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  1. Thanks for you kind words Neil.
  2. Thanks for your comments. Yes, it's reasonably generic. I guess colour light signalling and a standard design BR 'box mean it doesn't pin itself to a region as such. Wasn't intentional! I know what you mean about a roundy-roundy. I like setting the trains going and then doing a few loco moves round the yard. But I'd also love to be able to have a terminus where a bit more prototypical operation could take place. It's always a compromise, unless you have a mill cellar and unlimited time and funds! (You did mention Heaton Lodge, of which we're all amazed by and just a little bi
  3. It's a Canon EOS 700D. Probably about 5 or 6 years old now. No doubt things have moved on a bit! There were a few false starts on that clip where 3 train moves occur... Can't take it too seriously! Roge.
  4. Hi Rich, That's the trouble. As soon as you select the filming setting on the camera, none of the manual settings are available. Messing around with it, if anything it seems to set itself to F5.6 and then vary the ISO depending on light. Which of course is exactly the opposite of the aperture I'd like it to use! I've tried setting it to F22 in normal camera mode, then going to movie mode, but it just reverts to 5.6. Thanks for your advice, all the same. Roge.
  5. Hi Rich, Thanks for the tip. So far I've just used the editor that comes with Windows 10. You right click on the video file, open with 'photos' and then there's an option to edit. I'm not aware that it offers any choice on what format to export. I'll have another look. I don't think I'll be heading too far down the filming road to be honest. The camera isn't really suited to video clips, hence it struggling to focus on anything other than one specified point. No depth of field. I could go and buy a camcorder I suppose. But it seems a lot of money for filming a few toy
  6. Evening all. A couple more videos for you. I'm concluding that videos on DSLRs are very much an add-on feature! There's a few limitations in terms of what it wants to focus on, etc. It's also a juggling act to try and start filming, drive the trains and try and get them to go past about the right time and make the noises I want them to make. Might have to take the wife on as an assistant! Descriptions should be visible via YouTube. Roge.
  7. Glad you like it. More videos coming soon....
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I saw Peafore Yard at an exhibition once I think and was really impressed. Maybe I'll make my own track next time, it does make such a difference. One day... Cheers, Roger.
  9. Afternoon everyone. I've been experimenting with a bit of filming for the first time. This clip was taken with my DSLR, then edited slightly with the basic tool that comes with Windows 10. I've noticed that it compresses the file dramatically. The original was approx 170mb whilst the slightly trimmed version you see here (hopefully) is only about 10mb. So the question is, does it work? Is the quality acceptable? Any experience people may have of this sort of thing, I'd be grateful if you'd comment. Regards, Roge.
  10. Here's a few more pics to show recent little projects. First is 37422. This turned into a bit of a saga after I decided to revisit my original attempt at this loco. I had used a ScotRail 37427 (limited edition from Rails?) as a basis to rebrand and renumber. There were a few other detail differences in the livery application, which I was happy to overlook when I did it about 12 years ago. Recently I thought I'd have another look at it as my skill level has improved since then. So I did a bit of repainting where required and replaced the numbers and branding again now that I'm
  11. Evening folks. To carry on from yesterday, here's a shot of the revised arrangements with the backscene on the opposite side of the layout. The section behind the bridge has been rebuilt to match the height of the newer backscene rulling along that side. Due to the angle of the bridge, this does lead to a sharp corner, but overall I think it improves the appearance. As luck would have it, I had kept the remainder of the I.D. sheet from before, so this was used to extend the scene round the corner. Less lucky was my first attempt, where I rushed in and made a total mess of apply
  12. Hello everyone. There's been a few changes on the layout lately. I can't say it's been a lightning rate of progress during the lockdown restrictions, but then it never is anyway! For a while now, I've been a bit dissatisfied with the section where the brick arches just ran out into a low cutting. It just didn't really work that well. Having been very pleased with the improvement that the backscene made on the opposite side of the layout, I decided to modify this area and hopefully make it a little more convincing. The main part has been to install a latti
  13. Evening everyone. Here's a few more photos. First up, my Buxton 108 unit. One job I've done recently is to wire the vehicles together with two-pin micro connectors, supplied by LaisDCC vias eBay. You might just be able to make them out in this shot. They aren't too intrusive and the real thing has plenty of cables and pipes between vehicles. This is one of Bachmann's earlier DMU efforts and suffers from having to put decoders in every vehicle. All the connectors do is make the track pickups common across all three cars. This has improved running significantly and
  14. Happy New Year to you all. Not much to report as usual, but I have finally got round to renumbering/renaming my 68. All-in-one pack supplied by Railtec Transfers. This is the first time I've used the 3D nameplate transfers and I'm very impressed. Also, special thanks to Steve at Railtec who provided me with some custom made replacement data panels after I managed to clumsily damage the originals when doing the renumber. Excellent service and highly recommended. I've also been busy with my unit fleet, specifically the Bachmann 108 and the lovely Realtrac
  15. Hi Steve, Just checking whether you've received my emails on this topic? I got one from you and replied to it, but have heard nothing since. I do appreciate you're very busy, but don't want you to think I'm being ignorant if my replies are not making it through for whatever reason. Cheers, Roger.
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