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  1. The Fyffes shed at Exeter Central has already been mentioned, it is seen here on the right of this view of Exeter Central goods yard. By 1985 now being used by Premier Transport who acted as agents for BR and unloaded traffic received off the Speedlink Network at that date. Exeter Central goods yard, Fyffes shed on the right. 17/7/85. cheers
  2. In the 1950s in the early part of my dad's railway career he spent a spell in the District Control office at Exeter Central. He told me that there was a freight control post with specific responsibilty to monitor livestock traffic, arranging the attendance of a vet etc. I think it was an afternoon duty, which is when freight trains would be running up from the West Country towards London. cheers
  3. There is (was?) a toad or two used for overnight camping at Christow on the former Teign Valley line, cheers
  4. I spend waaaaay more time at Exhibitions looking at other peoples layouts than I spend on my own layout, and could spend a long time on a detailed reply. I suspect it is not possible for one layout to appeal to everyone, it will always be a compromise. My answer to the questions. 1. Yes, operate realistically as far as possible. 2. Good modelling will always keep me entertained between trains, I appreciate a good believable atmosphere, even if it is 'made up'. 3. I always read the information in the programme, or fixed to the layout, (information sheets attached to the viewer side of the fiddle yard(s) is good - it helps me understand what the layout is about. 4. Operators talking about the next planned move is fine, social chat not so if it is at the expense of train running. 5. I appreciate good lighting. Sound effects should be subtle. Other animation, if it adds to the scene, is good. To my mind the exhibition as a whole should be able to provide a variety of layouts that excel in one, or more, so that all categories are covered. edit - and I agree with points made by Nearholmer, I always appreciate a layout where someone has the time to field questions about the layout. cheers
  5. This might explain the double change of formation when we caught a train up from Penzance earlier this month. We boarded immediately after the train arrived in from Paddington, it was formed of 2 x 5 sets, and possibly the formation was still that carried from the inbound working. After a few moments the coach we were in changed letter (set formation changed from from A-E, to E-A, or the other way round). At some point a couple with heavy bags walked through heading for their reservation in the front first class coach. Once we were on the move I noticed the letter had changed again, this time the set had become F-K. No wonder some people were confused! cheers
  6. On this day in 1983 I made a trip up to Barnstaple, and took a few photos while I was there including the set that brought me back to Exeter. BRCW-built Class 118 set P463 waits at Barnstaple to work the 14.28 service to Exmouth. The set is formed of vehicles 51305, 59472, and 51320. 31/10/83 A copy of this photo appears in my second book 'Railways of the West of England in the 1980s' by Kevin Redwood. The book contains 60 photos taken across Devon. cheers
  7. Good news that the layout is finally happening. Slowly..... I had not heard about the 'Devon and Cornwall Railfreight ' book until you mentioned it on a thread somewhere. It sounds right up my street, what are your thoughts on it? cheers
  8. On this day in 1983 class 118 set P462 arrives at Crediton on a late morning service from Barnstaple. 31/10/83 cheers
  9. On one of my spotting trips I saw some of the new class 313s, before they entered service in late 1976. They were quite a change from what had gone before, though it is not a class of unit I have travelled in much. Here is a faded instamatic snap of 313021/025/007/016 outside Hornsey depot . 9/10/76 cheers
  10. My railway career was almost entirely spent behind a desk. I was a TOPS clerk in the Bristol Area Freight Centre 1978-85, then at Swindon WR HQ in freight planning/freight operations 1985-88. Then back to Bristol AFC 1988-91. After that spells at Westbury and Newport and back to Bristol dodging office closures until 2007! I personally felt the splitting up of the Speedlink network into smaller fractions (Speedlink Coal Network, Railfreight Distribution, Metals etc) did not help the freight network, but I was only a (very) small cog in a big machine. cheers
  11. You have already found 6B43 St Blazey to STJ (and in 1987 later diverted to Gloucester) 6M17 11.30 Tavistock Junction to Bescot was another Speedlink working from the West Country which conveyed clay traffic (and also 6M72 ST Blazey - Cliffe Vale, which conveyed clay for the Potteries.) In the 1980s I was working on the Western Region on the freight side of things, I found the growth of Speedlink exciting. Sadly as we now know it was a false dawn for Railfreight, cheers
  12. As Flood has already said in his comprehensive reply you can, within reason, either complicate or simplify the working depending on how interesting you find shunting and marshalling. I don't know whether the trains to Mossend would have been sent away rough-marshalled for Mossend to sort out, or whether Mallaig Junction might have been required to form trains up in sections (by shunting tag). A preformed train might help at Mossend if there was a tight connection going out. The workings changed over the years, I have the list of Speedlink workings from 17 May 1982: 6D10 07.07 SX Mallaig Junction - Mossend (13.27) 6B02 05.20 SX Mossend - Mallaig Junction (12.04) 6D12 12.40 SX Corpach - Mossend (19.24) 6B13 12.38 SX Mossend - Corpach (19.22) At that date clay empties for Cornwall would then have gone forward on either 6V92 15.50 SX Mossend - Severn Tunnel Junction 6V93 09.05 MSX Mossend - Severn Tunnel Junction / 6V93 05.44 SO Mossend - Severn Tunnel Junction. cheers
  13. A very late reply to this question, but, yes they did, and quite regularly for a short spell in the Mendip traffic. In 1991/2 I was working for Trainload Freight and dealt with paperwork for incidents and accidents, on more than one occasion (I think 3 times in my spell there) a train parted at or near Spring Gardens on the Whatley Branch. The reason being failure of an instanter coupling in the rear PGA portion of a mixed Jumbo train. I believe the reason being there is a dip in the line there, with the train braked into the dip, and powered out again. Thus there is either a snatch as the train starts to climb, or would the brakes at the rear of a long train take longer to release? edit - I also have a set of Working Manual pages from 1987 giving marshalling instructions for PGAs on the rear of trains from the Mendips. (Note that on hire 46t POAs could also be marshalled in the rear portion). So mixed trains ran over at least a five year spell. cheers
  14. Regarding DMU types, from my observation over the years it seemed like any Bristol based 3-car set could appear on pretty much any of the Bristol 3-car DMU diagrams. The Weymouth route was equally likely to be a suburban set as a cross-country one. Edit - and I think the general timetable over the years included two loco and coaches workings each way each weekday. I think the same pairs of trains were worked by loco and coaches over the years. In 1979 the loco hauled workings were:- 2O51 05.15 Bristol - Weymouth (08.12) 2V59 09.11 Weymouth - Bristol (11.39) 2O60 16.10 Bristol - Weymouth (18.46) 2V72 19.45 Weymouth - Bristol (22.24) The other services were normally booked for DMUs, including those which started and terminated at Westbury. cheers
  15. Have you looked on Flickr at the group 'Diesels between Bristol and Weymouth'? To sort the wheat from the chaff also try using the search term 'Weymouth 1970' etc. Andy Kirkham of this parish has a number of photos on that route in the 1970s, cheers
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