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  1. I knew it would just be a matter of time until badgers were implicated....
  2. 'CHARD

    EBay madness

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373540358303?hash=item56f8bd889f:g:D84AAOSwb4tgdw5c Apoplexies if this has been shown before....
  3. The new contender from Barwell is a good, hefty and robust loco. It is also DCC ready, so that's an option for future added play value.
  4. I've just consulted my little notebook 'OO Rolling Stock management,' wherein I expected to find a very short list of shunting locomotives, especially having sold three Class 08s, two Janus (Jani?) and an 05 last year. But no. We allegedly have here a scratchbuilt 06, an ex-BR 14, three Jani, an NCB Sentinel and a pair of 08s, still. What does that amount to - half a dozen industrials and trio of BR machines.... Thus far I have clearly resisted any Austerities; the HJ 02 could prove harder still, though.
  5. Well, that is good news; as others have said, it will save repainting! A couple of green and one blue will do nicely, thank you!
  6. I expect the train manufacturers and owners will have the design drawings.
  7. This is a wonderful find; thank you for sharing.
  8. Yes, Gautrain. That International coach was languishing adjacent to the Training School at Litchurch Lane when I joined the railway.
  9. Yes, between 1967 and '72, after closure of the Didcot - Chester line as a through route to Birkenhead - proper dereliction and decay, Class 121 bubble cars and Paytrain guards.
  10. Different strokes.... (different eras and scale, plus are they as recalled or imagined from folklore?) The Ends of the Earth - Holyhead, Penzance, Thurso, Aberystwyth etc... Chocolate Box - Ashburton, Aberfeldy, Killin Cruelly Terminated - Stratford upon Avon, Matlock, Bere Alston, St Andrews Reimagined in Preservation - Minehead, Swanage, Dartmouth, Bridgnorth Sadly missed (Beeching closures that shouldn't've happened) - Ilfracombe, Bude, Ballachuilish Modern minimalists - Redditch, Morecambe, Hadfield Rotting grandeur - Birmingham Snow Hill, Wolver
  11. Saw this earlier. Very sad times, but possibly inevitable.
  12. Based on previous Danish locos, gentle rubbing with a cocktail stick will bring the numbers off. Although your efforts will polish the surface slightly, this should however result in a decent substrate onto which to key replacement decals.
  13. Welcome to RMWeb, and welcome back to OO gauge! The channel you mention is not without its critics. I think this topic is better considered without that as a start-point, or we're likely to fall into all sorts of tar-pits! On here you'll find that the majority of recent blue-box releases have their own dedicated threads. Certainly, the following have been well/ very well received in recent months: 94XX Pannier Tank Class 90 Class 117/ 121 DMUs Class 158/ 159 DMUs Class 20/3 Class 45/0 (sealed beam variant) SDJR and LMS 1P
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