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  1. This is something I really wish I hadn't seen: although a pannier rarely offends, this is the exception.
  2. I've only just seen this, but I do congratulate you. Your beloved must be very tolerant.
  3. U.S. Marshal walks into a saloon. 'Have you seen a man in a paper shirt?' - 'No, Marshal.' 'Have you seen a man in a paper vest?' - 'No, Marshal.' 'Paper pants?' -'No, Marshal. What's he wanted for?' 'Rustling.'
  4. I occasionally go to things at Colwich Abbey (although the community are on the point of moving out and downsizing), and always walk down to the memorial garden. It is, as you say, well maintained.
  5. But Newbridge is in the Western Valley. Is that to confuse us Saesneg even more?
  6. And you go to a fire station...
  7. I can't, unfortunately, remember where I read this, but the fence was actually set in from the boundary (a yard and a half comes to mind) to allow the railway access to the outside of the fence on its own land.
  8. The bearing is pushed through a hole in the W iron, then the axlebox is supposed to push over the end of the bearing. Unfortunately the top of the axlebox won't fit under the spring without surgery. I hope this makes sense. I didn't think to take any photographs of the construction.
  9. Thank you, both. The kit's gone together fairly well. The only faults are the overlarge axle boxes, which require a bit of hacking, and the lack of internal detail.
  10. Sorry if this has come up before. Is this a D299? I'm currently building the Slaters 7mm kit, having built a couple of the 4mm ones, and the livery is attractively simple.
  11. The porter may have been camera shy, but here are Dr and Mrs Spooner.
  12. Verbing nouns weirds language. It is claimed that Dr Spooner not only spoke Spoonerisms, but did them too. On one occasion it is said that while seeing his wife off on the train he gave her half a crown and kissed the porter.
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