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  1. Two letters out: not Pontnewydd, but Pontnewynydd. Though fairly close, they're different places.
  2. If it's of any use, here are the numbers in the Old Time Workshops GW and LMS sheets. Apologies for the poor quality of my camera phone.
  3. Old Time Workshop (http://www.oldtimeworkshop.co.uk/) do sets for about 50 wagons and vans fo each the Big Four. The link on the website opens this pdf of a pricelist from November 2019. The relevant sheets are 4701 - 4704.
  4. That's that weekend sorted: Churnet Valley and Stafford show
  5. And some very interesting photographs of the halt, including this one, which Neil Parkhouse claims is one of the three earliest colour shots of a British railway subject.
  6. Or two more if you want to include both names for 28 and 29.
  7. Next you'll be telling me there isn't a railway between Weston Road and the Park.
  8. Morelands factory - opposite the Wagon Works, if memory serves.
  9. A well written article, although the 'Dictator' would have to take a side swipe at the 'Grauniad', wouldn't it?
  10. A 'conservateur' is a preservative (as well as being what the French call a British political party), whilst a 'préservatif' is something for the weekend, sir.
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