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  1. Ballast train departs with ballast and old sleepers.
  2. Could even be a Flower class they also had 6ft 8 drivers
  3. I've just come across this thread and noticed that Hal Nail mistakingly said my layout Blackney was over 15 foot lon IT IS NOT. the scenic section is 7ft 6 ins long with a 3ft 6ins fiddleyard ie total length 11ft. the layout is 2ft wide.
  4. Rob looking at the track layout for Project X it does look remarkably similar to Iain Rice's Fen Drove 2 in his Cameo book. He does have a wharf in it and it is set in GER territory.
  5. My latest bit of moselling a Peco/Parkside Grampus kit. I decided to number each side differently so that gave a slight choice of eras and two wagons for one. I even managed to get the removeable ballast load to a colour similar to the ballast on the track. Not bad for a modeeler who models in the "Monet" style of modelling.
  6. Grampus now finished and weathered with load of ballast (removeable). I decided when adding the transfers that one side would be pre-tops and the other tops, thus giving me 2 wagons as it were and allowing a certain flexibility in time. pre-TOPS Post TOPS Just about to leave.
  7. The GrampUs has been completed and given its first coat of paint (Lifecolor weathered black) and some initial weathering on the chassis. Next is to apply the transfers/decals and the weather the body.
  8. Recent doings on theBlackney workbench I've painted a couple of Modelu figures. Painted and weathered the crate and added lifting rings. Started a Parkside/Peco Grampas.
  9. One way around the conundrum is to choose a place where shorter trains were regularly run with large engines, Somwewhere like the Kinswear branch when trains were divided at Newton Abbot with half going down the branch, still hauled by a Castle or in later days a Warship or Western and the other half went on to Plymouth and Cornwall.
  10. Thats because it has just been unloaded from the wagon, but it might take him some time to work out how to lash it down.
  11. After waiting almost a yera young Frank Drake now has a load on his lorry. The crate ( yet to be painted) was made from plastic card. Frank has now moved from his lorry and is now taking a break on the plinth of the crane after securing the hook.
  12. I'v built countless wagons in both 4 and 7 mm and therefore applied many transfers and I've never had any problems. In fact the recent 7mm ones I've not even used gloss as a base, but I do use Humbrol Decalfix which seems to work well. The only time I've had decals/transfers split were some very old coach lining ones. An example of the the results of the new approach.
  13. It certainly worked well for the GWR, Tony
  14. David I used Lifecolor's Dust and Rust set. I can't remember exactly the mixture but 2 of the colours are Light rust 1 and light rust 2 so i imagine they were the largest element in the mix+ a tad of rust base colour. The two light shades do have a more yellowy appearance particularly the number 2 which do givw the more recent rust colours.
  15. Hal? I used Lifecolor's Dust and rust set. I can't remember exactly the mixture but 2 of the colours are Light rust 1 and light rust 2 so i imagine they were the largest element in the mix+ a tad of rust base colour. The two light shades do have a more yelowy appearance particularly the number 2.
  16. Having collected the full minerals 8749 leaves Blackney.
  17. Another O gauge offering The Pannier ia a minerva model, weathered by me and the first mineral is a Parkside, an exMOWT, was built and weathered by me.
  18. After picking up the loaded wagons 8749 has run round its train an is about to leave Blackney.
  19. I certainly do Tony and that is the photo I was thinking of.
  20. 8749 arrives at Blackney with the morning empties for the colliery.
  21. Thought you might like another look at 8749
  22. As it's the best part of 3 weeks since I last posted, playing with boats, I took advantage of the rain to take a new set of photos of 8749 arriving with the coal empties sort of based on Ben Ashworth's photoos of 8749 at Soudly crossing.
  23. The Iron Man wa one of the books I read to the children I taught, it always went down well.
  24. I visited Bletchley Park in Oct 2019 some 50 yeras after I left college in july 1969. I was a bit saddened that therew asno mention of the history of the post war history of the site. Indeed there had been two teacher traing colleges on the site. Initially a womens only college which move to Wheatley near Oxford in the early sixties, It reopened as North Bucks College of Education in 1966 when there was a call from the Wison governmentf or more teachers and that all teachers should be trainedteacher and they were planning to raise the school leaving age. I was there from Sept 1966 10 July 1969. I believe it only stayed as ateacher training college for a few more years before I think becoming for a time part of the Open University. It would have been nice to see a mention of that history.
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