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  1. We was talking about this the other day in our messroom at Coventry Depot we also have an ex Saltley man in our depot now by the name of Gaz Ward he was telling all the newbies of the ways it used to be back in the day even when a couple of Ex Saltley men now no longer with us would welcome you in the cab and before you know it you was in the seat. Great days indeed...... Cheers Colin
  2. Are we still able to watch the video that links from the front cover of BRM magazine through the exact editions link that's posted for the RMweb Gold members. As I've tried a few times now to have a watch but it eventually goes through to YouTube and says the video is unavailable and has been removed by the uploader. Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place as I couldn't find a suitable location for it to be posted. Cheers Colin
  3. I thought I might add this pic of 33020 on my current layout.
  4. Just a couple from yesterday's small job firstly a couple of pics in Coventry North yard of a pair of 323's after I'd just prepped them ready for service. Then there is a pic of a pair of 156's passing through Northampton. I was spare this morning but as a job was uncovered I've copped it from being spare at 0533. So today it's just a New St - Redditch and back followed by a New St - Northampton and back.
  5. I've only ever seen one of your drivers (Anthony Middleton) do that job he had to follow me to Rugby yesterday as the signaller gave me the road first but then again the 47's did depart Kings Heath 108mins early.
  6. Well a couple of days of constant New St - Northampton work it's all a bit same old $%^& just a different day. But here's a few from yesterday and this morning. The first one a rare move for us a 12car ECS move from Birmingham International to Coventry. The second pic showing this mornings chariots 350102 on the rear and 350370 waiting to leave Coventry Yard. Next up is what is becoming a regular move for GBRf a pair of 47's doing a class 360 unit move from Ilford EMD to Northampton Kings Heath EMD for modifications. The last two pics show the steelworks going up for the new Coventry station building. Cheers Colin
  7. I ordered one of the class 101 DMU's cracking price of £99.99 plus postage at £3.99 the VAT was inclusive. Plus a bonus SWMBO is still away for another 2weeks no problem of getting it in the house so it's a win win situation. Cheers Colin
  8. The station work has really taken off in the last few weeks most of the prep work for the new over bridge at the North end of the platform is nearly done. The superstructure for the new station building (that's got an eight story car park on top ) is really going up faster than your average mecano set.. I'll try and get some pictures of the construction work on Friday or Saturday morning as I'm spare on both days.
  9. Just a couple from yesterday's job and this mornings chariot firstly 325013 passing through Northampton on it's way to Wembley. Then a couple of EMU's in warm storage just outside Northampton. And finally 350252 & 350372 waiting departure time with the 0611 Coventry to Birmingham New Street service. A double New St - Northampton for todays fun on the iron road. Tomorrow mornings book on of 0341 isn't very appealing at the moment but should be done by 1047. Cheers Colin
  10. Just a couple of pics from the past few days as it's a same old stuff regarding work getting a bit bored of cross city now I'm considering a change of scenery. The two pics are from yesterday as I was spare all morning. 0Z88 Derby RTC to Derby RTC via Coventry and Nuneaton.
  11. That's typical I'm rest day again and you come to my parish I was offered a Rest day worked and it would have been prepping those units on platform 4 at Coventry and some cross city work but I declined the offer over time.
  12. Sorry Peter for the confusion this is another Kings Heath this one is in Northampton. Its named after the area in Northampton in which the depot was built. Cheers Colin
  13. Time Left: 23 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    After some serious thinking it's time to move on my 3rd rail Southrrn region stock. This is a 2EPB in BR Blue & Grey livery with the Network southeast markings I have given the underframe a light weathering and the unit is currently DCC fitted but can be removed if required. It's hardly been run at all its boxed with the paperwork and a spare coupling bar is enclosed. I will accept PayPal F&F or G&S but the buyer must cover the relevant fees. Once funds have cleared I will post Royal Mail 2nd class signed for and will message the buyer with proof of postage as I do with all my sales.


  14. Again just a couple from today and yesterday. The first one is 350119 waiting to work 2C99 0545 Coventry to Birmingham New Street this morning this is a treat for me as I've been used to running double sets everywhere to assist with the social distancing. The second pic was taken yesterday showing a pair of GBRF class 47's 47727 & 47749 just departing Northampton as 0z48 Kings Heath EMD to Chaddesden sidings after they had brought up a class 360 to Kings Heath for 110mph modifications before it transfers to EMR.
  15. Just a couple from yesterday as I was spare but was asked to do a Coventry - Northampton and up to New st pass back to Coventry.
  16. Now I'm back in work after 18days off with my summer block leave and a long weekend on the end of it it's pretty mundane for the last two days a en ECS trip from Coventry to New St and a return trip to Lichfield City also a New St to Northampton return not much to see apart from these three pics
  17. As promised a couple of pics to show the progress of the now unnamed layout
  18. Well now my Summer leave is almost at an end I've managed to get a few jobs done on the layout firstly the most important has been the removal of the 3rd rail. As I was never really happy with it I was basically out of my comfort zone so there maybe a couple of items coming up for sale very soon suitable for southern region 3rd rail. I've also built a new baseboard for another small fiddleyard at the signal box end of the layout. I'm awaiting the return of some peco code 75 track as there is a national shortage. I've also started adding some of the smaller details and a couple of scale model scenery low relief building. And the lighting has been fitted but not yet powered up for the wIting shelter and signal box. I'll post a few pics later today of the work done so far. Cheers Colin
  19. I missed out on 66756 again as I've been on annual leave since the 18th of June but on the positive side I've managed to get a load of work done on my small layout. I'll hopefully update that thread today if I get a spare 5mins.
  20. There was no plates included as it was the Bachmann special offer from Rails.
  21. That helps very much indeed Steve, the representation of the crest that was supplied I would say is passable just so I may use the crests only. As I've used your transfer style nameplates for 37558 before which was so easy I must add. I did look on your website yesterday but couldn't see anything as it was only a very quick browse. Would you be able to do a set of plates for 37422 ? Cheers Colin
  22. This is exactly my question I cant find photographic evidence to show that 37422 carried two different size plates. I'm reluctant to apply these plates I may have a look at another supplier such as model master or railtec as I cant seem to work out how to order from Shawplan.
  23. I thought exactly that at first but the size difference seems to much. Here's a photo to show the difference in sizes.
  24. Just a quick question as my daughter bought me a Bachmann 37/4 37422 in the regional railways livery I was wondering the size of the nameplates (Robert F Fairlie) as the printed version on the bodyside seems to be a bit small compared to the etched ones. But I've purchased an etched set of plates and crests from Fox transfers that have the blue background and the length of them they're looking very odd as compared to the printed ones on the bodyside they appear to long. Before I commit to applying the etched plates which would be nearer the correct size? I've looked on sites such as Flickr etc.. to see if 37422 had two versions of the same nameplates fitted during its spell in Regionsl railways livery. Colin
  25. That's just for Aston to Walsall and we dont sign Soho Bank and most of us dont sign Aston-Stechford either we only have one job that's on a Saturday morning and as I'm permanent a.m. turns. I was hoping to catch the 66's parked up at Bescot as I'm after a decent pic of 66756 as it's named after my old regiment. Cheers Colin
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