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  1. Hi Sean, - finally managed to get the detail photos of the 126 cars loaded up to my Flickr account. Sorry for the delay. There should be pretty much all the main equipment on both sides of a power car and the centre trailer here. Obviously the 126s have the 150hp AEC engines as opposed to the mighty Albions on the 123s and 124s - not sure how similar the gearboxes, etc are, but the close-up shots might help to make sense of the odd shadowy detail you have of the Trans-Pennines. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157634290109430/
  2. Sean, the attached photos show some details of the gas bottle arrangements on the Swindon Class 126 Buffet which might be of interest to you. I think the Trans-Pennine Buffet will be substantially similar. I'm going to Bo'ness this weekend - we have a run of the 126 planned (Saturday 15:35 and Sunday 13:23 for those interested www.class126.co.uk ). I shall try to grab some shots of the rest of the Buffet underframe whilst I'm there.
  3. A few from me that probably just about fit in this thread. I was an employee of Govan Shipbuilders for some years in the 80s and took a lot of photos of the yard - here a few that I came across recently when looking for something else. Govan Shipbuilders c 1985 by Intercity126, on Flickr The hull on the ways is one of 3 colliers we built for the CEGB. Govan Shipbuilders c 1985 by Intercity126, on Flickr Govan Shipbuilders c 1985 by Intercity126, on Flickr
  4. Hi Keefer - the compression is probably based on memories of the performance of the Class 27 push-pull sets....
  5. IC126


    I immediately thought of Arna when I saw your layout photos - I'm a resident of Bergen so know it quite well (both the main line station and the steam railway). I posted some photos of Bergen station on my NSB Gallery a while back that might be of interest.
  6. Hi Ken, after some searching I found a couple of shots I had taken of 92091 in this variation (with ScotRail branding at outer ends) 47 703 & ScotRail BG 92091 - Montrose by Intercity126, on Flickr 47 703 & ScotRail BG 92091 - Glasgow Queen Street by Intercity126, on Flickr
  7. I can fully empathise with these poor people. One of my friends used to live close to the WCML in Stafford. I found it utterly impossible to sleep in his house. The sound of trains passing at night had me uncontrollably leaping to the windows to observe the late night train action (particularly for 25s on engineering workings).
  8. Butchers transfers was/is the company. They used to make model transfers too (at least for the former SMS range).
  9. Afraid not - the only thing I can tell for sure is that it's not 9706 as the cover clips are painted slightly differently.
  10. Hotlink special: Here's one from me of an overly branded Inter-City Scotrail DBSO (identical livery to the unfortunate Sc9706 posted by Keefer above) with, as fourth coach, in the set one of the camera-shy rail-blue-stripe Mk 3s DBSO Inter-City Scotrail + Rail Blue stripe Mk3 RET by Intercity126, on Flickr Here is another DBSO in the later livery DBSOScotrail Blue stripe - Queen St RET by Intercity126, on Flickr Moving across town to Glasgow Central, we have a 107 with headcode blinds still intact - I always thought these had been plated (or at least painted) over, but it seems it was just filth all along... 107 433 with headcode intact Glasgow Central by Intercity126, on Flickr Last but by no means least - a couple of Intercity sets - 126 408 (Sc51038) in Ayr shed Sc51038 @ Ayr Shed by Intercity126, on Flickr 126 413 (our preserved Sc51043 www.class126.co.uk) at Lochside. Lovely lattice post signals with repeater arms. 126 413 (Sc51043) - Lochside by Intercity126, on Flickr
  11. I have posted a few on the Scottish Region photos thread, but I have some more on my Flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7530715372/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7323634504/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7490226048/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7255079132/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7255079336/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7734483858
  12. A nice, unusual conversion, well done! I posted a photo of the prototype at Yoker on the Scottish Region photos thread a few weeks ago that might be of interest:
  13. I had to laugh here, Bob, thinking about Keefers explanation of the Scotrail / ScotRail transition: "it's to do with the way we read words". He is spot on. I read your post as "Never mind the tartan bag - what about the "burd" wearing a wee tweed jacket, Wranglers and the red Knickers" I had to check the photo again, just in case....
  14. Some more from the last few days' scanning activities. As usual, I've put the original full-size files on my Flickr photostream. A change from the blue diesels that normally feature in this thread, but it was Scottish Region 1980s, so I've posted it.... No.9 on shed at Ferryhill on a railtour. One of the last 126 units departs from platform 13. 126 units cross at Elderslie - still then with two signal boxes, a 4 track formation and the junctions between the main Ayr/Glasgow route and the Canal / Kilmacolm lines. Note the sidings pleasingly full of 16 tonners. Happy days. 107 431 at Ayr - Unit 431 comprising a Metro Cammel trailer sandwiched between the Class 107 power cars. At this time the Ayr services (formerly in the hands of the Class 126 Swindon units) had been generally taken over by Derby and Metro Cammel units. The cracked driving axles on the 107s had yet to surface at this point. Last one for tonight is ADB 968021 (ex 84 009) in the sidings at Yoker. Late 80s, this one.
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