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  1. Is this it? http://www.negom.co.uk/. We will find him in the end....
  2. 28ten

    Book Of The Warships

    I had a copy for christmas, I havent really sat down to read it yet, but just skimming a few sections, i does look to be a good read. I think it is a fair point about the illustrations, they could be better reproduced.
  3. There is also a B&W shot in Western Region Diesel Hydaulics (Bradford Barton) p27 of 'Druid' hauling a train of presflos in Blue Circle livery and they would appear to be yellow, but I am open to correction if anybody else has a copy to hand
  4. Does that mean its going to be finished soon?!
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I guess it will be finished by christmas? ...............2011!
  6. Bad? Moi?! Look at it another way I saved you some money !
  7. Well done Adrian! its good to see another S7 layout in the challenge.
  8. If you are looking at a colliery I have 2 books on modelling the coal industry.
  9. JB if you draw it in sketchup it will work out the area of any irregular shape without doing any maths !
  10. Lancer - you will enjoy it, its a nice book

  11. 28ten

    High Road

    I know !! a good reason to stick with an older version. I have an autocad license from work but TBH I prefer sketchup, its much easier for an amateur like me! its a shame there is no basic 3d in Doublecad.
  12. 28ten

    High Road

    Im in the same boat as you - I have to build most of the stock as well!
  13. 28ten

    High Road

    I like the hoarding Idea, that would screen the upper track quite nicely. Stubby - the track is imported from Templot via a DXF, its not drawn in sketchup Shortliner - I may have to try that, I need to do a templot print and try some wagons for size as I suspect I have been over generous with the siding length, and I should have a little more to play with for the headshunt. I have just gone through MRJ and believe Inkerman street was actually based on Uxbridge, but they set it up north, so I guess some similarity is inevitable. I would have called it Uxbridge High St, but I am messing with the original yard to turn it into a shunting puzzle, and removing the upper loop but other than that It will be as close as possible to Uxbridge, hence 'Uxbridge High Road' My main reason for entering the challenge is to get a test track completed (the lower yard) A DCC testrack ( the upper level) and a photographic backdrop. Like most others I know the deadline will help push me towards completion
  14. 28ten

    High Road

    After much thought I have come up with this idea based on Uxbridge high Street. The layout will be to Scaleseven standards and set in the 60's I have done some very quick visualisations in sketchup but they give an idea of the look and feel. Any ideas for hiding the exit to the fiddle yard would be gratefully received !
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