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  1. Thanks for the info - I have the book, I’ll check it out and see if a renumbering is in order.
  2. I had a spare Airfix Mk2d FO chassis and interior (body is to be sacrificed for a BFK project) so after purchasing a Bachmann bodyshell off eBay I married them up to create a MK2f FO. I know the underframe details are wrong, they might get fixed one day or they might not. The bufferbeams needed a few thou filing off the faces and it was a tight squeeze to get the two to fit because the Bachmann shell has an accurate tumblehome which continues onto the inner bodyside at the bottom, making it quite thick, thicker than the Airfix equivalent anyway.
  3. Thanks Gibbo, that is very useful/helpful.
  4. Any chance you could give us a guide to producing the bodyside grilles on the 82?
  5. Please PM me if you would like an objective appraisal of these - I purchased an 83 and an 84.
  6. The PICKSMALLBIZ discount code has been renewed on Ebay and is valid with some retailers until 31/07/2020. It gives a 20% discount on items of £10 or more, up to a maximum discount of £50.
  7. Just to add to the gallery here’s my model of a very grimy 37262. I bought the bodyshell on eBay; I don’t know who did the weathering. It is a complete repaint/renumber from another livery.
  8. You are right John, mine seems to have undergone some surgery at some point. Hope that solves the mystery of how it all fits together!
  9. The part(s) that your pen is pointing at don’t seem to be what I initially thought they were, having compared your photos with mine. I’m not actually sure what they are.
  10. Photos as promised - sorry it took so long. Hope they are some help today in getting it back together again.
  11. The parts under the pen tip are to secure the coupling holder in place beneath the chassis frame, just behind the bufferbeam. I can post photos later, unless someone beats me to it. The springs attach to the little spigots on those unusual looking parts, and the other end of each spring attaches to the ‘V’ shaped top of the coupling holder.
  12. I’m very interested to see the responses to this thread - my Class 86/1 project has stalled due to a lack of underframe info.
  13. You are welcome John. I’ve found that it can take a huge variation in lengths of time to shift paint; anything from 20 minutes but occasionally much longer - 24 hours sometimes is required.
  14. Apologies for the screenshot but I couldn’t link to the original post, and thanks to Wardrail; I have been using this recipe successfully for a while now.
  15. I've always thought that the Royal Ordnance Depot at Chilwell near Nottingham would make a great model. The A6005 flyover would make an excellent scenic break. It's all gone now but I used to see it regularly as a kid visiting family in Chilwell/Attenborough.
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