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  1. "Because [you're] not the Messiah, [you're] a very naughty boy" Sorry I'll get my hat and coat.
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses. I've printed off the test sheet and at full size/100% setting it prints to more or less the full size. Presumably this means the kit is printing to the right size. But I'm still puzzled because the timber framed shop is the only one that doesn't have projecting side walls and do I would expect to be the right size that is the given measurement of 65mm wide. But it isn't? Other than the test sheet I can't see a ruler on this kit?
  3. There are a couple of superquick kits which I think are classics. To my mind one is the low relief Red Lion and tea shop kit and the other is the older version of the two shops, where one of the shops was half timbered. I remember kitbashing two of those to create a double shop and being very proud of the result.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for some help in printing the scalescenes kits to get them actual size. I have downloaded the pdf, in this case the low relief shops. I have printed them off. But in measuring them they don't seem to be full size. I'm printing for OO and so the timber framed shop should be 65 mm wide. But instead it is under 60. I have checked the printing size and this is set to "actual size". The only way to get it to print to what I think is the correct width is to scale it up. But then it's not fitting onto A4? Any clues what I am doing wrong Rovex
  5. I have always liked the superquick kits and prefer them to some of the Metcalf's kits. So it's good to see someone putting a bit of extra effort into building them. Good work
  6. Mine arrived today. One buffer loose in box, thought this was going to be a repeat of my 47xx saga but it pushed back in easily enough. Anyone else had any issues with loose parts?
  7. Sure I've got one on order just can't remember from who!
  8. White glazed bricks on the inner courtyard walls would be prototypical. Great work.
  9. On a brief view the Hattons ones look to be more refined and so may hit a different market, but I can see people mixing and matching. Would look good in a mixed rake if the have a different profile etc. Again I'm not in the market for these although I'd be tempted by one of Hatton's engineering coaches.
  10. While it's good to see a two car dining set available rtr for probably the first time, as I've bought the earlier open third to go with my restaurant car, I won't be buying one. Shame though.
  11. rovex

    2021 hopes

    Absolutely, how many liveries did Rocket get. Certainly didn't make it into BR livery.
  12. rovex

    2021 hopes

    Thanks. I was two in 1971 so don't remember the catalogue cover.
  13. rovex

    2021 hopes

    If that is the "Evening Star" on the cover - and I've no reason to doubt it - and it means a revamped model, then Hornby have missed the 60th anniversary of its introduction by one year. As Hornby so like anniversaries is 2021 a notable anniversary of any particular railway event?
  14. rovex

    2021 hopes

    Does Hornby make more money on these big locos than on the small ones? I can't think of any other reason why they churn out all these Pacific's when most modellers have small layouts and can make more use of smaller tank and tender locos. Well I can think of one other reason why they do it and it's the same reason that drives some men to buy sports cars - over compensating
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