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  1. I had, like many others, I expect, a bit of a hit to my modelling mojo as the weirdness of lockdown 1 sunk in, and I also wasn't furloughed or working at home. It wasn't for quite a while that I started to get a feel for anything recreational or creative; then at some point I did sort out an interim payload for two trains' worth, principally using die-cast Mini pick-ups and vans (photos of this sub-project went on Facebook). I also sold a quantity of Thames vans (the Anglia based 105E) to a fellow Waverley route modeler; I've generally used any available die-cast as placeholders - in this instance, until the Minix Anglias were available in quantity. A bit mysteriously, I couldn't find the bulk of the Austin 1100s for ages, and then they suddenly appeared last week, all 44 of the type, which has kick-started the project once again, and as I write, they, along with sundry Vivas, Morris Oxfords and Austin 1800s are crowded on the workbench for detailing and reuniting with their glazing. Sorry for the thread hijack!
  2. That's brilliant, Richard, thank you so much; that makes it, by my calculations, barely 3mm shy of correct, so it won't look out of place using the normal conventions of careful placement, especially as 'scenery.'* * I say this as cartrains are not so forgiving, and devilishly difficult to recreate convincingly, in terms of vehicle finish as well as scale; which is why I have focused on Minix cars en masse for the BLMC, Vauxhall and Ford block trains essential for the Waverley route.
  3. I don't suppose you could also measure the Renault A110, Richard? If that's a gnat's from 4mm I'll be having one* to put into RAC Rally colours for the Newcastleton special stage of the 1968 event
  4. Nope. I won't have any regrets whatsoever, unless you can demonstrate, with photographic or signal box register evidence, that they worked through Hawick between September 1967 and January 1969.
  5. 'All 54,' that's 75% of the number preserved!
  6. Are you suggesting that all my R2474s (D421) have the rotating fan feature? I've a fix for the louvres (thanks Scoobyra), but hadn't noticed that the fan was thus gimmicked!
  7. They did it as running in April 1968 condition.
  8. D400 as running in July 1968 condition.
  9. Editor, Jackdaw & Snibblers is the name of the Solicitors' Practice in PG Wodehouse's humorous paperback 'You are woke and a snowflake, Jeeves' (Hodder and Stoughton, 1932)
  10. Wow! Hopefully it wasn't Auntie Climax.
  11. I really can't stand the casual affectation of substituting the word 'bungle' for a set of numbers that the speaker considers irrelevant or unworthy of mention. Examples: 'Oh I was just clearing Western Gladiator for ten thousand miles when 47-bungle-bungle rolled in from Hawick' 'I arrived at Evercreech junction behind The Fell on the 07.bungle from Dover Priory'
  12. 'When the real thing looks like a model' These days, and it's presumably age-related, I encounter the above phenomenon when I disrobe....
  13. Well it was certainly the viaduct north of Copshaw Holm on the Waverley, taking its name from the nearby castle of ill repute....
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