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  1. I covered one in Slater's brick plasticard, added stone quoins to the corners and added slates to the roof. Done along time ago and so have no photos. I wonder now whether it was worth the effort.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I need them to two uses. Firstly the very heavy duty cresting used on some Victorian rooves and also for some cast iron balconies.
  3. Does anyone know a producer of the dwarf type of railings found on many Victorian terraces pre-War and as illustrated in the photo I know of Scalelink and Langley, but their railings are more akin to those found on Georgian Terraces. I'm looking for 4mm. If not I may have to see about having some privately etched. thanks in advance Rovex
  4. I am interested in knowing whether anybody else uses any of the popular HO plastic building kits on their OO layouts and how you Anglicise them. I'd particular like to see examples of kitbashing to make something very different from what is intended by the kit. I've got a few ideas myself and indeed have bought a few kits to bash but never seem to have the time at the moment. Rovex
  5. I can't copy the link but the local press is announcing that Network Rail has bought Okehampton station and the sixteen miles of track linking up ot to the mainline. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.railadvent.co.uk/2021/07/dartmoor-line-and-okehampton-railway-station-purchased-by-network-rail.html/amp
  6. From thy dark dungeon thou are summoned!
  7. "Because [you're] not the Messiah, [you're] a very naughty boy" Sorry I'll get my hat and coat.
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses. I've printed off the test sheet and at full size/100% setting it prints to more or less the full size. Presumably this means the kit is printing to the right size. But I'm still puzzled because the timber framed shop is the only one that doesn't have projecting side walls and do I would expect to be the right size that is the given measurement of 65mm wide. But it isn't? Other than the test sheet I can't see a ruler on this kit?
  9. There are a couple of superquick kits which I think are classics. To my mind one is the low relief Red Lion and tea shop kit and the other is the older version of the two shops, where one of the shops was half timbered. I remember kitbashing two of those to create a double shop and being very proud of the result.
  10. Hi all. I'm looking for some help in printing the scalescenes kits to get them actual size. I have downloaded the pdf, in this case the low relief shops. I have printed them off. But in measuring them they don't seem to be full size. I'm printing for OO and so the timber framed shop should be 65 mm wide. But instead it is under 60. I have checked the printing size and this is set to "actual size". The only way to get it to print to what I think is the correct width is to scale it up. But then it's not fitting onto A4? Any clues what I am doing wrong Rovex
  11. I have always liked the superquick kits and prefer them to some of the Metcalf's kits. So it's good to see someone putting a bit of extra effort into building them. Good work
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