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  1. Evening all. Not much to report lately other than a couple of short loco projects. I can't seem to get motivated with the layout at the moment. Suppose we all go through phases like this. Anyway, first up is another 68. This time the DRS compass 034. I couldn't really resist this one as it's the obvious complement to my existing 68027, being one of the two TPE 'spare' pool engines. This has just had the panel lines added with a fine pen (same as 027) and a light weathering. I'm usually quite strict in observing my chosen era and vague area, but occasionally it just goes out the window. Here's 034 on an engineer's train, passing 'Splendid' heading light from Longsight to Gresty for exam. Swinging back the other way in timescale, I've also just finished this Heljan 47 for a friend. It's been numbered as D1739 using Railtec transfers and had a small amount of painting done to alter the way the factory had applied the yellow panels. Detailing to the buffer beams and a light weathering to finish. My 'client' provided a couple of photos of his preferred weathered finish, so fingers crossed it meets with approval. On the other hand, success might lead to having to do his other locos! This is the first time I've had one of these on the layout. It seems to run quite smoothly, but needs a good boot of throttle to start it moving. I also notice how low the boiler water tank/battery box between the bogies sits. It won't make it past the fuelling point! That's all for now. More updates when enthusiasm makes a comeback. Roge.
  2. Afternoon all. A little project I've been fiddling about with lately. Dapol's interpretation of the blue colours on the TPE livery 68 has never really satisfied me. In the end I decided to have a go at a partial repaint. The elements tackled are the blue round the windscreen and cab side windows and the dark blue-sky blue faded band from the lower cab front to the cantrail heading towards the middle of the body. Initially I mixed up a few sample efforts to take to work and hold against the real thing. Humbrol 52, Railmatch silver and Humbrol metalcote are used for the windscreen surround, while the same plus Humbrol 222 were used for the various bits of the faded band. Once I'd got matches I was happy with I masked the body up and took the plunge. It all took a little while to do in several stages. When done, a bit of touching up was needed in a couple of places and then the panel line details were picked out with a fine black pen. The loco had already been renumbered and named using Railtec transfers and I managed to save those. Light weathering has been added to the upper body sides, where they always seem to get a bit of dark streaking and the underframe got another going over too. It's by no means perfect, but overall I'm happy with the result. Back to the 1990s soon! Regards, Roge.
  3. Thanks, glad you like it. Crucially, your comment also takes the thread onto a fifth page. I'll be catching up with Peterborough North in no time!
  4. Interesting to note that, if I'm interpreting it correctly, the buffer lamp only needs to be at the leading end of the loco in the dark or during poor visibility. I would presume in practice this would apply when the loco was moving between different locations along the 'main line'. It doesn't seem practical to expect that lamp to be moved from one end to the other during shunting operations when you could be going in and out of sidings for ages! Or have I got this wrong? Roge.
  5. That really does look like the bonnet has been made to fit perfectly round the speaker. How convenient!
  6. Is it going to have one of those 'gearboxes of a thousand neutrals'?!


    Looking forward to seeing the layout coming on, my dear chap...

  8. I'm not sure that's the case any more. I think the ESU select decoder is now discontinued. I've heard that other recent factory fitted sound releases have used either Loksound V5 or even a zimo (in the 158 unit). Thanks for the suggestion on the speakers, all the same.
  9. Evening all. Has anyone got hold of a sound fitted version yet? And if so, can you tell me what sound chip is fitted? Maybe one for any retailers on here to answer? Seasonal greetings to you all. Roge.
  10. Hi Rich, Thanks for your comments. I'm glad my little trainset provides a bit of inspiration! There might be a slight chance for a running session over Christmas. We'll see. A friend is currently building a H0/H0m East German layout and I'm desperately trying to resist temptation to launch a GDB splitter group! Those maroon hydraulics and dark green coaches are very appealing. All the best for a reasonable Christmas and a much improved 2021. Regards, Roge.
  11. Thanks for you kind words Neil.
  12. Thanks for your comments. Yes, it's reasonably generic. I guess colour light signalling and a standard design BR 'box mean it doesn't pin itself to a region as such. Wasn't intentional! I know what you mean about a roundy-roundy. I like setting the trains going and then doing a few loco moves round the yard. But I'd also love to be able to have a terminus where a bit more prototypical operation could take place. It's always a compromise, unless you have a mill cellar and unlimited time and funds! (You did mention Heaton Lodge, of which we're all amazed by and just a little bit envious!) Roge.
  13. It's a Canon EOS 700D. Probably about 5 or 6 years old now. No doubt things have moved on a bit! There were a few false starts on that clip where 3 train moves occur... Can't take it too seriously! Roge.
  14. Hi Rich, That's the trouble. As soon as you select the filming setting on the camera, none of the manual settings are available. Messing around with it, if anything it seems to set itself to F5.6 and then vary the ISO depending on light. Which of course is exactly the opposite of the aperture I'd like it to use! I've tried setting it to F22 in normal camera mode, then going to movie mode, but it just reverts to 5.6. Thanks for your advice, all the same. Roge.
  15. Hi Rich, Thanks for the tip. So far I've just used the editor that comes with Windows 10. You right click on the video file, open with 'photos' and then there's an option to edit. I'm not aware that it offers any choice on what format to export. I'll have another look. I don't think I'll be heading too far down the filming road to be honest. The camera isn't really suited to video clips, hence it struggling to focus on anything other than one specified point. No depth of field. I could go and buy a camcorder I suppose. But it seems a lot of money for filming a few toy trains now and then! Roge.
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