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  1. If one of the mods hadn’t made the rude comment earlier in the thread then it wouldn’t have started it’s descent into chaos and madness.
  2. Does anyone have a pair of these available that they are willing to sell me - perhaps you have a large sheet and don’t require the Tinsley plates...?
  3. Thanks Flood. It makes sense that it is a TSOT, it’s just I couldn’t make out the red stripe due to the poor definition, hence my assumption it was a TSO and my confusion over the branding.
  4. In the video below at 14 mins 43 seconds, as part of an Inv - GQS service hauled by 47461, is a blue/grey Mk2 air con coach with Scotrail branding. It doesn't appear, to my eye at least, to be a TSOT, which I know were converted for this region and so carried ScotRail branding, so I got to wondering if anyone knew how many, or indeed which of these ordinary - in this case a TSO - aircon coaches carried Scotrail branding? I'm referring to blue/grey examples specifically, I'm aware that the Scotrail liveried coaches carried the ScotRail branding. I don't recall them from my spotting days at Inv
  5. Looking forward to your updates Eddie, even if they are less frequent in the future. I always enjoy reading/seeing what you have been up to, your projects appeal to a Highlander like me. Hope things are ok with you. All the best. Keep modelling.
  6. Thanks for the info - I have the book, I’ll check it out and see if a renumbering is in order.
  7. I had a spare Airfix Mk2d FO chassis and interior (body is to be sacrificed for a BFK project) so after purchasing a Bachmann bodyshell off eBay I married them up to create a MK2f FO. I know the underframe details are wrong, they might get fixed one day or they might not. The bufferbeams needed a few thou filing off the faces and it was a tight squeeze to get the two to fit because the Bachmann shell has an accurate tumblehome which continues onto the inner bodyside at the bottom, making it quite thick, thicker than the Airfix equivalent anyway.
  8. Thanks Gibbo, that is very useful/helpful.
  9. Any chance you could give us a guide to producing the bodyside grilles on the 82?
  10. Please PM me if you would like an objective appraisal of these - I purchased an 83 and an 84.
  11. Just to add to the gallery here’s my model of a very grimy 37262. I bought the bodyshell on eBay; I don’t know who did the weathering. It is a complete repaint/renumber from another livery.
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