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  1. Not restricted to wagons.....there was an LNW 0-4-0 saddletank on there claiming to be 'built by Adrian'.....it was not as it was built by me for my 'Alexandra Yard' 7mm layout, Adrian bought it later. It went for a premium , for a 0-4-0 tank, I only hope that the buyer doesn't think he's got an Adrian Swain original. John
  2. No need to put the balance pipe covers in the cab openings, the 2-4-0 tanks never had them as the fillers were on top of the side tanks. Might give you a bit more room in the cab.... John
  3. Following on from a discussion on the LNWR Society forum regarding wagon grey it was decided that Humbrol 27 Storm Grey is very close. It'll do for me until somebody with a time machine goes back 150 years and returns with a pot of the gen stuff :-) John
  4. Note also on these photos how the bottom segment of the circular smokebox door is rivetted to the smokebox door. The remainder is hinged to clear the bufferbeam John
  5. Following on from this......I have one of these excellent kits built and painted but for the life of me I can't seem to locate suitable transfers, has anybody located a source please. John
  6. I have a 'thing' about Coal Tanks perhaps going way back to the old K's OO kit which you could buy for a fiver....then! The three I did were for customers and a case of once you'd done one you knew what you were up against for the other two. I don't know if they still supply cast coupling rods ,if so take care when handling the finished model as the prototype rods were thin thus the castings prone to bending if caught when handling. Attached photo of my current CT a Gladiator (ex Northstar) kit with scratchbuilt sloping smokebox as per the engine when first built. Kit is recommended if y
  7. Just spotted a possible way out with the brakes......by the lamp brackets I take it you are building the LMS version if so then the later all metal brake hangers/blocks might be better, as the wooden blocks were being phased out by then John
  8. The brakes are definitely upside down as they do taper the top end of the block and then widening out. I can't remember on the ones I built any issues with the hangers being in the wrong place, but it was a long time ago when I did them. Not an easy kit to put together but you seem to be doing very well, I always thought the best bit of it were the castings . John
  9. A further thought.......depending on your track radius watch the clearances on the rear of the frames.Have built three of these ex-Shedmaster ones and left the rather crude cutout for the pony wheels. The pony wheel fills it in,not perfect, but it does allow truck movement. Have also built an ex-Northstar (now Gladiator) one which had the frames at the rear set inwards slightly which is a far better arrangement. John
  10. Errr!.......why are the brake blocks fitted upside down? I'm trying to find my coat..... John
  11. Typo alert!!!!.....surely Royal Scot....Scott applies to porridge oats.
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