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  1. These beauties are well worth the wait....
  2. Pretty sure it was the set-up for London Toy Fair about this time last year.
  3. You could always wrap his knuckles in an advertising vinyl for Sam's Trains.
  4. Smart-arse's Trains' YouTube channel is the ultimate ratings-driven goldfish-bowl. He rapturously doles out the sarcasm, hiding behind his kindergarten carpet trainset as stage and backdrop. I wonder quite how eager he would be to give his Brio based Punch and Judy shows to a real audience made up of the various companies' engineers, who would gladly put him straight. Well, I don't really need to wonder do I. His is the next layout trope; rather than the bus on the bridge, he's the troll under it. NOTE to Editors: The above views are
  5. Oooooohh, you've got my tastebuds moving with that - promised myself a takeaway tonight once I've put a couple of assignments to bed; now what should it be, Chinese or a Ruby???
  6. These are any and all products scheduled to reach the retailers' shelves in the next three months.
  7. I expect you were alone in perfuming a pump, yes.
  8. ...and, further afield, the rebuilt Baby Deltics!
  9. To be completely accurate, as modified, they all had square cornered boxes. Several later evolved into the standard round-cornered type similar to the as-built 345-99. The modification, AIUI, was to both draught-proof the cabs and standardise the 64B fleet across the two batches 260-66, 357-68. And yes, it does appear somewhat wasteful, given the apparent aversion to using headcodes within Scottish region!
  10. Talk about missing the point, Al! Coach-powered wheels???? In what way are these wheels coach-powered - I assume you meant coach-powered lights. Anyway, sorry that I didn't apply an emoji to highlight that the post was intended ironically!
  11. Are we talking about diesel multiple units? How? The basic shirt is absolutely interchangeable, unless Villa play in blouses, which they may do, as I don't speak soccer. I couldn't see the manifesto promise that the model train sector was also being nationalised; although I suppose post-Covid it's possible that it could follow the real railway, for extra fidelity to prototype. P&G? Proctor & Gamble?
  12. LOL - no worries Phil! My maroon Mainline pair are possibly going to be removed from the fleet for replacement by a new Hornby example, as this carriage working is only necessary for relatively rare West Coast Class 1 diversions!
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