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  1. Hard to believe I posted this four years ago and only last week put them on my shapeways shop! https://www.shapeways.com/product/S3LS96ZUS/gound-signal-double-stack?optionId=166325804&li=shops I originally ordered them in superfine plastic - see above - never got round to putting them on the layout and after some rough handling some of the lever arms snapped. I expect they would be fine if actually installed. However I've also made them available in steel which I expect would be sturdier. Rovex
  2. rovex

    New Hornby Rocket

    With new coaches being produced could we see other types of early locos or rolling stock?
  3. I'm waiting for the first of our modern image members to build a model of an offensive statue being pulled down by a rioting mob. Perhaps with a motor underneath so you can see the statue fall over and over again, DCC control anyone
  4. Looks good. I was wondering how you were getting on with the hotel.
  5. well photo 5 looks like 1 Hawksworth corridor brake third 2 Hawksworth corridor first 3 Mark 1 corridor third 4 Mark 1 corridpr brake third Photo 2 looks like 1 Hawksworth corridpt brake third 2 I think this is a collett corridor third (I think its a 60ft, as opposed to 57ft) 3 This appears to be a corridor composite (looks like a yellow line above half the wondows - but I could be mistaken), and again a collett - but not sure whether 57ft or 60ft. Sorry those are my best guesses
  6. The coaches represent an all third and a brake composite. You can buy a composite but it's just a fraudulent paint job. I have placed comet coach composite sides on one to create a proper composite. The model is two mm too long for the sides. I also understand the model coach windows are not deep enough and that the old mainline/replica versions have the correct depth windows. It's likely that other comet sides can be used to create other types. It is disappointing that Bachmann haven't announced any new versions but even if they did you could probably create upgrades before any Bachmann ones hit the shops
  7. Perhaps he should have sent them downunder!
  8. I suppose it depends on what contest they signed when the article was bought of them. Even so for the likes of Allan Downes or P D Hancock the executors must be known
  9. No ready to run sleepers available. Occasionally BSL kits come up on eBay. I've got somewhere to eventually get round to building. I think wizard do the sides for the Hawksworth sleeper
  10. I've just bought a copy of P D Hancock's, 'narrow gauge adventure'. The story of the famous Craig and Mertonford Railway. I bought it not because I model narrow gauge railway but because as a child it was one of the few modelling books in my local library. But it's made me think whether there wouldn't be a market for a series of books concentrating on certain authors/modellers. I could see a market for a book containing all P D Hancock's, Allan Downes or Iain Rice's articles. Even a selection of the best railways of the month. Come on Peco how about it
  11. Would you invest in the Little Western Railway or the Medium Northern Railway?
  12. I've used ordinary writing paper cut into narrow strips and glued on and some people use masking tape
  13. I've got a vague recollection of seeing this at shows. Perhaps back in the day when Leeds show used to be at the Corn Exchange.
  14. No expert but the coach looks like a 57ft toplight all third and the other coach a hacked about Siphon
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