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  1. The paper looks excellent!
  2. One of my best runners is an old Tri-Ang L1! OK its been tarted up a bit, fitted with Romfords (remember them) and tender pick up to boot, and to bring it into the 23rd century I splashed out on a polymolendenum (or some such rare earth type) magnet on flea bay. For a couple of quid its given the old dog a new lease of life, perhaps I should try one myself.
  3. The piano player on your vids.........
  4. Nice to see the layout back up AND running CK. You got a special flat wagon/weltrol for the grand piano??
  5. Blimey that takes me back......one of my old instructors saying...... You cant but admire the sight of a sniper inching through the long undergrowth.....as long as its not the enemy doing the admiring!
  6. Can't beat an impulsive purchase.......... of which I have many. I'm out if the closet, no shame or guilt, no furtive smuggling of brown paper parcels........ Out, out, OUT I say!!! ( I've just bought a class 33 in green!).
  7. Certainly coming on now. One of the things I liked about the OO layout is how the trackwork seemed to flow around the town, or was it the town flowing around the trackwork?
  8. Great news Al, I loved seeing Paynestown, you really captured the atmosphere.
  9. I often come home to find 'something' on the workbench to repair....... from Raybans to Rolex's (fake!!). I've gotten quite good at sorting 'stuff' now (Bodging really) but it does come in useful. Yesterday I had an intermittent fault on a controller that I use on the work bench for running in and testing etc....... Drilled out the rivets, found the fault (lose earth (!!!!!) tightened up the nut holding the earth lead to the case and replace the rivets with self tappers. There's a draw full of 'might be handy for repair' stuff! I used to get asked (usually on the approach to Chrimbo or juniors birthday could I fix some such loco or other and get it running as he was getting a train set etc grandads old stuff etc. I had to stop in the end as people were surprised to find that things like carbon brushes etc didn't grow on trees and had to be paid for!
  10. All depended if it was a warm or hot day.......... a quick dip in burrator was certainly a welcome break in the summer. Another we did ( fortunately very rarely) was to the top of the Dewerstone. oh to be young and super fit!
  11. Lovely. Those Chivers wagons really are the biz.......... and a pleasure to build.
  12. I'd quite like to see articles on 'problem solving' as opposed to bit by bit articles. I recently had an issue with a GWR Monster which wobbled, everything seemed ok, bogies ran fine by themselves etc. I ended up cutting down a very small spring, and placing it on top of the bogies between the top and the Monster floor. All very low tech I admit, but it worked rather well and the wobble has gone. Now I know how to build one, having built several hundred wagon, van, coach kits over the years from plastic, brass, resin etc but it was a problem to get this one to not wobble. No idea where the springs came from, I've a habit of stripping and dismantling anything before its thrown out or recycled and have an alarmingly large collection of 'useful' bits.
  13. Wonder if it will have....... '12 opening doors'...? Ive got the Roxey kit here and a spare old Triang one......any takers? lol
  14. Thanks Rob, great to see your layout in BRM!
  15. Few more changes whilst I am waiting for the Peco medium bullhead points. The road sloping down to the goods are has gone, to be replaced by 2 extended sidings which look better than the old shorter ones. The children bought me some Bachman factories many years ago, ( beats socks and slippers) and they are in the process of being cobbled together in one way or another. Ive been busy weathering stuff.....including this Dapol Western, so decided it's about time I updated the thread........
  16. No idea who told me this, whoever it was it was yonks ago....... but if there was a problem with sticky wheels then a poke around in the 'axle box' with a 4b pencil would keep things running smoothly. These days I also swear by a 'Truck tuner' something now I wouldn't be without. If it doesn't have brass bearings, then it gets a good twiddling round with the tuner. Its amazing the crud that comes out! Tony....,l re the Deltic, there's always plenty of 'old' kits on EBay. The new kits are made from soft ( to save the dies I guess) recycled plastic and the plastic is softer and not as crisp as the kits from the 60's and 70's.
  17. Talking of head/tail lamps....... as I needed quite a few, I decided the best option was to make my own. Managed to source both red and clear diamanté 'jewels' from eBay ...... no problems at all. Various bits and bobs of Evergreen section, fuse wire, Plastruct etc were gathered together and off we went. After a good couple of hours, I went on line and ordered more Springside.
  18. https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/media/Humbrol_Conversion_Chart.pdf Have a look at the Army Paints range, I got some spray cans in Antics, which are excellent and give a superb finish, one of the greens is very passable to Malashite.
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