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  1. I have to agree, well I would as I'm incredibly biased - as I secured the contract to design that relivery project from Great Western Trains in its original, unadulterated form. One of the most exciting, challenging and satisfying periods of my so-called career. Seeing these photos brought it all flooding back, huge thanks to the OP for his great topic! GWT was a Management buy-out, the first InterCity operator to rebrand, and the only one, albeit briefly as it turned out, to actually use the phrase InterCity as part of its brand. I've still a huge soft spot for the Road-Runner
  2. Your post is ideally placed on the nineteenth page of the very topic that contains detailed reviews. Start scanning on about page thirteen to get a full picture. In summary, a little debate over details and aspects of the body and detailing, livery attributes and crispness of early releases, and confirmation that the beast will pull the house down. If you're in the market for a rather fine RTR Class 23 in OO then this is your only option, other than extensive fettling.
  3. Not so dissimilar, that well known resort of Fishguard/ Goodwick was once frequented by this contributor, and it was found to be spectacularly underwhelming in that regard! When I've visited Holyhead in recent years, work-related, it's reinforced my view of these settlements as little more than serviced transit hubs.
  4. I hope you're not talking to Andy Y here!
  5. Funnily enough, 75% of the engineers who create the liveries are not 'boys' !!!
  6. Oh! This sounds rather downbeat.
  7. (my bold) The absolute Britishness of this topic is captivating! Could I ask though, what was this deviant pylon actually being used for if not its intended purpose? Was it pouring tea, channeling spirits from the afterlife, or taking part in a drag race?
  8. Think of the design - supply pipeline as a spinning glitter-ball. Of the thousands of little mirrored squares on there, you've Big Four and BR steam, BR transition and post-privatisation diesel including multiple units, the equivalent in electrics, then re-run the above timeline for LHCS, NPCCS and wagons, then add in N gauge and OO9. EDIT: Oh! And Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Class 90s occupy possibly 0.08% of those dazzling little tiles, you've got to wait for the ball to rotate a good many times while all the other niches are serviced. When manufacturers say that produ
  9. Was not expecting to grab the last one of them!
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, well I would've been 15 at the time....
  11. D211 or D248? I've just checked the former and a nose end removed from D338. Both look to be self-coloured plastic to my untutored eye. The inner face has been oversprayed matt black, I assume to prevent light bleed-through.
  12. That's true of all modellers on steady or fixed incomes I expect. However, as we have seen, models are produced in lower quantities in each run today, compared to the days of D7063 and its ilk that squatted the catalogue for years if not decades. One factor of course, is that many of us who have been established in the hobby for any reasonable length of time don't actually 'need' to buy product on the scale we used to. Sure, I 'need' a V2 or two, central to the WR's traction as it was for many years, but the only other types I don't have RTR are multiple units and w
  13. I wonder if Jim is having a little jest with us here - does anyone know if he's planning to stand in the constituency of the not-yet-resigned errant MP who went on her Covid Railtour (headcode 1C19)?
  14. Another version of Rule One! But this raises the interesting point, if you're going to the trouble of detailing the underframe at all, and information is available to do so correctly, why on earth would you wilfully get it wrong? The days of this fraternity tolerating generic blob undergubbins are long gone. ...and if you tolerate this, your generic loco will be next....
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