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  1. Success, I'd say. Due mainly to the glacial pace of repainting its assets, DB has singularly failed to stamp its brand on the ex-EWS fleet, 66s especially. To the extent that I just had to remind myself that EWS no longer exists!
  2. Such, perhaps, is the economic necessity of post-Covid Britain.
  3. Random, as the youth might say.
  4. Their Met-Cam DMU, in both 2- and 3-car formations, still provides the sturdy backbone of my multiple unit fleet, well into double figures. I have no reluctance to renumber, weather and adjust the yellow end treatment on these. Quite what to do with my two Bachmann twins remains to be seen - no centre cars are forthcoming but the drive and underframe/ chassis detail is exquisite.
  5. Seemingly you can order it from Waterstones.
  6. Definitely in the market for D7400-9 in a combination of Two-Tone Green with Small Yellow Panels (as built), Green with Full Yellow Ends (D7400/1/3/9) as painted at St Rollox during 1967), and the rather scarcer Blue with Full Yellow Ends (D7404*/6 repainted Inverurie 1967, and 7407 repainted St Rollox August 1968). * D7404 fitted with prototype ETS equipment for working Dundee - Blackpool Summer SO formed of Mk2 stock. Brilliant announcement, fantastic news for Border Union Railway Co. modellers. If you need access to the BURCo. company logo, I can provide it.
  7. The sting operation was in July 2019 and the story itself is from January. Ian Allan went into the pandemic trading normally; I can't speak for how it has fared since though.
  8. Derby Sulzers site is a good starting point, scroll down to the liveries section and there is a loco by loco list of what liveries were worn and repaint dates, this will provide sensible Google search content: https://www.derbysulzers.com/45headcode.html
  9. These are SK (corridor second) coaches, so they haven't got a yellow first class stripe, the yellow as printed is part of the coach livery on any maroon MkI.
  10. Hmmmmmmmm.... Surely that remains to be seen right now. I'm in for some Deltics, and while I'm in no hurry to receive them, at this point the only thing I can really compare is the on-paper specification of the two models.
  11. It's co-authored by Mike Smith, who has a very active Facebook group regarding the class. I can confirm that the book contains a wealth of new information and images; my name is down for a copy!
  12. 'CHARD

    EBay madness

    Somewhat racy pricing here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-R4110A-BR-Mk1-Composite-Coach-Blue-Grey-Livery-OO-Gauge-Model-Railway-NEW/254576537754?epid=596160400&hash=item3b45f1b09a%3Ag%3AeecAAOSw175b8uIJ&LH_BIN=1
  13. There may be some logic in a parallel extension as far as Goodrington Sands for regular scheduled GWR services, but beyond that surely it's a matter of commercially/ operationally accommodating railtours and charters alongside the T&D's standard timetable - and in the present climate that may be fraught with problems TBH.
  14. 'CHARD

    TMC Limited Class 40

    I expect each product is sent in its own individual container on completely separate boats, to protect against piracy on the high seas.
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