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  1. A rather battered 4mm scale Bachmann Class 04 diesel shunter bodyshell has recently come into my possession, and the moulded handrails along the top edges of the bonnet are damaged/missing in places, as are the cab door handrails. Does anyone have an idea of the best size brass handrail knobs I should use to reinstate them? To the best of my knowledge handrail knobs are available in short, medium and long, but are there any other criteria I should be aware of, or has anyone made a similar improvement to their model using brass knobs and wire?
  2. Look on EBay - search for Class 31 buffers (they are the same) - there are some on there now, choice of red or black.
  3. Thanks gents, that's the one.
  4. Can anybody who was at the Folkestone show tell me the name of the excellent U shaped EM gauge (I think) layout based on a brewery - with single track main line and brewery yard with little industrial shutters pootling about? I didn’t buy a show guide and I’d like to look it up on t’internet. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks JiLo, very useful. So to put it simply the live feed side of the bogie gets the non-insulated axle.
  6. I am reassembling one of these locos after minor surgery to the bogie frame and I am hoping someone could advise me which way round to replace the wheelsets in the trailing bogie. The axles appear to be insulated at one end - there is a black bush/washer where the axles meet the wheel. On the other end of the axle is a silver bush where it meets the wheel. Which end of the axle goes to each pickup (+\-) please!?!
  7. I have a pair in my spares box but they aren’t blue so they’ll be fine if you are happy to repaint them. Any good?
  8. Is anyone able to tell me the identity of the 2 locos heading northwards through Clachnaharry and along the Beauly Firth, yesterday afternoon? They had a nuclear flask sandwiched between them. At least I think they did, I was some distance away and didn’t get a great view.
  9. Thank you Signal Engineer - that was most useful. Judging by the photos in that thread it seems to me that the Bachmann model is correct and therefore I need to reinstate the panels on the roof of my Lima version.
  10. Kiss photos? For clarification, the reason I’m asking about this is I have a battered old Lima version of 522, but someone has sanded the boiler plate detail off. I wanted to know what details I need to replicate with plasticard.
  11. Thank you - that is just what I needed to see. I appreciate your time and effort to post that.
  12. Early research suggests this loco was fitted with a Stones boiler and a universal port on the roof. Would any kind person be able to provide a photo of the Bachmann model’s rendition of these areas to ensure they are correct? Thank you.
  13. I have just started researching this train, because, like the OP, I'd be interested in modelling it. As my first port of call in my research was this forum, obviously this thread appeared, so rather than start a similar thread I thought I would resurrect this one (hope you don't mind John). Has anybody got any further info on the train? On page 71 of B.J. Nicolle's 'The Last Years of the Class 25s' there is a photo of the train south of Pitlochry, hauled by 25239 as 2N31 on 31/07/1978. It is the usual formation. Any more info or answers to John's original questions would be most welcome.
  14. With the current enthusiasm for ‘Peaks’ seemingly at a peak (sorry!) right now, I wondered if anyone made, or might be prepared to make an etch overlay so as to alter the Bachmann battery box from Class 46 to 45 and vice versa? I have Bachmann 45 sitting on a 46 chassis and I would like to correct this area of the model.
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