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  1. The image of 67027 is at Birkenhead North TMD. The funnel of the vessel which can be seen is that of a RFA, which over the years have been stored in the West Float. Currently RFA Fort Austin is moored there. Another RFA is nearer to the bridge at Duke St. HTH Andy
  2. Hey hows things going buddy??

  3. I thought of heading to North Wales today to photograph the A4 steam Locomotive 60009, but I decided to head over to Cheshire to try and phot 60071 Ribblehead Viaduct on 6F05 Tunstead-Oakleigh. I just about caught it at Mobberley after being stuck in traffic. I also captured it on its trip from Lostock Works to Oakleigh. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi All , had a bit of a wait this morning at Plumley for 6H03 Oakleigh-Tunstead came in a VSTP path at 11:47 , 1 hour later than booked. I was hoping for 60045 which had been on the circuit for a few days but 60054 was rostered today. I also was fortunate that the sun came out too ..........
  5. Hi All, as someone who has worked the Helsby-Ellesmere Port service on a couple of occasions in the last month, I would agree with Dave , that Helsby is not a 'Ghost'station. The Arriva services from here are very well used. My personal observations on 'usage' of this service are that the 15:17 departure from Helsby is the 'Box of fresh air'. The 15:48 from Helsby to Ellesmere Port has/can have up to 6/7 people on . (it connects with a Manchester -Llandudno service rather nicely). The 16:04 departure from Ellesmere Port runs through to Warrington Bank Quay arriving there at 16
  6. 60015 was hauling 6F81 from Liverpool Docks to Fiddlers Ferry yesterday. I made the dash to catch it and heres the result. 60054 passed the other way 5 minutes later. This was my first shot from this location as the footbridge has been replaced in preparation for the 'wires'. Andy
  7. 60015 visited Merseyside yesterday on 6M12 Tinsley-Seaforth steel. It stabled next to Edge Hill station until it was required to pick up its return train. 60091 was also in the area working to Liverpool Bulk terminal on 6F78, I caught it passing Edge Lane jct .
  8. Hi All, with the sun out and me being off, I headed over to Cheshire to Phot the Oakleigh-Tunstead stone empties. The attached shot is of 60059 powering through Plumley 210512.
  9. Hi All, For info my shot of 60065 (post 1227) shows it joining the Olive Mount Chord at Edge Lane.. I ve been trying to capture some of the workings in as many different locations as possible before the wires go up. Its an interesting thread this ...........long may it continue.! Andy
  10. 60045 has been back on the Liverpool Coal circuit for a few days now. My show is of it coming off Olive Mount Chord, heading east to Fiddlers Ferry P.S. Taken 300412.
  11. 60074 failed on the Lickey earlier , I believe it caused chaos. Very nice pictures jo.
  12. Visited Northwich earlier today , just missed 60054 propelling its train into Lostock Works so i decided to wait for its journey up to Oakleigh . I was fortunate the sun stayed out too!
  13. 60065 worked 6F74 from Liverpool docks-Fiddlers Ferry earlier. I captured it at Edge Lane junction. A former haunt of beast66606.!
  14. Here's my contribution to todays Tug action. 60099 leaving Liverpool Docks on 6F74 to Fiddlers Ferry. Also 60065 heading to Liverpool Docks on 6F78 at West Allerton
  15. I had a bit of a wait for 60054 on 6H03 on Tuesday 14/2 ran in its booked slot, back to Tunstead.
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