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  1. Me too with a £3 offer. Seems to be eBay casting the bait to see how many will bite.
  2. Poundland is good for parcel tape, bubble wrap and other wrapping essentials, and cheaper than a Post Office. Ebay’s £1 selling fee offers appear to have turned into £3 offers, (that’s the offer I received today at least, maybe the £1 offers will return), perhaps due to the new system and sellers not paying PayPal fees any more. Look within the model railway category on eBay and buy some flat pack boxes that are specifically designed to be the right size for locos/coaches. I recently bought 50 at less than a pound each. Royal Mail small parcels are a maximum of 45x35x16cm. Most
  3. Just when I thought I’d model something a little different and (to me at least) special, George Dent goes and produces 44009 in the May edition of Modelrail! I rebuilt the nose at the number collision damaged end rather than sacrificing a 45/46 body . I haven’t yet attacked the roof or the bodyside grilles - that is next on the agenda, and you will see from the plasticard filler strip that my first attempt at the bonnet seam did not pass muster.
  4. I think we are at crossed-purposes. I'm referring to the fictional holes in the bodyside that Hornby use to fix the body to the lugs on the chassis. I think you are referring to the entirely prototypical sandbox fillers (please correct me if I'm wrong!)
  5. Don’t forget to fill the small rectangular bodyside retaining clip holes, as 97406 has done.
  6. Is anyone able to offer advice on my wiring problem? I have cobbled together a running chassis out of various Bachmann spares to go under a spare Bachmann body, but as I had a Vitrains PCB in my spares box I thought I’d utilise it. The problem is at the right hand end as you look from above. The hi-intensity headlight and the marker lights work in the direction of travel , ie to the right, but when the current is reversed and the loco travels towards the left, the tail lights at the right hand end do not work. Can anyone see if I have wired them to the PCB correctly? All lights at the l
  7. Yes, but how much is Ebay making by sitting on your money for those extra few days?!
  8. But previously when a sale was made and paid for via Paypal the money was available to transfer to my bank account almost instantly. How is waiting from Sunday until Tuesday for the money to hit your account quicker?
  9. 1. Nottingham (as it used to be) - great selection of layouts and traders, and a great weekend in the city of my birth catching up with friends/relatives. 2. Modelrail Scotland - a highlight of the modelling year for me. 3. Milton Keynes/Peterborough/York - only been to each of these 3 once, but when you don’t get to many shows and your local ones are often a tad underwhelming, these ‘biggies’ tick all the boxes for me and are worth travelling to.
  10. Just found this whilst looking for info on the ‘new’ Fort Bill station. Any further progress?
  11. Totally agree with this. I placed a small order and had to pay a postage fee to Royal Mail to get it delivered as Olivia’s hadn’t paid sufficient postage on the item. When I politely asked Olivia’s for a refund of said fee I was told they would discount any future purchase for that amount. I said, ‘no thanks, it’s unlikely I’ll make any future purchases, please refund the fee.’ Heard nothing back.
  12. There is also the option of fitting Heljan bogies and motor into the Lima chassis. You can also replace the battery boxes too with Heljan versions. There are often Heljan spare parts listed on Ebay. I have done this to some of my models. Plonking a Lima body onto a Bachmann chassis is not difficult. I have cut/filed off the Lima 47 bufferbeams and the bodies then sit nicely on the chassis, but I haven't yet figured out a way to secure them tightly.
  13. I have just purchased a 7mm Deltic and I can’t see the bogie steps in the detail pack (they aren’t attached to the bogies either). Anyone know if they come with the model or is this a known oversight by the manufacturer? Also, this piece fell out of the body when I unpacked the loco. Can anyone identify it?
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