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  1. These any help? http://www.kwtrams.co.uk/product-category/oo-transfers
  2. I did this, albeit in EM... Code 75 bullhead, 0.8mm sq N/S bar, 1.9x0.25mm N/S strip, road surface is scribed ready to use patching plaster.
  3. I'm gonna get my finger out and finish this, it's been sat like this for months, so ply infills, Faller Car System guide, plaster and scribe some setts.... Fabricated 'girder rail' junction in EM
  4. Fantastic stuff! May I ask where the bevel gears come from?
  5. This works pretty well, plus is water based and you can get it on your hands etc without much pain or damage. Easily available too, I've used it on a few resin things with no problems but test a bit first! https://www.toolstation.com/graffiti-go-water-based-graffiti-remover/p21232
  6. Whilst I was messing about with the geared 6mm motor I thought I'd try a Faller Car System version.... So an Oxford Austin van was hacked about and a test belt drive system fitted....I shoved the OD wheels on to give an idea of RPM at 1.5v..... So seemed okay and the rest is proceeding, Wiking Control wheels (Faller sizes way out). Pattern Faller axle and we're getting closer....
  7. Not a huge amount happening, work, injured back and fitting a new kitchen sorta getting in the way.... Odd hour here and there gives a few easy wins like finishing some of the many part built FCS vehicles like this Yorkshire Traction PS2 Windover coach shown here having a test run....
  8. Ebay , loads of sellers, this one is 1:26, then in my build it has two further reductions, there are some with a greater reduction to set off with but they are longer so possibly a bit wide for 4mm in this style of application https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-3V-Micro-6mm-Planetary-Gear-Reducer-Motor-Mini-Coreless-Gearbox-Motor-1200RPM/323829018023?hash=item4b65b6ada7:g:BgEAAOSwTAxc4qP5
  9. Ok we have something running..... I spotted some £3 6mm motors with a planetary gearbox so thought I'd give those a whirl..... It's alive....... Running at full speed on only one axle drive (some imbecile, ahem, lost one of the required pulleys) The planetary gearboxes on these little motors gives an amazing amount of torque, really surprised me how much... Yep..definitely worth continuing with, this has given me a whole host of ideas on how to solve a couple of niggles, 'production' versions will be neater/quicker/better.... Rubbish video,sorry, but it shows how it works.....
  10. Happened to me, 'my van' was in a crash in Luton...driver legged it, first I heard was from my insurer...straight on to Beds Police to get them to do a vin check, that end sorted easily, weeks of messing around with my insurer though, not my job to sort really but you end up having to. On the flip side when my van was nicked it eventually came back to me with 3 sets of plates in it....phone call to GM Police...'Do you want these or to make a note of numbers?' Still waiting to hear back 3 years later......
  11. Boyes, I'd guess, they have a good few branches in the north and I've called in a few for Vallejo paints, I'd guess most stock it.
  12. Hi mate, tend to use Ford Ivory and Ford Ontario Blue rattle cans, if yo're brush painting both cream and blue are available from Precision.... Looking forward to the overhead questions!
  13. On 3d.... Said it before lots of times, it's not a magic bullet pretty much all prints need a bit of work but you can get there in the end... This is a Leeds Middleton bogie in 7mm scale (so a big/costly print) built by my friend Tony Tieuli in Boston USA, he finished it in the post war light blue livery. This came about because I wanted a 4mm version, likelihood of anyone else producing a kit probably slim to zero...7mm version I'd say zero... This is where 3d actually gives those who want to build stuff an advantage, you can get off your arse and do stuff that no one else will in limited numbers and odd scales. It's just another tool in the box......
  14. Magnorail will allow you to do cyclists/scooters/motorbikes fairly easily, I've had all three running, definitely a worthwhile addition.
  15. Think there's been about 3 Monsanto/cancer cases so far all in the US and I think all being appealed. It's still classed as safe in the EU/UK and as such widely available. Conversely Paraquat is banned here but made here and exported, that's linked to Parkinson's.... Paraquat is 'nastier' in the fact that ingest it and you're on your bike...... By default all weedkillers aren't going to be 'nice' they're designed to kill things.... so use sensibly and be aware of risks is about all you can say.
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