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  1. Few things that may be relevant to this thread.... Walford Arches still exists and is in the care of the Yorks area MBF, it needs a lot of work to get it back fully operational (that may happen at some stage but don't hold your breath.) It was last seen at the MBF AGM where we managed to get something moving 'just'! Electric Avenue or whatever it's called now by Proto87 stores is a nice product to look at etc, however if you're not going to use 'P' wheelsets it will involve flange running, I tried it and whilst it looks good I couldn't get it to operate reliably. ELMTS did have stock of some bits but it's pretty much order direct only now. Personally I went a different way for grooved rail and fabricated my own as it works better for me, pic below....
  2. Personally I tend to feel that the lack of relief on card models is noticeable if directly alongside either a resin of embossed plastic kit structure, I tend to use card stuff to the rear of anything with a visible texture on it. However that's my own personal view and it's only really valid in my head! Up to you really......
  3. The RTR v Kitbuilt debate always brings a bit or a wry smile to my face, as someone whose modelling interests also include trams the thought of an RTR UK traditional tram would possibly be a Godsend! Pretty unlikely in either short or long term so to a degree we've just got on with doing stuff for ourselves by ourselves. I know some still maintain that 3d printing isn't quite 'there' yet but for what I want, it'll do. It also allows others to build some stuff that perhaps wouldn't have been as easy or possible previously, for example I wanted a Leeds Middleton Bogie in 4mm, CAD was done, several built etc and when a friend in the US wanted one....... 7mm Leeds Middleton Bogie in post war light blue by Tony Tieuli, body from SLA print, rest 'traditional modelling' My current project includes Sheffield trams and buses, most of those are kits and 3d stuff, however the section of railway (MSW 1500v dc) will definitely feature some RTR, but there'll be things that I will build there too. I'm quite pragmatic as to how I get stuff, RTR, yeah that's ok, kit, great something to build, no kit.....right I'll get my finger out and sort something!
  4. Isn't the CLIP printer the one that is referenced in the article, the one using oxygen across a membrane? So sorta a development on that idea? I must admit what I saw of some CLIP printed stuff wasn't that impressive so perhaps it and this one that follows aren't perhaps the next 'big deal'
  5. This, separate 16v ac feed needed. If still wrong send it to Gaugemaster.
  6. Possibly, but then again how many just bang their own DCC chips in, it works for them as it's cheaper. If you want to transfer the element of risk to the chip supplier you pay someone else to fit it. Same basic principal and one I'm happy to accept, but then again pretty much anything I buy would be attacked with a saw. dremel, knife as soon as it arrived home anyway. I accept the simile is not quite perhaps 100% but one I'm happy to accept as it delivers what I want for a reasonable price. As to battery safety yes whilst I agree they can be dangerous if messed with I'd hazard a guess that most households have plenty within them, all potential hazards in theory, but it's not rocket science to sort them out safely.
  7. It is, but as a complete novice the help and info I received was extremely useful and at the end of the day it all boils down to fitting a battery and r/c receiver, it's not that hard, yeah it might need a bit of messing with but having seen a mate of mine fit his 0-16.5 build stuff with some, having zero experience, it seemed the obvious way to go for me.
  8. I'm going down the 'dead rail' route for something I'm messing with at the moment, not progress as yet bar a few bits bought, they came from here though and I don't think overly expensive. http://www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/rc_model_rail.html
  9. This one? I think the old Triang one captures the looks of the EM2 far better than the more recent Heljan one, I'd avoided those till recently but picked up a cheapish one, still toying with the idea of a detailed Triang body on the Heljan chassis, or even Triang cabs grafted into the Heljan one, dunno yet time will tell! http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/100995-em2-class-77-bogie-frames/?p=1949831
  10. I got the Microsoft critical alert page, now in bother with the Mrs as she thinks I've been looking at pages that I shouldn't....... Oh well, nowt new there, I'm always in the doghouse for sommat! Joking apart, nice work to get it sorted so swiftly...….
  11. Use self adhesive magnetic strip rather than wire, easier to install and magnet to magnet tends to work better and leads to less wandering, my old exhibition layout was over three boards and crossed tram tracks....worked ok.
  12. Richmond St A-U-L? click on 'birds eye' https://www.bing.com/maps?q=richmond+street+ashton+under+lyne&FORM=HDRSC4
  13. I think you're right Ashton Moss sidings. Position and style of gantry look the same.
  14. I have built a test section of 16mm simulated girder rail to represent 4ft gauge Bradford trams, I have no idea as to what gauge you would call it, OO4-16? It's certainly not P4-16 as the groove is 0.7mm as opposed to the scale 0.45mm. When you start doing strange gauges it all gets fairly complicated!
  15. Careful with IPA on resin bits, if left too long can begin to attack the resin and soften it a bit, I found out the hard way!
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