoughts? Regards, Andy.
  6. This is indeed very sad news. I only met Stuart on one occasion, when he delivered a fantastic lecture at the Tolson Museum in Huddersfield in the mid-80s. The various editions of his Atlas have been ever present on my bookshelves, providing an invaluable reference source over the years. Rest in peace Stuart and condolences to his family and friends. Andy.
  7. In his book A Pictorial Record of British Railways Standard Steam Locomotives, Edward Talbot states: 'Most works used 8" high numerals for cab-side numbers but there were some variations. Swindon used 9" and Darlington and Cowlairs 10", while Doncaster appears to have used 8" for Class 4 2-6-0s and 10" for class 5s, 2-6-4 tanks and 9Fs'. He is accurate with other statistics and information within this work, so I have no reason to doubt the figures he quotes in relation to cab-side numerals. Andy.
  8. Snowy, The two images below feature in my book Steam at Swindon and were taken in June 1952 (82007) and January 1953 (46518) respectively. It appears both carry the same 9" numerals that Swindon was applying to all (non ex-GWR) new builds. Regards, Andy.
  9. Great to see you back modelling Alan, I need to follow your lead and park some of the work stuff! Regards, Andy.
  10. Is lamenting the annual pilgrimage to Scaleforum.

  11. I don't usually go for the 'me too' posts, but credit where it is due. I ordered x2 RC443 - GWR 20T Ballast Wagon (Tunny) Dia P23 kits at 22:00 on Tuesday, and they arrived first thing this morning. The parts are beautifully crisp, good instructions and the unexpected bonus of a bag of whitemetal buffers/vac cylinder and brass coupling hooks. Thank you Five79, I'm very impressed and will be returning for more! Regards, Andy.
  12. Tony, Those backscenes on Sandy Bay, Wickwar and Brinklow are particularly effective. Not knowing the layouts, are they true representations or Photoshopped? Excellent work regardless! Regards, Andy.
  13. Hywel, many thanks for your reply and that is a lovely observed piece of modelling. Regards, Andy.
  14. Andy M

    Steam at Swindon

    Recently released from Transport Treasury, is Volume 5 in the series of books featuring the archive of the late great R.C. 'Dick' Riley. This book contains 150+ images taken during his numerous visits to Swindon Works, Shed and Station between the years 1937-1964 and is divided into three chapters: Pre-Nationalisation Great Western (1937-1947), Early Years of the Western Region (1948-1956) and Western Steam Finale (1957-1964). It was my great pleasure to choose, edit and caption this selection of treasures, which not only document the changing face of the Great Western's engineerin
  15. Very sad news indeed, but not totally unexpected. This place was my sanctuary during my three years working in Whitehall.
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