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  1. For a 'big' LNER engine would love to see a W1in original form, but surely a shoo in has to be the Bugatti nosed P2? Wasn't the original P2 done with a view to being produced in that form?
  2. Best one of the lot missed, 26000 Tommy.
  3. Erm 26020, possibly as important as any of the other 'black locos', at least that was from a fleet rather than a one off prototype, add in the EM2s and there's some more.
  4. Well, Rail Model box arrived, really enjoying the build on this one.... Progress so far, long way to go but fit of parts has been spot on so far. Roof is removable and I think it's begging for a detailed interior....the kit includes planked interior wall sections so it'd be daft not to.
  5. One item I really did want for Grime Lane was an ex GC signal box, I initially thought it was going to be a scratch build job however I spotted this 7mm laser cut version from Rail Model and Andy there very kindly and promptly did a resize and test build.... A 4mm version is winging its way to me soon.... 7mm version pic.... So anyone wanting a 4mm GC box...... https://railmodel.co.uk/collections/00-gauge-4mm/products/gc-killamarsh
  6. Circuits now up and running....
  7. H Don't know on that one but Huddersfield had coal drops that fed the corporation tram system, they looked like wooden bodied trucks with a controller at each end. Scroll down here http://jsh1949.co.uk/HUDDERSFIELD FLEET A.htm
  8. Amazing how three sections of brass and one loco can shout a particular geographic area Or just starting to think about the catenary.......
  9. Baby Deltic at Penistone... I've seen pics of Hymeks there too
  10. Some progress, embankments have started to be formed, a bit of greenery has sprouted, as has a bit of brickwork..... The 'duck under' roadbridge is beginning to take shape and a single deck Crossley poses there......
  11. A very quick test of the Scammell Scarab on the layout, seems to run ok!
  12. Yep, that's sorta where I'm basing it, very much ficticious but trying to get the 'idea of'. Anyway a few of the FCS fleet, there's quite a few more too....
  13. A what? Well I suppose the other heading could be when does a test track become a layout? I do have an ongoing build of something a bit more involved, but one of my main interests at the moment is producing Faller Car system vehicles, I tend to do this my own way using some Faller parts rather than converted chassis so wanted a test track to test them on, the other project involves 'Woodhead Electrics' too, so half way through building the baseboard for the twin circuit FCS test track I decided to add some scenery and a bit of railway to test build the 1500v style overhead.... So what started as a basic test track has somewhat changed to a small funtioning layout, or will be when I get my finger out with it and stop building Faller vehicles of which there are about 25 plus in various stages of completeness.... Anyway a pic to give an idea, the twin circuits of FCS will feature automatic holding sidings to the rear of low relief factories, hopefully with automatic operation (reed switch/magnets breaking FCS stop magnets) The railway section is very simple a double track line on embankment to two train tables off stage....
  14. Don't think they do tubes, but small cans are always readily available at Screwfix.... Always thought the price was reasonable too. https://www.screwfix.com/p/evo-stik-impact-adhesive-off-white-to-amber-250ml/38770
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