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  1. Crowcombe Heathfield seems to be having a plague of flying insects at the moment. Has a swarm of bees settled by the camera?
  2. Preiser do her already in HO, but as I'm told she's quite small, it shouldn't make much difference.
  3. Not written information, I'm afraid, but the GCR occasionally gives demonstrations of TPO operations, for which I believe the minimum speed is 30 mph.
  4. Despite being a successful businessman and receiving a peerage (Lord Nuffield), William Morris, the car manufacturer) was never fully accepted in Society. The story is told that, as he was leaving a dinner, he asked the servant who handed him his hat and coat, 'How do you know that's my hat?' 'I don't, my Lord,' he was told, 'but it's the one you came with.'
  5. In a handbag. The Brighton line.
  6. Well, I have to shave on Sundays, or at least I did before I grew a beard. A tip for Zoom meetings: Ricard is indistinguishable from cloudy lemonade.
  7. It's a Kirk kit. Fish van to digram S6.
  8. In the Diocese of Lichfield the Archdeacon responsible for the area is the Archdeacon of Salop, whilst the other archdeacons have towns: Lichfield, Stafford and Wolverhampton. However, the area bishop is the Bishop of Shrewsbury.
  9. Three is trigonometry.
  10. Yes, except that I get the feeling that 'Great Western Region' was how the WR thought of itself for some time after nationalisation.
  11. Not 'I do', but 'I will.' Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that couples make their vows correctly. (Is 'I do' an American thing?)
  12. A friend of mine was Vicar of Splott, as in the rhyme. 'We're off to see the Vicar, The wonderful Vicar of Splott. He's not a very good vicar, but he's the only vicar we've got.'
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