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  1. Searching 'cattle by rail' found this:
  2. http://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=class&id=8&type=D&page=alloc
  3. 43mm high by 36mm wide aperture, this excludes any allowances for ballaast, track etc... HTH
  4. Jim Smith-Wright's P4 New Street. http://www.p4newstreet.com/lorries
  5. Wow! Look at the roof detail on whatever coach has been rolled onto its side, stage left....
  6. By the look of it the fleet was in traffic during 1991 at least: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8139233165
  7. I think - if he does indeed exist - he needs compassion and possibly scientific evaluation.
  8. Referring back to the disputed plated-over doors photo - look again, closely. They aren't plated over, for starters the hinges are all still there, and I reckon the panel gaps are rendered invisible by the angle and lighting of the photograph.
  9. 'CHARD

    DMU Centre Cars

    I'm afraid I don't have photographic evidence to back up this next piece of gen, but.... I crafted a Tyseley centre-car lash-up of a declassified Class 120 Buffet from two of the really basic bright red Triang 'shorty' MkIs - the sort supplied in trainsets circa 1964 with no glazing or much detail of any sort. It ran on the garden railway I built in mum and dad's garden circa 1985, and wasn't bad if I say so myself. Wonder if it appears on any surviving video footage....
  10. Sorry for the delay in responding, only just at my lapdog! Haymarket's ex-Barrow Hill allocation D7602-08 worked prolifically in pairs on the inter-yard MH - KM 4M4X and return 4S4X fast fitted freights during 1967-68. They were non-boilered of course, but appeared with regularity on the Millerhill - Hawick freight out for the Hawick - Waverley Class 2 back. I will happily provide more detail and specific workings when I have more time at the weekend.
  11. 'CHARD

    APT Resurrection?

    That's obviously where the rot set in!
  12. 'CHARD

    DMU Centre Cars

    The BP had been wishlisted for years and was considered an iconic train by many; the prices fetched by second-hand Triang vehicles demonstrated that some real demand was there, yet new examples are still available through retailers, so even that has hung around, despite its purported attractiveness. The LMS Twins wore three liveries and have been produced by a few mainstream manufacturers too, Class 55 Deltics wore basically two liveries and these are a perennial model. There is more to the comparison than liveries. No matter how hard I try, I can't see many vouchsafing 'iconic' status for 150001/2, sufficient to tool up a whole new vehicle body.
  13. 'CHARD

    DMU Centre Cars

    I think it extremely unlikely that one of the big manufacturers will ever get round to modelling three car prototype DMUs; Heljan dabbled with some of the more numerous '50s railcars, but even they shelved a planned one due to the earlier models being allegedly slow sellers. One only has to look earlier in this topic to see the logic behind the Class 101 being issued as a twin; the forthcoming Class 117 is a triple, but it represents a larger class size and a hitherto unrepresented commuter/ high-density unit. And in the wake of no announcement, time stretches forever.....
  14. Yikes! There's an entire thread nattering on about that elsewhere on RMWeb; check out 'Where's Bertiedog' if you feel a burning need, but it's maybe not to everyone's taste.
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