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  1. Hi, It turns out, with the Z21, you can alter the track voltage....mine was a little too high! Many Thanks Shed.
  2. Good Morning all, Would anybody happen to know or have experience with the Black Roco Z21 system and the reasons that may cause it to not be able to modify DCC decoders? My Z21 is being used with RTR OO models and shop bought decoders. I've had a couple of situations where I try to change maybe the Loco number or do a factory reset and it comes back with either a programming error or just won't accept changes. I haven't locked anything that I know of but find that some chips just won't behave. I have been using Hattons 8 pin space saver chips and a friend
  3. Hi, I'm VERY pleased to have kept this in secure storage here! Cheers, Shed.
  4. Hi Jim, It's been a very long time since I worked on or off Leicester depot for the local quarry traffic, to and from the South East or worked the Lindsey-Colnbrook fuel tanks for Heathrow. If you're down at Leicester Depot at all, look carefully in the staff block, as there is (was?) a fully functional training model railway! You may already know about this? That was one of the last proper Freight Train Crew depots years ago, before everybody who could, jumped ship to the local TOC! What was that called now, with bright green 170's??? Central Trains I think.....
  5. Hi All, I too worked with this saloon in its NSE days. Maybe of interest for any LUL modellers, I was on the trip that took it to Chesham LUL via Neasden(?) on 18th May 1996, with 33 109, 'Captain Bill Smith RNR'. We relieved it at Acton Mainline then went via Acton Wells, before joining the LUL at Neasden. We did a run round at a station during the journey and I remember going into Chesham with the loco leading. Then we changed direction and headed back to Marylebone. I understand this was to do with Crossrail planning but kept out of the way during the day so don
  6. Hi All, Go on, I'll say it.... I suspect we'll see a range of BR Mk4 Coaching stock and DVT of course.... Kindest Regards, Shed.
  7. Hi All, I would like to add an idea, off the wall perhaps.... How about a range of Loco Hauled charter/excursion coaches? Of course I'm thinking current spec VSOE Pullman cars but what about those amazing looking land cruise Pullmans languishing round at Crewe??? With the demise of Golden Age Models, is there a gap in the market for PROPERLY painted, current day coaching stock? Finally, a question... We talk a lot about livery, and dimensional errors and assembly issues with the likes of the Heljan 33 and Hornby 60 etc. My question is, h
  8. Hi, Just thinking outside the box here and I'm not an O Gauge modeller but... ... Surely a nice O Gauge Inspection Saloon to go with this would be a great idea??? Kindest Regards, Shed.
  9. Well, Just..... Thank you to the RevolutioN team!!! One NSE example has been duly ordered for my Stewarts Lane project, having worked with this myself on one particular occasion to Amersham LUL with 33109, in May 1996, This model has been very much hoped for. I can confirm there were some disapproving comments made, not by me, when VSOE(?) sold this. A far better use of it would have been as an observation car on the back of the VSOE Pullmans, through wired to work with a 73 apparently! Thanks again, Best of luck with this, Shed.
  10. Hi, I spent many years hauling these around to and from Cliffe/Crawley/Stewarts Lane etc and always thought they had an excellent brake, it just worked! The couplings played a massive part in a really smooth ride with these, no snatching etc. For me, my choice here was a Heljan Class 33 (83301) or a pack of these for my layout, you can see clearly in your pictures just exactly what I've been saying we need for a long time.... Accurate modern wagons for our accurate(ish) modern Locos to pull, so Thank you so much for these. Looking forward to these arriving as my
  11. P. S When the lights are on these 33's, the back of the Gaugemaster DCC27 chips get extremely Hot, such that you wouldn't touch them. Thanks.
  12. Dear Forum, I am running a newly purchased ROCO Z21 ( Black Box). My DCC fitted Loco's emit a definate electrical buzzing sound, which didn't happen on my Bachmann Dynamis previously. I have just chipped/set up a Heljan Class 33 twin pack, so, in theory, the latest electrical versions and when I turn the lights on, this buzzing is exaggerated. Has anybody else noticed similar on their set up? Do I need to lower the track voltage or similar? Many Thanks, Kindest Regards, Shed.
  13. Hi All, Good Evening, Just a line to say I've had some of the Stewart's Lane Fleet out working today, undertaking haulage trials with 45 x Accurascale PFA wagons! 60 036 'GEFCO' handled these without ANY issues whatsoever, the wagons riding perfectly when hauled or propelled. I did take some video but the file size is way too big to upload., apologies! Our Dapol 73 101 'The Royal Alex' also had a go with all 45 vehicles and would have managed more, if we had them! Overall, these wagons are seriously impressive, unlike the clowns working this p
  14. Well.... I have a full and proper research file here all ready to offer.... Maybe I need to ask the right questions..... Kindest Regards, Shed.
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