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  1. Are these any good? Wagon at Bitton on the Avon Valley Railway.
  2. I think we have a couple at Bitton, Bristol. I will have a look tomorrow afternoon. Gordon A
  3. Eileens Emporium of Gloucester for modelling tools , brass wire etc. Gordon A
  4. A metal ammunition box which has been put to other uses. My father had a couple he used for tool boxes.
  5. Have you tried Peters Spares rather than Hornby?
  6. You need to remove the "top / lid" to the bunker. Gordon A
  7. Not sure carrying coal on the roof in the Betteshanger pictures is a good idea?
  8. Before Alan G sold the business on the MMRG returned a bag of P4 wagon wheels to AG as the pinpoints on the end of the axles were off centre. Since Collin took over I have not had any problems with his P4 wheels. Gordon A
  9. Thank you chaps for the replies. As Phil has got problems with his premises I will be patient. I always get twitchy when a UK supplier has my money for going on twenty days and I have not heard anything. Gordon A
  10. Does anyone know if there are any problems from C&L? I placed an order on the 29/01/2021 and paid for it on the 04/02/2021. I tried telephoning today and the answer phone said it was full. I sent an e-mail to day but so far no reply. Gordon A
  11. Very sad news. He will be sorely missed. He always managed to put on a show that I considered worth visiting.
  12. Nothing serious I hope? Gordon A
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