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  1. If you can build or your own track work you can squeeze a lot more in then with peco etc. Just see Buckingham above. If you can't build your own but you can draw it out on Templot you can then ask someone else to build it for you, which is what I did. Pick the right person (as I did), and they will even tell you what won't work Rovex
  2. I wonder if these might inspire Hornby to replace their own two wheelers with something a little more realistic? After all, apart from the two versions of clerestories, it's probably the only coach they haven't updated.
  3. Humbrol used to do a rust colour but unless properly mixed it could be a bit glossy. I used brick colour myself
  4. Well I do recall saying on another thread that I could see a series of generic four wheel coaches selling well.
  5. I think it depends on the branch line. Some branches for example St Ives would get coaches off the Paddington train which would be worked down the branch. Some would have a dedicated coach which simply shuttled down the branch to the junction or major station. I think Watlington branch would be an example of that. Others would have whole trains that came from a major terminus -the Windsor branch would I expect be an example of this. I've seen somewhere I think it was the three volume series on modelling GWR branches that showed the workings for an autocoach service. Which started on one branch then up another before travelling along a third. However I expect that you have in mind the typical bucolic branch line most of us GWR types model. Depending on era then I expect you would probably see a cascaded down old corridor coach or ex slip coach shuttling back and forth Rovex
  6. Thanks guys. I can see that if I'm successful I'll have to buy two.
  7. I've put a bid on Ebay for a triang r242 12 wheel well wagon. Can anyone tell me about this wagon. Does it actually exist as s prototype? Thanks Rovex
  8. For dan's coach I'm thinking a Hornby rocket coach cut off its chassis on a suitable low loader
  9. Thanks Claude. Great photos and very helpful. Dean
  10. Thanks guys and Claude that would be great if you could. I haven't tried auhagen before. I've found vollmer to be way too small. Most faller I can get away with. Kibri are hit and miss. Some are great whilst others are again too small. Doors, I know are a problem and my plan with these is to create a whole new ground floor of shops. The original ground floor will then become the models first floor with doorways closed up and made into Windows.
  11. Has anyone any experience of these kits. I want to use several of them to knock together an approximation of Birmingham's Grand Hotel. However although I've used ho kits in my layout before some of them are more TT than HO. this makes them far too small. Whereas some you can get away with. I'll need four kits and so don't want to spend over £100 to find they are too small. if anyone has any photos of them against any OO buildings or people or has a inbuilt or even a built example which is surplus to requirements it would BE much appreciated Thanks guys
  12. "bit of a goer is she, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, know what I mean" Sorry couldn't help myself - I'll go lie down now
  13. I must say the results look great. I am trying to convince myself to buy a 3D printer because in the end it will work our cheaper than ordering everything I need off Shapeways - well I suspect it will. Which particular one did you buy. I see its a photon but wondered which model. Regards Rovex
  14. Right once again my own lethargy has got in the way not only of any decent modelling but also of doing anything about this idea I had some years ago. Anyway intent on getting on with some modelling I've been designing some things for an upgrade to a model of the Leeds Empire theatre I made for my last layout. And inspired by that I have come up with some ideas for chimney pots. The designs are shown in the photos. All are based on standard designs and are reasonably accurately scaled. Looking at Shapeways I should able to sell these at £10 (plus VAT) for a pack of 20 of one type. I'm thinking of printing these as fine detail plastic. And this time I am going to do it. Not shown are the smaller crown type chimneys (known as Queen and Bishop), the one in the sketch is known as a King. Its surprising just how large some chimney pots are.
  15. And its cruel to use swamp dragons like that. You'll have Lady Sybil after you.
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